Thursday, May 14, 2009

transition week

first of all thanks to everybody commented and sent me emails (i gotta a lot) on my last post about my mysterious race-induced quad cramping. i always appreciate any insight and/or comments on anything i post... i put it out there and it's rad that so many people are willing to help and offer suggestions. thanks again!

i recovered from the race last weekend really quickly. it's probably due to the fact that i just jogged the last 5 miles and got out on a mellow road ride with beth on sunday. next week i start on trevor's plan. i am really looking forward to having some direction again and to get away from the feeling that i am just training myself into oblivion! i still haven't locked down my race schedule for the rest of the year. i am waiting to hear back on a few things before i commit, but no matter what the summer is going to be fun with a lot going on.

the only hard workout i did this week was the Swami's tuesday morning ride. this ride meets at 630am on tues & thurs and the start is only 1.5 miles from my house. I am usually out riding at the same time and i have seen them riding for the past couple years, but never jumped in. tuesday i took my medicine. i lasted about half the ride. i just sat near the back and wanted to learn the route and get a feel for the pace... that didn't workout so well. we hit a hill, the group split and I was behind a couple of guys that didn't want to nail the climb. then at the top of the climb i caught the red light. game over. for me it was hard... i am not the best a group rides, but i plan on changing this. the bottom line is riding with people who are faster than you will make you faster, just like running. i will be back next week, and hopefully throughout the summer. hopefully i make the front group next time.

i got a physical this morning (been scheduled for a couple and weeks and has nothing to do with last weekends mysterious leg issues) and had to fast for 12 hours before due to the blood work i got done. i ended up going 14 hours without eating. i'm not going to lie... it wasn't easy. nothing except water went into my body between 7pm last night and 9am this morning. i was full-on bonking walking into the doctor's office. i am pretty stoked i was able to hold out... i was craving my morning coffee and spoonful of almond butter that i usually take down 5 minutes after getting out of bed.

there are said to be some significant health benefits to intermittent fasting. now that i have done it once (not by choice) maybe i will do it occasionally (only when light or no training is on the sched) and see if i notice anything. read about it here:
How to: Intermittent Fasting

Chuckie V also just had are really good post about his "The Save Your Life Diet"

after fasting for 14 hours I ate a solid breakie in my office and then headed out for a run at lunch. i figured i would feel like crap, especially as the run went on. totally not that case. i got in 8 EZ miles and felt better with every mile.

as i go into this next training phase i am going to do some more experimenting with my diet. i have been talking a lot with Denner (who just killed it at Wildflower and is getting for RAAM... yeah... he's animal) about nutrition and getting some great ideas of things to try. it's not that i think i need a huge change or anything but it's just like training... changing it up and trying new things is always good and worth a shot.

fun weekend on tap. one of my best friends is coming out from virginia beach. we played baseball together from middle school through college... and we both still follow baseball avidly. so we have a big baseball weekend ahead (beth is stoked too.... haha). he's never been to californina so friday night we are going to the Padres game and then monday night we are head to LA to watch the dodgers and mets.

the training will be pretty mellow this weekend. the one thing i am really excited about is hitting the Celo Pacific group ride for the first time on saturday. Ryan (who just killed it at the Traverse last weekend) is coming down to get in on the fun too... hopefully in trade for some beers he'll be willing to be my domestique and pull me back to the group when i get dropped!

again... no photos. sorry for being lame. i should have plenty after the weekend.

ok... time head back to work. gotta love it!


Carolina John said...

i hear you man. take it easy, enjoy having your friend come out to cali, sounds great. enjoy the padres game!

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

you'll get to handle both the cramps
and the Swami's ride!

GZ said...


Totally appreciate the summer - "got to roll" with it 'tude.

Definitely curious as to what you end up having tested via the lab ... and the numbers (although I get that is a bit personal). When I have lab work done it is always "well you are normal." Which is all their "within tolerance" crap ... which might mean I am low on something (like beer ... jk! ... maybe iron) and I need to actually be higher for athletic performance but I am okay to walk to the mailbox and back.

Matt said...

Do a huge trail run this w/e too!

With Trevor, Beth injured and your curse, there's a little bump in the force. It's the lull before a big summer "swell," the calm before the storm.

Have a killer weekend.

Pedal Circles said...

Sounds like good times! I'm looking forward to the food stuff.

Cody Waite said...

Keep up the group rides. They will make you fast!

Slater Fletcher said...

How long did it take you to feel "back to normal" after the fast? Did you feel like you had to "catch up" for a few meals?

I may hit up Swami's next Tue too - I will shoot you an email if I head down.

Paul said...

Hey James,

With the group rides you gotta get to the front. Always work to the front before a hill (roadies always blast the hills). If you're in the back you're gonna get popped! Plus there's nothing but squirrels in the back. You can't trust them. You'll be just fine dude. :)

BTW I got some ripping skinfit shorts. And we're missing you at the aquathons. You should come out and just do the runs.