Tuesday, March 28, 2006

tuesday - 3.28.2006 - creeping along...

could this week be going by any slower?

summary of workouts:

AM: ocean swim 1.2 miles
12 mile run - San elijo lagoon

AM - Swim 3000 yards + core

AM: spin class + 1 mile t-run
PM: hill repeats - 5 miles

i am feeling good and i picked up my bike from B&L tonight. i got it tuned up and new tires and tubes put on. they did an awesome job. i can't wait to go on my thursday morning ride.


IMmike said...


Hey about the route... Are you doing to drive and park there? Probably the best thing to do is to park on Temescul Canyon road where it intersects with the PCH (free parking across the St from the lifeguard station). Then just ride north for a ways. This isn't the best stretch but is probably a convenient way to do it. The PCH is much better north of Pepperdine. There is a bigger shoulder to the road and also nicer stuff to look at. Good luck with the race.

Rachel said...

hmmm. i totally need to go to B&L and check it out. I need a new bike seat and a wetsuit.

Guernsey Man said...


I agree with Mike. If you ride PCH you want to start north of Pepperdine, which is a good 15 miles up from Santa Monica. If you only want to drive to Santa Monica, the better bet is to ride south around the marina and down towards Hermosa Beach. It is flat and all bike trails. If you want directions on this just email me.

And good luck at your first official race.