Friday, May 29, 2009

Kona Day One.

Loving the Lava!

I am sitting hear at 5:30 am kona time on friday... i could only sleep unitl 5. considering that's 8am PST I am pretty suprised i was able to sleep that late. i love flying west and waking up early feeling totally refreshed. more daylight means more time for fun.

For a day that included a 5+ hour flight yesterday was pretty rad. travel went smooth with the exception of getting charge $175 for beth's bike. lame.

we were in Kona by noon and at our condo by 1:30 after a quick stop at foodland for some grub and beers.

we headed straight for the fairmont hotel to check out the scene and lounge around their pool. beth decided to go ahead and check in while i hit the expo store to pick up some last minute gear for her bike/race that we left at home. what a zoo...

this photo is just funny to me.

ironman buffet anyone?

i can't really believe all the bikes i saw down there. seriously some many bikes in the 5-10k range. where do people get all this loot. i know i have a lot of bikes but i couldn't afford half of what i ride if i didn't get hand me downs and shop/sponsor deals.

the Queen K is a whole different story. i think there are 1400 people doing this race and about half of them were out on the Queen K yesterday afternoon throwing down some race watts!... and of course all aero'd out. i can't even imagine and the scene is like during the world champs in october. i think i saw more compression gear, aero lids, and carbon bikes than i ever have in a single day!

just some bike sitting next to the pool.

beth made quick work of the check-in and then we hit the pool and beach... and grabbed a drink.

we hung out for a while and then headed down to Hapuna Beach for a quick swim. the water was perfect and swimming actually felt great. i think it was the first time i have taken a stroke in 3 months!

helping jaakko carbo load!

we ended the long day with some killer sushi and a couple of beers. a perfect first day. i am ready for more!

sweet dinner date.

dinner. demolished!

we also grabbed a some ice cream on the way home... this guy was from San Diego and loved his job!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

another one of those weekend...

another one of the those weekend where i can't believe we did everything we did in the 3 days. it was blur... and not just from the good beers from the mulitple bbq's we attended!

the weekend started out in just about perfect fashion. i was out of work early on friday and my homeboy tom was in town from AZ so hit we hit the trails. we got in a solid 2 hours and then came home, showered up and headed over to Green Flash to pick up a b-day growler of 30 St. Pale Ale and a pint glass for Trevor and some additional supplies for the holiday weekend.

when beth got home we headed downtown for Trevor's b-day party on the roof top deck and got to see Jake Peavy and the Pads take down the cubs. we drank some good beers, ate great food, and had a killer time. can we do this every friday?

saturday i hit the roads with beth and got in a solid 4 hours (3 with beth) finishing up with some solid climbing. later in the day we headed to pat and paula's for another killer b-day party. we both contributed to the party... me with a fresh growler of Green Flash Imperial IPA and beth suppiled some Golden Spoon frozen yogurt. how can you go wrong with that combo? Another good night.

photo from the final climb of my ride. double peak rd!

sunday i was up early and my friend Brian from AZ, who who crashing at out place for the weekend, hit the trails for long, hilly run. 1:40 later were both pretty beat down and I had to hurry home for Beth's graduation. My sister, beth, and I all headed down to SDSU to watch the 'lil monster's graduation. i'm proud. she's a smart one!

beth and i had the best cioppino we have had for her "graduation" dinner sunday night. we went to trattori I tulli for the first time after getting some recommendations from a couple of our friends. we will be back... hopefully very soon.

monday it was time to ride. brian and i were up early again to meet matt and a solid crew out at lake wohlford.

the ride started out pretty cold as we headed towards mt. palomar but as soon as we started the 11.75 mile climb the sun came out and it started to get warm.

this was only second time i have done the climb. the first time being last summer with luke. lets just say i have made some improvements. so stoked about the data from the climb.
last july
time: 1:20
avag power: 215

time: 1:10
avg power: 251

after descending palomar we climbed cole grade rd and then finished up the ride climbing back up to wohlford. very solid day on the bike.

ride time: 3:28
distance: 55 miles
elevation gain: 7000+ ft

brian after descending palomar

after the ride i picked up jaakko and then headed over to matt's for a post ride, memorial day bbq. good times for sure and the perfect ending to the weekend. now i just have to work two days this week and then we head to Kona. I can't wait. i really beth was a 100% and ready to kick some ass but no matter what we are going to have a good time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

baseball, beer, and bikes = balance!

