Thursday, March 30, 2006

thursday - 3.30.2006 - all done.

i am so glad it's thursday night. i was super busy at work today so the day flew by, and all i have on tap for tomorrow (at work) is an 11am meeting.

AM: swim - 2600 yards + core workout
PM: 4 mile recovery run

Today (thurs)
AM: 25 mile ride - carlsbad loop
Lunch: weights - upperbody
PM: 6 mile run - hill loop

i am pretty tired right now, but today was my last hard training day before the race on sunday. i have a 3000 yard swim tomorrow and core workout. on saturday i am going to be playing by how i feel (coach's guidance). in the morning i am going to go on 15 mile ride and a mellow 3 mile run in the afternoon. i am training through this race because i have my first A race on 4/23.

that's all for now... time to watch that 70's show.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

tuesday - 3.28.2006 - creeping along...

could this week be going by any slower?

summary of workouts:

AM: ocean swim 1.2 miles
12 mile run - San elijo lagoon

AM - Swim 3000 yards + core

AM: spin class + 1 mile t-run
PM: hill repeats - 5 miles

i am feeling good and i picked up my bike from B&L tonight. i got it tuned up and new tires and tubes put on. they did an awesome job. i can't wait to go on my thursday morning ride.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday 3.25.2006 - the aftermath(long)

today was a good day. today was the day of me first duathlon with the tri club.

i woke up at 430am (the race was supposed to start at 715am) and had a cup of coffee and the around 5am had a clif bar and some water. i headed out the door at 530am enroute to Mission Bay Park. I was there by 6am and the dedicated Tri club volunteers were already setting up the race. i sat in my car and listen to some music, sipped on a bottle of clif shot lemonade, and then went to set up my transition.

the transition setup was easy: my bike, bike shoes (on the bike), and my helmet. done. at 645am i started warming up. 10 min light jog then some easy stretching then 5 minutes of jogging mixed with strides at race pace. at 7am we were told that the course would be 2 mile out and back/13 mile bike (not a closed course)/repeat of 2 mile out and back. at 705am i was ready to go but there was a delay. the park rangers came over and becuase of the huge turnout (60+ guys and 15+ women) he gave the race director some crap because these are non-permitted club races. the race started at 730am. i stripped off my sweatpants and top...

for the race i work a QR tri top with a L/S underarmor heat gear underneath and QR tri shorts. i am always paranoid about getting cold on the bike. i hate the cold and that's why i live in San Diego (for now). so i stepped up to the line and for the first time got right up front. i usually stay back and then have to fight my way forward. not this time.

2 mile run#1:

so the race starts and one guy goes out fast so i stay "in his hip pocket". about a 1/4 mile in i can already tell his turn over is slowing so i take over and don't look back. i wasn't going all out by any means but was starting to gap the pack. at the turn around i was probably already up 20 seconds. i started increasine my speed about every 100 meters and increased my lead. i finished the first 2 mile run in 10:10.

super quick... in and out. i could see the other guys coming. i had a considerable lead.

13 mile ride:
i started hammering. i knew that were some good cyclist about to be chasing me. it started with two laps around fiesta island and i was averaging 23-24 mph (good 'ol adrenaline) and increasing my lead. right as i was finishing my 2nd lap i hit a rock and immediately felt something unexpected. i was on mile 6 of 13 and i thought... "no way i am getting a flat" and just kept hammering. a mile later.. sure enough. REAR FLAT! i was bummed, pulled over and started doing the dirty work. this was the firt time i have had to fix a roadside flat. the only other flat i have gotten on my bike was right by my house. i kept an eye on my watch and it wasn't until around 3 minutes after i stopped that the 2nd place guy passed... follow by a crap load of other guys. great. due to my incompetence it took me around 10 minutes to get back on the road. lame, but i was laughing... it's only a club race and i was still stoked about burying everyone in the first run.

so i start hammering like never before and start picking off people one by one until the end of the 13 mile ride.

flying of the bike. slipped on my shoes and took off.

