B&L has hands down been my biggest supporter since I started racing in 2006.  Even before I was on the team they always helped me out and were friendly to me and my friends.  Over the past few years I have built a great relationship with them.  Without Gordon's work on my bikes and support I get from the shop I would not be racing at the level I am.
Through B&L I will be racing with Specialized this year.  Bikes, saddles, helmest, shoes if they make I am using it.  Right now I am riding and racing on the 2010 Sworks Stumpjumper, Tarmac SL2, and Tricross.  I love my bikes!

I recently partnered up with Feed the Machine for my sports nutrition needs.  I have raced for nutrition companies for the past couple of years but have always used products from multiples companies for my needs.  Working with FTM lets have access to plethora of products to try and use in training and racing.  The crew at FTM are also very knowledgable and have helped dial in my sports nutrtion needs.

Since I started using SportMulti last season, I noticed immediately that I was recovering from hard workouts and races much quicker and also had more energy going in. I have tried everything out there but this is hands down the one product that is a must for me. It has replaced many individual supplements I was taking because everything I need is in SportMulti which makes it very simple. I just take before and after workouts and I KNOW I am good to go.

Recovery nutrtion has always been very important to me so I am very happy to be working with Fluid in 2010.  I have been using Fluid exclusively after all my training sessions and have recoverying quick than I have in the past.  Will all the racing and riding I plan on this year having my recovery nutrition taken care is huge.  I don't have have to think... just drink.

Skinfit is blowing up!  If you have been reading my blog for any length of time if you have probably read about Skinfit.  I have been using the gear for the past couple of years and swear by it.  Their presence is the USA is increasing rapidly and I expect to start seeing a lot more people benefiting from the incredible gear they offer.

One of the things I have added to my training this year is functional strenght training.  I have always hit the gym in the offseason but the stuff I am doing during the strenght classes at Rehab United is nothing I have ever done before.  I am improving my overall body and core strength and it's transalating to increased performance on the bike.  I really excited but working with them throughout the year and them helping me get to the starting line ready to race.