Thursday, March 09, 2006

thursday -

today was a very good day. my swim this morning was very solid and some of my 100's were hitting 1:27. this may seem like nothing to all the people who are killing it in the pool but for me to see myself improving week by week keeps me motivated. getting up at 5am every morning IS paying off.

AM: Swim - 2400 yards

Lunch: 25 minutes of stretching

work was actually pretty good today too... don't get me wrong, i really like my job, but sometimes i am just killing it and handling everything that is thrown at me and have answers for the questions people are asking before they ask. today was one of those days, which is a good sign. thursdays are usually rough for me. the fatigue of training hard all week starts taking it's toll and i am tired, but not today.

Pm: brick - 12m bike/1.75m run

my workout tonight was rad. i got out of work right around 3:45 (another benefit of swimming really early... i am in my office by 7:15am). after stopping by B&L to pick up a couple of tubes and co2 i headed home and it was only 4:30. forget about going to spin class and then running on the treadmill. so i pulled a superman and bolted out of my house on my bike for 2 laps around "my block". each lap is 6.1 miles and includes 3 good climbs and one slow incline. it's a good, quick ride that kicks my butt if i really push myself, and i did. i followed that up with a quick 1.75 mile run and felt really good off the bike. i am starting to find my running stride quicker and quicker the more i do brick workouts... a good sign.

club race on saturday...olympic distance... in the rain!


Rachel said...

I'm hoping to do the beginner bike ride on Sunday and check out the club. Thanks for the info. Good luck with the club race. That sounds like a lot of fun. And I'm betting the rain won't amount to much. At least, not compared to St. Louis!

Spence said...

DUDE!! Keep workin' it. You're doing so well. Can't wait to hear the race results. Kick some booty and HAVE FUN!!!