2 mile run#2:
i was just starting as the leaders were on the home stretch. i ran a 10:40 for the last 2 miles, passed a lot of people, and felt really good which suprised my due to the fact that i was killing myself on the bike to make up time.

not sure... maybe top 20 out of 60. but two fastest run splits of the day belonged to me. i'll take that.

lessons learned:
1. dont wear UA undershirt. i was burning up at the end, just like last time.
2. get better tires (already done, dropping my bike off at B&L tomorrow for tune up and getting new tires (michelin pro race 2) and tubes (specialized).
3. don't hold back on the run. i can recover on the bike.

the guy that won is a guy that i have done a couple open water swims with the club. he's a good guy and getting ready for IMAZ. i had a fun day and people kept coming up to me talking about my running (including bob babbitt, one of the origninal ironmen) and that i would have won hands down if i didn't flat. i just hope i paid homage to the bike gods and don't get a flat anytime soon. i can't wait for my first tri next week... redemption!! haha!!

this afternoon i went on a mellow 15 mile mountain bike and just cruised. i am beat!


update... they just posted the official results on the tri club web page. the runs were even faster than i recored on my watch:

17th overall

1st 2 mile run - 10:07 (rank 1)
t1 - 0:22 (rank 6)
13 mile bike (with flat) - 46:48 (rank 37!)
t2 - 0:21 (rank 9)
2nd 2 mile run - 10:33 (rank 1)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday - 3.24.2006 - what's going on?

ok... so after having one of the best rides i have ever had yesterday i probably had the best swim ever this morning. my workout consisted of the following:

AM - swim:
12 x 50 pull
2 x 300 (4:27,4:24)
2 x 200 (2:57,2:55)
2 x 100 (1:26,1:24)
1 x 100 (1:24)
1 x 200 (2:55)
1 x 300 (4:29)

those are by far the best times for me... ever. i was so stoked when i got out of the pool. eventhough the times aren't actually "fast", for the first time i felt fast.

the rest of the day
AM - core
lunch - 6 mile trail run
PM - transition practice in ymca parking lot

club race tomorrow! TCSD duathlon - 2 mile run/10 mile bike/2 mile run.

should be a good time.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

thursday... still climbing

AM - Swim 3000 yards
Lunch - weights(upperbody)
PM - Easy 4 mile run

I did the run yesterday in my racing flats with my new lace configuration. I am using "easy laces" with lace locks. it works great. I also got some anti blister/heat powder from works great. my feet felt really good after running with no socks. i will be using this same setup at saturdays race.

Today (thursday):
AM - swim 2200 yards
lunch - 20 min of stretching
PM - 90 min/26 mile ride

the ride today was a breakthrough... i felt awesome. i dont know if it was because it was warm or what, but i powered through all the climbs and never got that lactate burning sensation in quads. it caught my off guard how good i felt. i was hammering big gears for the last 10 miles i could of kept going. i was bummed that the sun was setting and i couldn't keep going. it was odd because when i was driving home from work i felt really tired and just wanted to get home and take a nap. this felt like one of best rides i have had so far and i can't wait to ride again. i guess putting in all these miles on the roads and trails is starting to show signs of paying off.

let's race already!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

tuesday night

i have had an interesting couple of days. from a training standpoint it has be a pretty typical week so far. yesterday i went into nytro to get my fit adjusted a little bit. i just wanted to get my bars dropped down out a little bit and since i can get fitted there for free i would rather have them do it than have me mess things up.

my fit was already dialed in so dropping the bars should be a piece of cake and it was... and i was still super comfortable. then out of know where i here a guy with an english accent saying my fit looked really good. i turned around and it was spencer smith... i just witnessed him get 3rd in the California 70.3 on saturday. he's a beast. he then walks over to me on my bike and says that the only thing that he would suggest is brining my aerobars closer together becuase said my elbows looked a tad wide. he then explained how he did the samething and he really like it. so the guy fitting me moved them in and sure enough. it feels great and now i am even more aero.

i thought it was really cool of spencer to come over and give me some tips, he was just there hanging out and doing some shopping. we talked for a minute and he was asking what kind for races i was planning on doing this year and just BS'ing.

i dont get star struck or anything like that, but just thought it was rad that he would offer advice to an average guy. i have heard some the top name pros are jerks, especially when it comes to gear set up and strategies.

this is just another good reason to live in san diego... you have to try hard not to run into pro triathletes.

back to training:

AM: swim - 3100 yards
lunch: core/resistance bands/stretching

AM: 60 min spin class (was supposed to ride but it was raining)
PM: track workout
6 x 800 with 2min rest