the past weekend went by way too fast! it was definitely break in my normal routine which was very welcome. i still ended up getting some solid riding but the priorities for the weekend were a bit different.

as i mentioned before i picked up my longtime homeboy rob from the a airport on friday and weekend got underway quickly. we headed down to the Pads game on the coaster, got him his first fish tacos ever at Tin Fish, met up with Trevor and Jess, and then saw the pads take the series opener from the Reds.

gotta love the fact that you can crack cold beers on the coaster ride

Saturday ryan cruised down for a road ride and we got in a solid 4 hours before hitting Ki's for more killer food. After Ki's Beth, me, rob, and ryan hit beachside for some beers and to watch some baseball on the big screens. Later on we kept up the busy day by heading to Colleens' bbq and the out to the Beth's graduation dinner. very busy... i was crushed by the time we go home.

me and rob on the trolley on the way to sunday's game

Sunday was another good one. Ryan and i rode some more and then rob, me, ryan, and sarah boarded the coaster again and headed to the pads game to watch them do work and finish off the sweep of the reds.

on draft... at the game. only in SD!!!

after the game we headed of to Trevor's mother-in-law's condo to chill on the rooftop and enjoy a perfect san diego sunday.

view from the roof top. epic.

rob chillaxing on the roof top

ryan and sarah

after we got our fill of the view and perfect weather (actually it never gets old) beth met up with us and we headed downstairs to the bar to celebrate trevor's 30th b-day.

ryan loves a cold pitcher of racer 5 IPA. sweet moves. "COME SEE ME!"

rob and ryan.

me and FW. she loves it!

more good times, good friends, and good beers.

it doesn't end there....

Monday i headed up to LA for one more game. rob's a huge baseball fan and wanted to check dodger stadium. as much as I hate the dodgers I am always for some baseball. so one more game in the books... a long on at that.... extra innnings and now it's back home... and to reality.... until next weekend.

dodger stadium. mets BP.

training last week was hit and miss but i did get in a lot of riding. i just did what ever i had time for and didn't stress. that ended up being a lot of road miles. that's it... i have a lot to catch up on. this weeks starts a little more balance of running and riding but my schedule is going to be nuts for the next couple of weeks so I am will continue to just do what i can each given day.

I also need to figure out the rest of the year as far as racing goes. i have a lot going on in my head regarding this and need to make some decisions.

training last week:

time: 18:21
bike distance: 224.28 miles
mtb distance: 21.82 miles
run distance: 14 mils
1 strength/core session

Thursday, May 14, 2009

transition week

first of all thanks to everybody commented and sent me emails (i gotta a lot) on my last post about my mysterious race-induced quad cramping. i always appreciate any insight and/or comments on anything i post... i put it out there and it's rad that so many people are willing to help and offer suggestions. thanks again!

i recovered from the race last weekend really quickly. it's probably due to the fact that i just jogged the last 5 miles and got out on a mellow road ride with beth on sunday. next week i start on trevor's plan. i am really looking forward to having some direction again and to get away from the feeling that i am just training myself into oblivion! i still haven't locked down my race schedule for the rest of the year. i am waiting to hear back on a few things before i commit, but no matter what the summer is going to be fun with a lot going on.

the only hard workout i did this week was the Swami's tuesday morning ride. this ride meets at 630am on tues & thurs and the start is only 1.5 miles from my house. I am usually out riding at the same time and i have seen them riding for the past couple years, but never jumped in. tuesday i took my medicine. i lasted about half the ride. i just sat near the back and wanted to learn the route and get a feel for the pace... that didn't workout so well. we hit a hill, the group split and I was behind a couple of guys that didn't want to nail the climb. then at the top of the climb i caught the red light. game over. for me it was hard... i am not the best a group rides, but i plan on changing this. the bottom line is riding with people who are faster than you will make you faster, just like running. i will be back next week, and hopefully throughout the summer. hopefully i make the front group next time.

i got a physical this morning (been scheduled for a couple and weeks and has nothing to do with last weekends mysterious leg issues) and had to fast for 12 hours before due to the blood work i got done. i ended up going 14 hours without eating. i'm not going to lie... it wasn't easy. nothing except water went into my body between 7pm last night and 9am this morning. i was full-on bonking walking into the doctor's office. i am pretty stoked i was able to hold out... i was craving my morning coffee and spoonful of almond butter that i usually take down 5 minutes after getting out of bed.

