Wednesday, May 20, 2009

baseball, beer, and bikes = balance!

the past weekend went by way too fast! it was definitely break in my normal routine which was very welcome. i still ended up getting some solid riding but the priorities for the weekend were a bit different.

as i mentioned before i picked up my longtime homeboy rob from the a airport on friday and weekend got underway quickly. we headed down to the Pads game on the coaster, got him his first fish tacos ever at Tin Fish, met up with Trevor and Jess, and then saw the pads take the series opener from the Reds.

gotta love the fact that you can crack cold beers on the coaster ride

Saturday ryan cruised down for a road ride and we got in a solid 4 hours before hitting Ki's for more killer food. After Ki's Beth, me, rob, and ryan hit beachside for some beers and to watch some baseball on the big screens. Later on we kept up the busy day by heading to Colleens' bbq and the out to the Beth's graduation dinner. very busy... i was crushed by the time we go home.

me and rob on the trolley on the way to sunday's game

Sunday was another good one. Ryan and i rode some more and then rob, me, ryan, and sarah boarded the coaster again and headed to the pads game to watch them do work and finish off the sweep of the reds.

on draft... at the game. only in SD!!!

after the game we headed of to Trevor's mother-in-law's condo to chill on the rooftop and enjoy a perfect san diego sunday.

view from the roof top. epic.

rob chillaxing on the roof top

ryan and sarah

after we got our fill of the view and perfect weather (actually it never gets old) beth met up with us and we headed downstairs to the bar to celebrate trevor's 30th b-day.

ryan loves a cold pitcher of racer 5 IPA. sweet moves. "COME SEE ME!"

rob and ryan.

me and FW. she loves it!

more good times, good friends, and good beers.

it doesn't end there....

Monday i headed up to LA for one more game. rob's a huge baseball fan and wanted to check dodger stadium. as much as I hate the dodgers I am always for some baseball. so one more game in the books... a long on at that.... extra innnings and now it's back home... and to reality.... until next weekend.

dodger stadium. mets BP.

training last week was hit and miss but i did get in a lot of riding. i just did what ever i had time for and didn't stress. that ended up being a lot of road miles. that's it... i have a lot to catch up on. this weeks starts a little more balance of running and riding but my schedule is going to be nuts for the next couple of weeks so I am will continue to just do what i can each given day.

I also need to figure out the rest of the year as far as racing goes. i have a lot going on in my head regarding this and need to make some decisions.

training last week:

time: 18:21
bike distance: 224.28 miles
mtb distance: 21.82 miles
run distance: 14 mils
1 strength/core session


Luke said...

diggin' the quest for balance! one of these days the lady and i will have come join the BB pro for a game!

Jim said...

Good to see you and Rob back together. I know you two have missed connections the last couple of times you were back here.

Sounds like fun, baseball and beer.

Slater Fletcher said...

BALANCE!! . . .and a crap load of miles on the bike! Love it!

J.P. Patrick said...

Nice week... all around!!!

Donald said...

"Robbie-Rob" and soon "The Don"... I'm look at Augustish for S.D.

beth said...

Come See Me!

Zach said...

Even with the baseball and beer you managed to knock out some solid bike miles - very solid.

Matt said...

I have a feeling you're meeting your daily hops requirements with ease. I even caught wind of a keg and growlers? Dude. You're really coming into form!

I tried the 3rd anniversary Pizza Port double IPA last night, on draft. I'm doing my part, as well.

Now go run!