1 mile warm-up w/running drills and strides

1 - 2:26
2 - 2:26
3 - 2:26
4 - 2:24
5 - 2:26
6 - 2:21

.5 mile cool down

a couple more days until the duathlon on saturday...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

sunday... two weeks from today!

it has been a very good weekend. i had some good workouts and got to go watch the Califonia 70.3 in oceanside. i love this sport and i still havent done my first race. i watched people of all levels take on the the half ironman course. it was really inspiring. it made me really wish i was doing the race, but it was cold, and the cold is my enemy.

i watched guernseyman break 5 hours. he posted a really good write up of his race on his blog... give it a read. i also saw luke bell finish in 3:58.. he crushed the course.

ok back to training...

PM: 2 hour mountain bike - daley ranch
i pushed really hard on this ride and did a lot of climbing. it was a really good ride. i felt really strong.

AM: easy 12 mile run in 1:23 - san elijo lagoon. nice solid run
PM: swim - 2000 yards - work pool

my first race is two weeks from today in LA and after watching the race on Saturday it can't come quick enough. my training is going really good and a i feel i can attack the sprint distance. we'll see. i am also going to be a club race next weekend, it's duathlon. i have never done a dualthon but it should be a good test of my speed. i also made and appointment to get me bike tuned at B&L next monday and i am going to nytro tomorrow night to have them adjust my fit. i am going to take lower my bars a little, take out a spacer or two.

i hope the next two weeks fly by, and it gets warm!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday... more rain on the way

once again it's going to rain this weekend. we'll see how much and if i will have to alter my workout plans for the weekend.


AM: 2600 yard swim
Lunch: weights - upperbody
PM: Brick - 25 mile ride/2 mile run

i was really sluggish yesterday and for most of the day my stomach was bothering me. I am attributing it to eating like crap on wednesday when i went snowboarding. i really ate a bunch of junk, which i never do, and also had way too much caffeine. i started feeling better after lunch and ended up having a really good brick workout in the evening. so stoke it stays light until 6pm now.

Friday (today):
AM: 2000 yard swim + core + stretching
Lunch: 6 mile trail run

another solid day. I am always ready to go on my friday workouts because i know the weekend i right around the corner.

i have decided not to volunteer tomorrow at the TCSD aid station at the California Half Ironman (70.3). i am instead just going to go down there and watch. i want to see the swim start, the swim finish, the pros, the transistions... the whole thing. i am so stoked for all these people and can't wait until my first race. my first race is not an A race, but still... i just want to see how i do. i have high expectations for myself which i probably shouldn't considering it's my first race. we'll see.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

it's wednesday night.... finally home.

it's been a long last few days and i made mistake. so monday is typically my easy day and after pushing myself on run on sunday i needed it. while at work on monday i decided to take wednesday off of work to take my nephew snowboarding. i have been snowboarding for years and just got my 15 year old nephew into it this year. the mountains got 3 feet of snow from this last storm so i was due for one last trip.

i almost decided not to go snowboarding because of training but then changed my mind because of a great blog i have been reading. it's by IMmike
. mike is a grad student and training for IM and has some really great blogs. in one of his recent blogs he talks about burning out and taking time for himself. so i decided to head to mountains to shred based on his blog... go figure... the internet.

so because i decided to take wednesday completely off i moved my wednesday easy run to monday night.... stupid.

AM - swim 2600
lunch - core workout
PM - 4 mile easy run

i felt like crap on the run... i should have rested.

AM - 25 mile ride - hilly carlsbad loop
PM - track workout 4 x 1200 @ 3:40 - 400 jog rest

i felt dead at the track and not one of my better workouts. i know it was because of not giving my legs a break on monday. lesson learned. right after my workout i headed to my sister's house in LA.

so snowboarding was fun today... good snow.. it was warm... i am sunburned, and beat. time for bed... gotta swim in the morning.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

sunday... ready for bed.

the weather has been crazy this weekend. rain, hail, wind, snow, more rain... since i had a good idea of what the weather was going to be like for the weekend i swapped my saturday and sunday workouts. yesterday i got in a good 10 mile run along the coast. it drizzled for the first half of the run and then sun came out for the last couple of miles.