there are said to be some significant health benefits to intermittent fasting. now that i have done it once (not by choice) maybe i will do it occasionally (only when light or no training is on the sched) and see if i notice anything. read about it here:
How to: Intermittent Fasting

Chuckie V also just had are really good post about his "The Save Your Life Diet"

after fasting for 14 hours I ate a solid breakie in my office and then headed out for a run at lunch. i figured i would feel like crap, especially as the run went on. totally not that case. i got in 8 EZ miles and felt better with every mile.

as i go into this next training phase i am going to do some more experimenting with my diet. i have been talking a lot with Denner (who just killed it at Wildflower and is getting for RAAM... yeah... he's animal) about nutrition and getting some great ideas of things to try. it's not that i think i need a huge change or anything but it's just like training... changing it up and trying new things is always good and worth a shot.

fun weekend on tap. one of my best friends is coming out from virginia beach. we played baseball together from middle school through college... and we both still follow baseball avidly. so we have a big baseball weekend ahead (beth is stoked too.... haha). he's never been to californina so friday night we are going to the Padres game and then monday night we are head to LA to watch the dodgers and mets.

the training will be pretty mellow this weekend. the one thing i am really excited about is hitting the Celo Pacific group ride for the first time on saturday. Ryan (who just killed it at the Traverse last weekend) is coming down to get in on the fun too... hopefully in trade for some beers he'll be willing to be my domestique and pull me back to the group when i get dropped!

again... no photos. sorry for being lame. i should have plenty after the weekend.

ok... time head back to work. gotta love it!

Monday, May 11, 2009

the curse is for real...

ok... by the title of this post it's probably pretty apparent that saturday's trail race didn't quite as planned... well not even close.

the lead up to the race was good. I had a good week of riding in really nice weather. All my rides were on the road and were pretty mellow. I was just out enjoying the warm mornings. I got in a good trail run on tuesday and then another wednesday that included some race pace efforts. Then thursday and friday were all about recovery. thursday i did and easy AM spin and on friday i did a mellow 30 min run with some strides. I was feeling good.

On friday i headed up to LA and on the way i picked up finland's finest, Jaakko, from LAX. he's in town for some training before heading to hawaii for the 70.3. it was a mellow day. i ate well, stayed hydrated, and a had really good pre-race meal at the California Chicken Cafe. i was in bed by 930pm and really looking forward to Saturday.

i was up at 4:15 for coffee and all my usual pre-race stuff. everything was going good. nothing out of the normal. got to malibu canyon park, checked in, and got in a solid 3 mile warm-up with some strides. it was already nice and warm and I had good sweat going on the starting line. i was relaxed and ready to race.

when the gun went off i was in the front pack and within the first 100m i felt a bizarre twinge in my quads. the only other time i had ever felt anything like that before was when they totally cramped up at the Xterra topanga trail race back in november (see my last post). i was kind of in disbelief. i felt good in my warm-up, I was loose, rested, and ready to go.

so i backed off my pace a bit and let a couple of guys go off the front in the first, flat mile. my quads weren't cramping but didn't feel "right". at mile 1 we hit the first climb and went to the front. running uphill felt fine because I wasn't loading up the quads. i was in the lead at the top of the short climb as descended down to some single track. during the descent and single track my legs felt ok but still on the verge of locking up so i slowed my pace and waited to have some one to come around me and take the lead. nobody did so i slowed my pace some more to give my quads a break and still nobody would take the lead.

i was stoked. i was hoping that i could make it to "Bulldog" (a gnarly 3 mile climb) with out the quads blowing because i knew the long climb would give them a break. at 2.5 miles we hit the climb and i was ready to go. we were in a pack of about 5 and within the first half mile it was down to 3. the climb was brutal. i lead the charge for a while and threw in some surges but Jon (one my sponosors, SaltStick owner/founder) and the other guy were covering every move. i wasn't going all out but definitely working hard.

