Saturday, March 11, 2006

saturday... it's early

well it's 5am and the it's pouring right now. we are under a high surf advisory and a flash flood watch. i know the club has their races rain or shine, but they are calling for thunderstorms with 20mph winds down in coronade where the race is. so i have decided not to go. it's a 30 minute drive for me and it would just be a hassle, and i am also pretty sure a bunch of people are thinking the same thing. i am going to an indoor brick later today instead.

that's all. i hope i am making the right decision. this is the last practice race i would have had before my first legitimate race on april 2nd. there is a club duathlon in a couple of weeks that i am going to do... but running/biking/running is pretty easy for me. it's the swimming....
enough whining.

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Rachel said...

i did a 10K this morning in the rain and hail and wind. and it SUCKED. it took a lot out of me.