Sat AM: 10 mile run
- 1:12:00 min - 7:12/mile

after my run i just hung out with my 15 year old nephew. he came to stay the weekend with me while his mom, my sister, headed out to celebrate her best friends b-day. we went to go see "the hills have eyes". probably one of the worst movies i have ever seen. after that we headed to oggi's to have some killer pizza. i passed out last night, i was asleep by 9pm and didn't wake up until 7am this morning. i havn't slept that good in a while.

since i missed the club race yesterday i wanted to get in all 3 sports today.

AM: 2000 yard swim

28 mile bike
6 mile run - 00:36:56 - 6:10/mile

i wanted to do the brick and near race intensity. for the ride i followed a portion of the "swami's ride" just to get familiar with the course. i followed it up to san marcos and then headed back to the coast and then back to my apartment. for the run i wanted to stay just below what i would do in a race... i didn't want to kill myself. i felt solid and definitely felt like i had more in the tank. overall i was satisfied with the workout.

i can't wait to race. i am going to TCSD duathlon on the 25th.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

saturday... it's early

well it's 5am and the it's pouring right now. we are under a high surf advisory and a flash flood watch. i know the club has their races rain or shine, but they are calling for thunderstorms with 20mph winds down in coronade where the race is. so i have decided not to go. it's a 30 minute drive for me and it would just be a hassle, and i am also pretty sure a bunch of people are thinking the same thing. i am going to an indoor brick later today instead.

that's all. i hope i am making the right decision. this is the last practice race i would have had before my first legitimate race on april 2nd. there is a club duathlon in a couple of weeks that i am going to do... but running/biking/running is pretty easy for me. it's the swimming....
enough whining.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday!!...and more rain....

yes.. it's friday... i love the end of the week. i got in another really strong swim this morning in the wind an rain. the security guard that i passed as i came out of the locker room and headed outside asked me "are you really going to go swim"... i answered "of course.."

AM: swim - 1950 yards

i just finished doing my self appraisal for my review. i hate reviewing myself. i bust my ass at work and everyone knows it, including my boss, but i hate gonig through the process of reviewing myself. of course i am hard on myself about everything and expect nothing but the best, but i can just coast through work and still out perform most of peers, but i can't reflect that in my review. so i just write a bunch of BS. i am just glad i finished it (it's due today). we have reviews every six months so it gets pretty old.

the weekend: it's supposed to rain all weekend and be extremely windy. i am really thinking about not driving down to coronado for the club race tomorrow morning. i looked at the hour by hour forecast on and there are supposed to be thunderstorms, it's only going to be 41 degrees, and the wind will be pushing 20mph in the morning. doesnt sound like a good time. i dont think many people will show up and i can probably get a better training day indoors. so we will see... i am going to wake up in the morning and check it out.

almost done.. all i have left for today is a core workout at lunch and then i am heading out for massage and adjustment... then time to relax.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

thursday -

today was a very good day. my swim this morning was very solid and some of my 100's were hitting 1:27. this may seem like nothing to all the people who are killing it in the pool but for me to see myself improving week by week keeps me motivated. getting up at 5am every morning IS paying off.

AM: Swim - 2400 yards

Lunch: 25 minutes of stretching

work was actually pretty good today too... don't get me wrong, i really like my job, but sometimes i am just killing it and handling everything that is thrown at me and have answers for the questions people are asking before they ask. today was one of those days, which is a good sign. thursdays are usually rough for me. the fatigue of training hard all week starts taking it's toll and i am tired, but not today.

Pm: brick - 12m bike/1.75m run

my workout tonight was rad. i got out of work right around 3:45 (another benefit of swimming really early... i am in my office by 7:15am). after stopping by B&L to pick up a couple of tubes and co2 i headed home and it was only 4:30. forget about going to spin class and then running on the treadmill. so i pulled a superman and bolted out of my house on my bike for 2 laps around "my block". each lap is 6.1 miles and includes 3 good climbs and one slow incline. it's a good, quick ride that kicks my butt if i really push myself, and i did. i followed that up with a quick 1.75 mile run and felt really good off the bike. i am starting to find my running stride quicker and quicker the more i do brick workouts... a good sign.

club race on saturday...olympic distance... in the rain!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

wednesday - soooo much work....

work is hectic right now... all these projects i am working on keep stacking up. i have to bring up new office networks for the four local buildings, an office in new jersey, and an office in san jose between now and the end of may. this adds up to a lot of work. it's nothing i can't handle but this is also the start of triathlon season so everything is kind of adding up. no worries though.. i enjoy being busy.

well due to problems last night with an office in Campbell, Ca i missed my track workout. after i took care of work i headed out for a very hilly 6 mile run and went pretty hard. it felt good.