we continued the climb and at 1.5 miles me and the "other guy" got away from Jon and we really started picking it up and the trail was getting steeper. at mile 2 we were working hard and still had a mile of climbing to go. we were taking turns leading. at the summit and at the mile 6 marker we were shoulder to shoulder and way off the front. my quads were fine.... then we started a pretty steep 3/4 mile descent. we stayed together for the first quarter and then it happened... and i could feel it coming as soon as we started downhill, my quads locked up AGAIN. all the from my hip flexors to the tops of my knees. both legs at the same time. I had to stop and walk the 1/4 mile of the descent to the aid station. bummed and in total disbelief that this was happeing again, and only for the second time in my life... and the other was also in a similar race.

i walked to the aid station and jon passed me. he left me a saltstick capsule with the volunteers at the aid station. i took it with some gatorade, hung out with the volunteers for a minute as i tried to stretch, and threw down a couple Aleeve's that one of the volunteers gave. i was willing to try anything. for a brief second i considered heading back to the start. I was about 6.75 miles into the race and heading would be faster than finishing the race. that thought was fleeting. no way i was going to DNF... even if I had to walk/hike the rest of the race... and that I did.

Mile 6-9 were brutal. i walked, shuffled, jogged the uphills, and stopped and stretched. around mile 9 there was a solid climb that i was able to jog and my legs came around a bit and i was able run (slowly) it into finish.

the course was rad and i really wish i could have raced the whole thing. it really suited my strengths. Lots of climbing!

i was pretty bummed after the race and only because i was, and am still now, confused as to why my quads cramped... pretty much right at the start. this was second time it's happened, both in races, and i doesn't make sense. I was rested, hydrated, electorlytes/nutrition in check. i am clueless. i know how to get ready for a race. i have never cramped in any Xterra triathlon races in really hot... or cold conditions. it doesn't make sense. beth thinks it's mental. i don't know. any ideas?

this highlight of the day was Jaakko getting into the 6k trail race at the last minute and taking the overall win! Congrats dude!

other than the bad race the week of training was pretty solid with good riding. my training is going to change a bit in the coming weeks and I am really looking forward to it. i need some direction. i have just been training to train and not really focusing much on my races. originally wanted to peak for the Idyllwild Spring Challenge and race on saturday, but I really didn't pull that off. the training time was there but the focus wasn't. toward the middle of april i really dug myself into a whole training wise. i was just trying run AND ride way too much.

when i stopped swimming and just started focusing on mountain bike racing and running i didn't drop the triathlete mindset. i always felt the need to get in at leaset 2 workouts a day. in the past one of those workout would most likely been swim which is much easier on the body than riding or running.... and now i have just been riding and running a lot... too much. it really caught up with me towards the end of april and I was tired and beatdown. i am on the way back though. i have really dropped the intensity while keeping the up the volume of my weekly training and am feeling good again.

i don't want this to happen again so I am going to start working with Trevor again. i need someone to keep my in check and we've talked a lot. he has a lot of good ideas on how to balance my riding and running while still getting stronger/faster at each sport. seeing how fast he is going right now is very motivating. i should be on his plan starting 5/18. I am really looking forward to handing over the reigns.

i just need to figure out the rest of my season race wise. my lack of ability to really nail these trail races is having me question weather spending most of my summer focus in the Pikes Peak Ascent is really a good idea.

that's it... kind of boring.. and way too long. I got carried away.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

attmepting to break the curse...

first of all... i know it's cliche but I have definitely been "burning the candle at both ends". Work is kicking my ass right now. A typical day as of the past couple of weeks has been, wake up, train (ride or run), go to work, hit the gym at lunch, head home around 4pm, eat dinner, head back to work about 7pm, work unil 9-930pm, and finally head back home.... and a couple of nights I have had to jump on conference calls at 10pm to troubleshoot some issues. even though it may sound like it I am not complaining.

the only downside is less time to hang out with beth in the evenings. i have been missing our nightly dinners and she's usually asleep or just falling asleep when I get home. when I work at night i go into the office a bit later the following day so I am getting a little extra sleep and still getting some good morning training. this schedule will be pretty typical for the next couple of months so i just need to suck it up and do what i can.

This weekend i will attempt to break the streak of back luck (or a curse) I have had at Xterra Trail races. Saturday is the Xterra Malibu Creek Challenge Trail Run.

It's a tough 14 miler and will be my 4th Xterra Trail run. Here's how my first 3 attempts played out.

