Thursday, March 23, 2006

thursday... still climbing

AM - Swim 3000 yards
Lunch - weights(upperbody)
PM - Easy 4 mile run

I did the run yesterday in my racing flats with my new lace configuration. I am using "easy laces" with lace locks. it works great. I also got some anti blister/heat powder from works great. my feet felt really good after running with no socks. i will be using this same setup at saturdays race.

Today (thursday):
AM - swim 2200 yards
lunch - 20 min of stretching
PM - 90 min/26 mile ride

the ride today was a breakthrough... i felt awesome. i dont know if it was because it was warm or what, but i powered through all the climbs and never got that lactate burning sensation in quads. it caught my off guard how good i felt. i was hammering big gears for the last 10 miles i could of kept going. i was bummed that the sun was setting and i couldn't keep going. it was odd because when i was driving home from work i felt really tired and just wanted to get home and take a nap. this felt like one of best rides i have had so far and i can't wait to ride again. i guess putting in all these miles on the roads and trails is starting to show signs of paying off.

let's race already!


Habeela said...

Congrats! That's amazing progress. You're going to rock next weekend!

moonpie said...

You're gonna kick ass in your race! Make sure you keep us up to date!

IMmike said...

Yeah, I'm also pretty glad race season is here. Now I guess we'll all find out if this training worked!

Guernsey Man said...

Have a good race Saturday.