Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday - long ride... good times.

well i set out this morning to ride the 70.3 course with guernseyman and jp. i was kind of apprehensive, just hoping i could keep up. from what i had heard about the course i was planning on a lot of climbing.

the ride was rad. definitely the most fun and tough ride i have been on thus far in my training. some of the hills were definitely tough, but that's what i like. when i first started road riding i thought it was kind of boring compared to mountain biking. i like the punishment of climbing. and now as i do more challenging rides i see what draws people to cycling. i want to keep pushing myself and take on the toughest hills i can find.

after the ride we went on a relatively short out and back run. i am guessing it was around 4 miles... or maybe three. i am not really sure, but i felt great. i was defintely running sub 6 minute miles and after riding 50 miles i was pretty stoked.

here is what my nutrition looked like for the day:

my breakfast burrito - whole wheat tortilla, all natural peanut butter, honey, and a banana
coffee & water

on the ride:
2 bottles - gatorade endurance + carbo pro = 232 calories/58 carbs each
1 GU at the half way point
i split bottles up over the whole ride. if i was really planning to run 13.1 miles afterwards i would have added another scoop of carbo pro per bottle and had another bottle of water.

between ride and run:
clif shot + water

water + 1 scoop endurox

i felt really good when i got home after the workout. i had really good time training with
guernseyman and jp and am looking forward to future workouts with both of them (as long as swimming is not involved. they are both awesome swimmers).

i also did a quick ten mile mountain bike in PQ canyon this afternoon. i was going to go surf, but the wind was on it. i love my new mountain bike, and i am really glad i decided on a hardtail. no crashes today!

tomorrow should be another fun one!!!


theseamonster said...

Sub 6 minute miles after your 1/2 century ride? Wow! I read your other post about breaking 5 minutes on a mile... awesome!

jp said...

Great ride was good meeting you. We'll have to go riding again.

Those hills were tough! My legs were feeling pretty wiped out yesterday, I'm running 12 today...hopefully they will bounce back.

tarheeltri said...

Good time on the bike! Thanks for posting what you ate, too!