1. 2.3.2008 - Xterra Mission Gorge Trail Run (race report)
- I had the lead in this race and was on my way to my first overall win in any race when I was sent off course by a volunteer in the last 1.5 miles. I ran half a of a mile in the wrong direction and ended up finishing 6th overall and 3rd in AG . Shit happens.

2. 11.29.2008 - Xterra Topanga Turkey Trot (race report)
- I felt really good going into this race. I had been running a lot helping beth prep for the LV marathon and was looking for some redemption from the Mission Gorge race. It didn't happen. 3 miles in i was sitting in 3rd place and my race ended. both of my quads seized from my hips down to my knees. it was the first time anything like that had ever happened to me and also the last. game over. I finished the race... 20th overall and 10 in my AG.

3. 12.14.2008 - Xterra Crystal Cove Trail Race (race report)
- this was the weekend after running a 1:13:50 at the Las Vegas Half Marathon so i was definitely in good form.... but in the week between i landed hard on a rock during a trail run and hurt my foot. I ran again during the week and it didn't feel good. I decided to head up to the race and see how it felt race morning... again... it was not right and there some pain with every foot strike. like an idiot i raced anyway.... and raced hard. 3 of us got away at the start on the first climb and never looked back, but on the first steep descent my foot really started to hurt and just got worse as the race went on. I hobbled across the finish in 3rd place overall and 1st in my AG, but in a lot of pain. In that race it totally jacked my foot which ended up costing me 8 weeks of running. it was very stupid to race and a mistake i don't ever plan on making again.

after topanga. no stoked.

so as you can see... 3 races and 3 bad outcomes. hopefully this weekend i'll turn things around. i love these races and just want to nail one. my run training has really been up and down lately though and I haven't prepped very well for this race... it's long! I decided to put more focus into the mountain bike races so the running volume has taken a hit in the past month.

running volume for the last 12 weeks.

saturday should be interesting.

one last note... Skinfit is in full effect! From the xterra west cup, the idyllwild spring challenge, to Wildflower the team is throwing down. Check the Skinfit Blog for all the details.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Idyllwild Spring Challenge Race Report

the race on saturday was a tough one...

i woke up early saturday morning and hit the road for idyllwild. it's about 90 minutes from my house and i still can't believe last wednesday was the first time i have ever taken the time to head out there and ride. i was stoked to be heading back to race and knew it was going to be a hard day on the bike.

pre-race was unevenful. ryan and sarah met me out there and i spent quite a bit of time talking with justin, allison, luke, and was stoked to run into matt before the race as well. a big part of the reason i am really stoked on the mountain bike racing right now is the people i get to race with and against. everybody just loves riding their bike.... we throwdown and go for blood from start to finish, but before and after the race it's all about having fun and good times.

it was pretty chilly out, the wind was strong, but thankfully the rain held off. i kind procrastinated and then had to rush to start warming up... and didn't end up warming up enough because i stopped early to try and adjust my brakes. my brakes are shot and new ones are on the way. i couldn't get the front brake to stop rubbing so i just went with it and headed up to the start.

the start line was mellow and relaxed, which seems to be pretty typical until the final countdown to the gun. the pros went off before (both men and women) and then also sent the "open" class out before which i thought was kind of odd. the "open" is anyone who wanted to ride the long course but is not a cat 1 or pro. it was a good size wave so we would definitely be working out way through them.

the start... i stole this from matt's blog!

as usual the start went out pretty fast before we hit the single track, and as usual I was DFL (dead f'n last... in case you didn't know) off the line. i blew it. my legs just weren't ready to fire. it was probably a mix of the cooler temps and lack of a good warm up. so i was off the back for the first couple of miles until we hit the first climb. I slowly started picking of guys one by one and the legs were feeling great.

hitting the single track... in last!

I kept pushing the pace and was continuing to move up on the climbs and was even staying away on the descents until I took a little spill in a techinical rock garden. I got stuck and couldn't get out of my pedal and went down. my top tube bashed into my knee and did not feel good! I was up and rolling but I had a knot in my knee that took a while to work out. On the next descent I was caught by a couple guys that I had passed climbing when I took another spill in a loose corner when the guy leading us drifted and then locked up his brakes. again... back rolling in seconds.

the we hit the "cyclocross climb". i rode this section very well, cleared a lot of sections that I had to hike pre-riding, and moved my way back up. i passed all the guys that got me on the descent and then got by the pro women about half way through the climb. once back on the fire road and climbing some more i was feeling good and glad that section was behind us.

