Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DNS = Did Not Start

I like racing too much. I have decided not to do the Boulevard Road Race this weekend. I have been going back and forth the last two weeks and have finally decided not to do it. It's just not the right time. I asked for and got a lot of good advice from my "Team" regarding this decision. I know I am fit enough to do it but I am also signed up for the Xterra Mission Gorge 15k Trail Race on Sunday.

Originally I had planned on doing both but I don't want to bury myself... not yet at least. I think I will benefit more from 5+ hours on the mountain bike Saturday as opposed to a 2.5 hour hammerfest on the road. I am in the middle of another big week before some rest next week so I will be going into the trail race pretty beat down, but I really want to see where my running is right now.

This marks the 3rd race in the last couple of months that I have signed up and paid for and have not toed the line. Here were the first two...

1. Xterra Topanga Trail Race - 15k
Beth and I both signed up for this one. It was two days after Thanksgiving and only a month after Xterra Worlds. We both didn't feel like racing... so we didn't.

2. Xterra Crystal Cove Trail Race - 15k
I signed up for this one and it sold out before Beth could get in. I had just started to really run again and was definitely lacking the motivation to go hard. I ended up transferring my entry to Beth and had a good time watching her have a great race (1st Ag, 2nd Overall to Heather Fuhr!).

The only race I have actually done since Xterra Worlds was the 12 hours of Temecula back in November. The trail race on Sunday is going to hurt! I have been putting in a lot of miles and really building up my running frequency but nothing fast or really hard up to this point in my 2008 training. I figure I will just go for it from the gun and see how long I can go until I totally blow up... I really don't know any other way. This is the first stand alone running race I have done since the St. Patty's day 10k last year. We'll see how it goes.

Here's the elevation profile for sunday! That last climb is going to be brutal... if I make it that far.

Yesterday was Beth's b-day and even though I tried to get her to go out for a drink and dinner she just wanted to chill at home and eat some good food so we could get up early and hit Masters in the morning. She's on it! So I cooked a birthday meal and then took her to Golden Spoon for desert.

Dinner: Broiled Salmon, steamed veggies, and the chron salads.

Monday, January 28, 2008

It's official...

I'm 30!

Here' the my b-day cake/brownies. It was good.

I had a great weekend filled with killer training and good food and drinks. On Friday (my actual b-day) I was off of work and took full advantage. I woke up to some light rain so I got in my prescribed 1:30 trainer session in and followed it up with a 30 minute run off the bike. Feeling good.

the torture rack has been upgraded thanks to Beth! Rad flat screen TV and I now have cable in the garage!

The weather cleared up and I did what anybody would do on their birthday... I hit the roads on my bike. I got in another 2.5 hours under perfect conditions. No complaints.

seriously... January 25th. Sunny, upper 60's and not a cloud in the sky. Kiteboarders getting down.

view from the top of torrey pines.

Friday night we went for some good sushi and then we were up early to ride... alot. I headed down the coast and met with Beth and the tri club and rolled out with them, but wasn't with them for long. I ended up riding with a visiting fast triathlete from DC for a good chunk.

Here's what a graph of 4:45 in saddle looks like. All over the place!

5 hour energy

Saturday night it was time for more birthday celebration. My sister came down from LA and we all headed out to the Brigantine for more good eats.

Here's my dinner. Wok seared Ahi... bring it!

and of course we had desert!

It was supposed to rain all day on sunday so the long run was in jeopardy. Beth and I woke up to just cloudy skies so we got on some coffee and then hit the roads. It ended up being nice and sunny for most of the day... the weather men in San Diego should be canned.

Ready to roll.

My run was solid with almost 2000ft of vertical... getting ready for Xterra trail race this sunday! Feeling strong.

What would a post from me be with out more food photos. Another healthy concoction from James & Beth.


That'll do it. Thanks for all the "happy b-days"!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

good timing.

This weekend is going to be be a big one for me... On Friday I turn 30. It's kind of hard to believe and I actually haven't thought about all that much except for scoping out who I will be competing against next year. That's right I am moving up Age groups. I was supposed to be racing the 12 Hours of Temecula on Saturday but my teammate, Luke, is coming down with something and it's going to rain all day. We decided to pull the plug and stay healthy.

I have read a couple of other posts over the course of the past week. Both Jaako and Jeff showed how a day in their lives breaks down. Here's two of my days from this week. It looks nuts but it's pretty typical.


5am - wake up
5:05 - coffee, check/reply to work email, throw back a couple handfuls of granola or trail mix, bathroom
5:30 - leave for masters
6:00 - 7:15 - get in the pool, grind out 4000 yards
7:15-30 - shower, get some free coffee from the YMCA
7:30-50 - drive to work/sit in traffic
8:00 - Eat breakfast at my desk, big bowl of oats
10:45 - pre-workout snack
11:30 - 50 min trail run in PQ canyon

12:25 - second shower at work, put on recovery/compression calf socks
12:35 - slam recovery drink while driving back to my office
2:00 - post workout snack/meal
4:00 - pre-workout snack
4:30 - 60 minute strength workout
6:00 - shower number 3, pack clothes for Wednesday while unpacking clothes from today.
6:15 - make and eat dinner

"Ghetto" burritto and salad.

"ghetto" burritto: 94% Lean hamburger patty, swiss cheese, avocado, sauteed onions & mushrooms, and salsa in a multigrain wrap.