AM: swim 3200 yards
lunch: weights - upperbody & core
PM: 6 mile trail run

i have really started to lay off the weights. until about mid january i was lifting 3 days a week and then cut back to two lifting days and one day of core. I was doing a day of upperbody and a day of legs. now as i am getting closer to the start of the season this is what my strength training looks like:

monday: core(including push ups) + resistance band excercies
500 reps of various core
2 x 20 pushups - feet on ball and uneven hands
resistance bands:
2 x 15 bicep curl (standing on one leg)
2 x 15 tricep extension
(standing on one leg)
2 x 15 lateral should raise
(standing on one leg)

wednesday: upperbody + core
superset #1:
2 x 15 dips
2 x 15 pull ups

superset #2:
2 x 15 dumbell row
(standing on one leg)
2 x 15 alt dumbell press on physio ball
2 x 30 cruches on physio ball

superset #3
2 x 15 overhead dumbell extension
2 x 15 dumbell curl
(standing on one leg)

superset #4
2 x 15 shoulder press
2 x 15 back extension

superset #5 (core)
2 x 20 weighted knee raises
2 x 20 weighted crunch machine

Thursday: yoga at lunch if i can make it

Friday: core & extra stretching
atleast 500 reps of various core with stretching in between. workout is 30+ minutes

that's it. these workouts keep me feeling strong and flexible without taking too long to recover. i also stretch a lot before, during, and after these workouts.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

tuesday - feeling good

taking it easy yesterday sure felt good, and when i say take it easy i mean giving my legs a break after a tough weekend of riding.

Training on Monday:
AM: swim 2150
Lunch: core and resistance band workout

i got home from work yesterday around 5 and just lounged around and rested. i went to bed early and woke up this morning feeling great. i left my house at 5:45 this morning for a quick 25 miles of hills. i powered through the climbs, but got a flat 1/4 mile from my apartment. my confidence in my riding keeps increasing. after a tough ride of camp pendleton with
guernseyman and jp on saturday i feel like i can tackle harder climbs. guernsyman suggest that i ride on some of the tougher group rides to get better... i am definitely going to start working on that. tonight i have a track workout after work, shold be fun.

Tuesday training:
AM: ride 25 miles - hill loop
PM: track workout @ 6pm

i have also decided on some season goals for each sport:

sub 25 min 1500 meters in race - olympic or xterra

improve to a level to where i can hang on the Swami's ride

run 5:15 miles in sprint tri/5:30 in olympic/demolish people in xterra run(hahah...we'll see about this one)

i also want to start giving myself monthly goals, just so i have something to shoot for.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

sunday = dead legs

i am really into my sunday workouts. i started the day off with an ocean swim. it was cold. i think the water was around 57. i followed that up with a 6.1 mile trail run... and this where the unexpected happend.

1.2 mile ocean swim
6.1 mile trail run

the run was an out and back in San Elijo lagoon. it's just over 3 miles in each direction. i love this run, but today was even better. about half way to the turn around i see this very attractive female heading in my direction. it was none other than Katya Meyers. in my opinion, she is the hottest pro tirathlete chick around, and i was hoping that i would get a chance to meet here. we crossed paths once again on the way back... i keep telling myself i should have talked to her... but yeah right. there is no way i am going to interupt her workout. i am not that guy.

after all that...i came home took a nap and then headed out with a couple of friends for a 90 minute mountain bike at daley ranch. it was a really tough ride... a lot of climbing. so after riding camp pendleton yesterday and the doing a lot of climbing my legs are "shelled" (stolen from jp, who stole it from gordo). good times!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday - long ride... good times.

well i set out this morning to ride the 70.3 course with guernseyman and jp. i was kind of apprehensive, just hoping i could keep up. from what i had heard about the course i was planning on a lot of climbing.

