Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday!!...and more rain....

yes.. it's friday... i love the end of the week. i got in another really strong swim this morning in the wind an rain. the security guard that i passed as i came out of the locker room and headed outside asked me "are you really going to go swim"... i answered "of course.."

AM: swim - 1950 yards

i just finished doing my self appraisal for my review. i hate reviewing myself. i bust my ass at work and everyone knows it, including my boss, but i hate gonig through the process of reviewing myself. of course i am hard on myself about everything and expect nothing but the best, but i can just coast through work and still out perform most of peers, but i can't reflect that in my review. so i just write a bunch of BS. i am just glad i finished it (it's due today). we have reviews every six months so it gets pretty old.

the weekend: it's supposed to rain all weekend and be extremely windy. i am really thinking about not driving down to coronado for the club race tomorrow morning. i looked at the hour by hour forecast on and there are supposed to be thunderstorms, it's only going to be 41 degrees, and the wind will be pushing 20mph in the morning. doesnt sound like a good time. i dont think many people will show up and i can probably get a better training day indoors. so we will see... i am going to wake up in the morning and check it out.

almost done.. all i have left for today is a core workout at lunch and then i am heading out for massage and adjustment... then time to relax.

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Flatman said...

Have a great weekend. I'll stare at the sun lots for you... :)