after some more climbing, more fun single track descending, i hit the 3rd aid station right before the last, big climb up southridge road. justin was there waiting with a bottle (thanks dude!) and i couldn't believe the race was nearing the end... it was flying by. when we hit the climb i went for it. it is probably one of the hardest climbs i have ever done in a race. it's super steep but i knew it would be my last chance to really get any significant gaps before the finish. i was able to pass quite a few people and ride away from the guys that were with me at the start. I was stoked to reach the top and kind of wished it was longer because i was feeling good. time to descend.

the following descents were fast and technical... and the bottom line is i was riding like crap. i went over the bars 5 minutes into the long descent and proceeded to crash at least 5 more times before the finish. i was just riding really sloppy and really lost confidence in my front tire. it wasn't hooking up at all on the loose corners. before the finish i was caught by the winners of the class below (25-29) and above (35-39) me, but nobody in my class.

i am not sure what my finishing time or place (2nd or 3rd i think) was but it's right around 2:50 and i was definitely happy with that. we didn't stick around for the results beacuse we wanted to hit the road and get back to carlsbad before it was too late for some bbq action. the race was awesome. i'll be back next year for sure, but hopefully be more familiar with the course and have a better race.

on the way back we hit green flash... again. ryan and sarah wanted to check it out and I was stoked to go again and check it out... and even more stoked that beth met us there. we were having an awesome time and enjoying some fresh samplers when some super drunk guy knocked a fire extinguisher on the ground it started going off. soon the whole tasting room was filled with dust and they moved us out. After everything settled we were the only ones left. ryan and i helped the ladies move some tables and clean up a bit and they hooked us up with some free beer! after green flash it was back to our house for some more beer and chicken tacos. good times.

sunday. i woke up feeling pretty good considering the race and was planning on heading out to ride with beth and katya, but I also needed to run. I just went for it right away and knocked out 10.5 miles before riding later in the morning. the run went well and I am looking forward to this weekend's trail race.

the ride with beth and katya was fun. we cruised along the coast and then katya lead us on a route I have never ridden before. I just sat in and let the ladies pull me around. Then to cap off a great weekend beth and I had a killer, late lunch at Naked Cafe, hit the grocery store, and then lounged all afternoon on the couch and watched Slumdog Millionaire. yep. another perfect day.

beth riding away from me!

that' it. this saturday is the Xterra Malibu Creek 14 miler. it should be interesting.

totals for the week.

time: 18:34
road bike distance: 82.33 miles
mtb distance: 82.53 miles
run distance: 26.8 miles
strength: 1 strength/core session, 1 core only session.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Idyllwild Spring Challenge pre-ride

it's already Friday... this week is flying by. I have been really busy at work as of late and there are no signs of it stopping. This means a lot of working in the evenings and later at night. I really don't mind. My schedule for the most part is pretty flexible and having to work odd hours occasionally is small price to pay for that.

After working late on Tuesday night (I got home a little after 10pm) I was stoked. Stoked because I had Wednesday off of work and was going to be heading out to Hurkey Creek to pre-ride the Idyllwild Spring Challenge course with Trevor. I have heard how awesome the riding is out there and have never made the trek. So Wednesday morning Trevor cruised over and we hit the road.

We got to the park just after 10am and hit it. We were armed with a course map and turn by turn directions (3 pages worth) since the course wasn't fully marked yet. Lets just say that navigating all the turns with out having ever ridden out there was pretty tough. There were a lot of turns early on so we had to stop and read the map often.

map and directions.

course profile.

The course IS killer. The trails out there are definitely some of the best, if not the best I have ridden in southern California. As awesome as they are the course relentless. The race on Saturday is going to be tough. There is quite a bit of climbing including one of the steepest climbs i have ever done in a race, plenty of hike-a-bike sections, and some technical descending. I can't wait to race.

We spent about 3.5 hours out there riding with only a couple of wrong turns. It was a perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky and we didn't see anybody esle out on the trail until the final miles. I wish I had every Wednesday off!

I had to work again last night unitl 11pm and will probably have take of some things tonight too! No worries...

Saturday is all about racing and then Ryan and Sarah are cruising up for a post-race BBQ. So this afternoon I will be picking the supplies, which includes a growler fill of West Coast IPA at Green Flash.