Tuesday, May 26, 2009

another one of those weekend...

another one of the those weekend where i can't believe we did everything we did in the 3 days. it was blur... and not just from the good beers from the mulitple bbq's we attended!

the weekend started out in just about perfect fashion. i was out of work early on friday and my homeboy tom was in town from AZ so hit we hit the trails. we got in a solid 2 hours and then came home, showered up and headed over to Green Flash to pick up a b-day growler of 30 St. Pale Ale and a pint glass for Trevor and some additional supplies for the holiday weekend.

when beth got home we headed downtown for Trevor's b-day party on the roof top deck and got to see Jake Peavy and the Pads take down the cubs. we drank some good beers, ate great food, and had a killer time. can we do this every friday?

saturday i hit the roads with beth and got in a solid 4 hours (3 with beth) finishing up with some solid climbing. later in the day we headed to pat and paula's for another killer b-day party. we both contributed to the party... me with a fresh growler of Green Flash Imperial IPA and beth suppiled some Golden Spoon frozen yogurt. how can you go wrong with that combo? Another good night.

photo from the final climb of my ride. double peak rd!

sunday i was up early and my friend Brian from AZ, who who crashing at out place for the weekend, hit the trails for long, hilly run. 1:40 later were both pretty beat down and I had to hurry home for Beth's graduation. My sister, beth, and I all headed down to SDSU to watch the 'lil monster's graduation. i'm proud. she's a smart one!

beth and i had the best cioppino we have had for her "graduation" dinner sunday night. we went to trattori I tulli for the first time after getting some recommendations from a couple of our friends. we will be back... hopefully very soon.

monday it was time to ride. brian and i were up early again to meet matt and a solid crew out at lake wohlford.

the ride started out pretty cold as we headed towards mt. palomar but as soon as we started the 11.75 mile climb the sun came out and it started to get warm.

this was only second time i have done the climb. the first time being last summer with luke. lets just say i have made some improvements. so stoked about the data from the climb.
last july
time: 1:20
avag power: 215

time: 1:10
avg power: 251

after descending palomar we climbed cole grade rd and then finished up the ride climbing back up to wohlford. very solid day on the bike.

ride time: 3:28
distance: 55 miles
elevation gain: 7000+ ft

brian after descending palomar

after the ride i picked up jaakko and then headed over to matt's for a post ride, memorial day bbq. good times for sure and the perfect ending to the weekend. now i just have to work two days this week and then we head to Kona. I can't wait. i really beth was a 100% and ready to kick some ass but no matter what we are going to have a good time.


Luke said...

a solid weekend bro! ...and 1:10, very impressive! we'll get together soon bro!

Cody Waite said...

That's a lot of wieners on the ol grill!

Sarah Huddyson said...


runninggunner said...

That rooftop patio is sick!! Have a fun time in Hawaii.

MJ said...

That rooftop/ballgame/bbq pic is pretty awesome.... very jealous.

Have a great time in Hawaii!

Slater Fletcher said...

nice dawgs....

I remember cole grade. By the time you get to it your legs are trashed and its hot out. Quite a kick in the nutz. Good times!

Ryan Weeger said...

Since you brought the two things up in the same sentence I'll ask you and beth the same thing since youre both experts in each. Pretty simple, beer flavored fro-yo...I really honestly still think this is a good idea even after the memorial day bbq beers that initiated the thought! Im thinking all kinds in the corner of the fro yo place for guys who like beer...and different combos...you can get 'bud light' flavor with crackers jack and peanut topping...thats what im calling "the ballpark" ok this comment was too long but i have more ideas, what do you guys think?

Ryan Denner said...

love those weekends! F ya!