Wednesday, March 08, 2006

wednesday - soooo much work....

work is hectic right now... all these projects i am working on keep stacking up. i have to bring up new office networks for the four local buildings, an office in new jersey, and an office in san jose between now and the end of may. this adds up to a lot of work. it's nothing i can't handle but this is also the start of triathlon season so everything is kind of adding up. no worries though.. i enjoy being busy.

well due to problems last night with an office in Campbell, Ca i missed my track workout. after i took care of work i headed out for a very hilly 6 mile run and went pretty hard. it felt good.

AM: swim 3200 yards
lunch: weights - upperbody & core
PM: 6 mile trail run

i have really started to lay off the weights. until about mid january i was lifting 3 days a week and then cut back to two lifting days and one day of core. I was doing a day of upperbody and a day of legs. now as i am getting closer to the start of the season this is what my strength training looks like:

monday: core(including push ups) + resistance band excercies
500 reps of various core
2 x 20 pushups - feet on ball and uneven hands
resistance bands:
2 x 15 bicep curl (standing on one leg)
2 x 15 tricep extension
(standing on one leg)
2 x 15 lateral should raise
(standing on one leg)

wednesday: upperbody + core
superset #1:
2 x 15 dips
2 x 15 pull ups

superset #2:
2 x 15 dumbell row
(standing on one leg)
2 x 15 alt dumbell press on physio ball
2 x 30 cruches on physio ball

superset #3
2 x 15 overhead dumbell extension
2 x 15 dumbell curl
(standing on one leg)

superset #4
2 x 15 shoulder press
2 x 15 back extension

superset #5 (core)
2 x 20 weighted knee raises
2 x 20 weighted crunch machine

Thursday: yoga at lunch if i can make it

Friday: core & extra stretching
atleast 500 reps of various core with stretching in between. workout is 30+ minutes

that's it. these workouts keep me feeling strong and flexible without taking too long to recover. i also stretch a lot before, during, and after these workouts.

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Rachel said...

I have to do weights or I have no strength at all. How's the biking in Encinitas? I'm down in San Diego (just moved here) and I've heard Encinitas is triathlon heaven.