the ride was rad. definitely the most fun and tough ride i have been on thus far in my training. some of the hills were definitely tough, but that's what i like. when i first started road riding i thought it was kind of boring compared to mountain biking. i like the punishment of climbing. and now as i do more challenging rides i see what draws people to cycling. i want to keep pushing myself and take on the toughest hills i can find.

after the ride we went on a relatively short out and back run. i am guessing it was around 4 miles... or maybe three. i am not really sure, but i felt great. i was defintely running sub 6 minute miles and after riding 50 miles i was pretty stoked.

here is what my nutrition looked like for the day:

my breakfast burrito - whole wheat tortilla, all natural peanut butter, honey, and a banana
coffee & water

on the ride:
2 bottles - gatorade endurance + carbo pro = 232 calories/58 carbs each
1 GU at the half way point
i split bottles up over the whole ride. if i was really planning to run 13.1 miles afterwards i would have added another scoop of carbo pro per bottle and had another bottle of water.

between ride and run:
clif shot + water

water + 1 scoop endurox

i felt really good when i got home after the workout. i had really good time training with
guernseyman and jp and am looking forward to future workouts with both of them (as long as swimming is not involved. they are both awesome swimmers).

i also did a quick ten mile mountain bike in PQ canyon this afternoon. i was going to go surf, but the wind was on it. i love my new mountain bike, and i am really glad i decided on a hardtail. no crashes today!

tomorrow should be another fun one!!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday - another week down...

i am so glad this week is over... it really dragged on at work for me. todays workouts:

swim - 1800
core workout

6 mile trail run - felt really good.

tomorrow i am going to ride the Ford Ironman 70.3 - california course with GuernseyMan and jp. I am really looking forward to this. my friends aren't exactly into waking up early and hitting the road for a 50 mile ride. they will still be sleeping off all the drinks from tonight when i get done with my workout. so i am stoked to be meeting new people to do workouts with and keep me motivated.

i am also going to be testing nutrition.
GuernseyMan and I are going to run off the bike so i will need to be taking in calories on the bike. i am going to take 3 bottles on the ride each mixed with gatorade endurance and carbo pro. there will be 232 calories and 58 carbs per bottle. i am planning on taking one bottle and hour, 1/4 bottle every 15 minutes. i am also going to take a couple thermolyte capsules right before. i will also take some gels with me just in case.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

new bike, first crash, good swim

i started this morning off with a swim. it still blows me away that i can complete a 3000+ yard workout. if you told me that i would be able to do this last fall i would have thought you were crazy.

AM: swim 3200 yards

i got a call at work just after 10am, my new mountain bike was in, and not just any bike. i ordered a 2006 Specialized Stumpjumer hardtail from B&L. this bike comes ready to race. it's light, has racing tires and rims, and top of the line shimano components. so i bolted out of work early, went into the shop, got fitted and hit the trails. since i got my new bike i wanted to get to the trails quick, so i decided to blow off my spin class and actually ride a real bike.

i went to the closest trails in carlsbad. i had forgotten had bad these trails are now. there are huge rocks and boulder everywhere. not a good place for a first ride. i went down, twice, hard. both times i couldnt get out of my pedals in time (new pedals and i think we left to too tight at my fitting). both times i fell, once on my right side and one on my left, i bashed my shin on the down tube.

PM: 60 minute mountain bike - hills 10 miles

so now i am at home icing my shins... i dont think i will ever ride there again. it wasnt really that fun, but my new bike is rad. just what i need for xterra.

sore legs,easy wednesday,february totals

wow... my legs were sore when i woke up yesterday morning. those mile repeats really took a lot out of me. based on how i was feeling i took it pretty easy yesterday.

AM: ride
25.5 miles - relatively easy, pushed on a couple hills

Lunch/PM: core workout and very easy 4 mile run

Last night i went to the monthly tri club meeting. Brad Kearns spoke about his new book and he had a lot of good information.

i am really looking forward to the next club race. it is next saturday (3/11) and it's an olympic distance race at Gloretta Bay. the last olympic distance race that they had out there had a 1400m swim, 23 mile bike, and a 6 mile run. i really hope the lengths are the same. it will be another good test.

it was a good month:

February's totals:
Bike: 23h 19m 30s - 365.82 Mi
Run: 17h 38m 15s - 142.7 Mi
Swim: 13h 23s - 35262 Yd
Strength - 8h 20m
Surfing 2h