6:40 - dishes, make food for wednesday, get coffee maker ready
7:00 - get some work done/check/reply work email & watch wheel of fortune and jeopardy
8:00 - pour a glass of heart healthy red wine, relax, read,watch The Biggest Loser
9:30 - pass out watching The Biggest Loser (I never make it to see who gets voted off)

I don't always workout out three times on Tuesdays, but I really needed to get the strength session in. I was going to do it Monday but opted to hang out with Beth instead and didn't want to wait any later in the week or else I would risk dealing with DOMS during the 12 hour race on Saturday.

here's the next day...


5:15 - wake up
5:20 - coffee, check/reply to work email, throw back a couple handfuls of granola or trail mix, bathroom
6:00 - 8:00 - Ride w/ 4 x 12 minute climbs (2 seated, 2 standing - alternating)

8:05 - shower
8:15 - make protein/recovery shake, grab all my gear and hit the road
8:30 - 9:00 - drive to work/sit in traffic, slam protein/recovery shake
11:30 - pre-work out snack
12:15 - 1:00 - swim at lunch in work pool, 2500 yards
1:05 - shower
1:15 - drive back to my office
1:30 - eat lunch at desk

Chicken tortilla soup and Turkey, avocado, and swiss wrap.

4:00 - snack at my desk
5:00 - leave work/sit in traffic
6:00 - hang out and cook dinner with beth
6:30 - eat dinner with beth
7:15 - pack clothes for Thursday
7:30 - make food for Thursday, get coffee maker ready
8:00 - watch TV/Read... watch Moment of Truth... gnarly.
9:30 - 10:00 - pass out

Once I put it all down it kind of amazes me how much I get done it one day. It definitely takes a lot of multi-tasking. I wouldn't be to workout like this without my job. I have a lot of flexibility with my schedule, a killer boss, can work from home, have numerous gyms & lockerooms, a private 25 yard pool, and my office is literally half a mile from PQ canyon. It also pays off to have an awesome, understanding girlfriend who also trains her butt off and friends who think I am crazy but are definitely stoked about what I am doing.

Some people probably think that my schedule is nuts and probably not worth all the time and effort it since I am just and AG triathlete, but I wouldn't trade if for anything... well ok, not anything... maybe winning the lottery, buying a big boat, and sailing around the world surfing.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A weekend of ups and downs...

I am loving the trainer these days... Thanks Cody!

I had a weekend filled with ups and downs...

First the bad.

I had a ride on Saturday that made we want to throw my bike off a cliff, another ride where I cracked about half way into it, and the chargers lost.

On Saturday Tom and I headed out to East County San Diego to pre-ride the Boulevard Road Race course. We are both signed to the Boulevard race on 2/2 as our first road race and both need to get in some hours on the bike. The course is a 22 mile loop with plenty of climbing. Our plan was to do multiple laps until we got our fill. I knew things were going to be rough when we were driving out there and the wind was howling across the interstate creating huge dust clouds.

We got on our bikes about 9am and it was about 40 degrees. We knew it was going to be cold and windy but had no idea how bad. The ride was horrible. 30+ mph gusts of wind right in out faces for long periods of time. The wind was swirling and we never go a break. I called it after one lap... I was over it.

Two and half hours later I was back on my bike at home and headed out for 3 hours on the bike. I was feeling good until about the 90 minute mark and started to completely blow up. I was about to call it quits, but slammed some calories and eventually started to come around. I finished the ride feeling good but it was challenging day on the bike to say the least.

Now for the good.

Sunday I headed down to the Carlsbad Half Marathon to root Beth on. We got down their early and I headed out to get my long run in while she warmed up. I ran the course and felt great. My pace was about 6:45 mile and felt effortless. It was rad to run on the 101 with no traffic and empty roads. I even had the race volunteers cheering me on as they were setting up the aid stations. Great run.

Then I got to see Beth and 7999 others tackle the half and full marathon. Bottom line... Beth killed it! She ran a 1:30:13 in her first half marathon! Check her page for the details.

I also saw Jim, Jp, and Mac have solid races. It was a good time and then we hurried home to watch the Chargers game... only to be disappointed. Football season is over for me... the Superbowl is going to be lame!

My homeboy Brett morning the Bolts loss.

Game snacks. Healthy baked buffalo chicken nuggets.

Another epic Dinner courtesy of Beth. Citrus Salad and Chicken tortilla soup.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blowing it... almost.

First things first... I have a new sponsor. Maxxis. I am so stoked about this. I have been racing on their tires for the past couple of seasons and truly believe in their product. Check out their site. If you are looking for light, bomb-proof tubeless tires check out the tires offered in the LUST version.

Why are recovery weeks so hard? Maybe it's just me. I need to take Rob's approach and embrace the rest/days off.

After putting in 16* solid days of training my body is definitely ready for some recovery even though it feels like I am getting stronger by the day. Somehow my mind takes over when I look at a recovery week in my training plan. I see the reduced volume and immediately start contemplating adding a in ride or run (I have no problem with wanting to add swims these days!).

*I am training on 3 week cycles. This worked really well for me last year but I have changed it up a bit. Instead of traditional 3/4 weeks on 1 week off/recover my training block starts on a Saturday and lasts for 16 days before 5 days of recovery (21 days = 3 weeks). This lets me get in three full weekends of high volume training in each cycle and then reduce the volume mon-fri during recovery when I have less time to train. I am still experimenting with this so I will let you know how it goes.

This "freaking out" process started on Monday and I started rearranging my schedule to get in an extra mountain bike ride outside during the week as opposed 2 just the two trainer sessions I had on tap. To get in all in I was going to have to stack up some workouts which would not be conducive to the rest I need before I get back to the higher volume this weekend.

Luckily I caught myself before I started to dig myself into a hole and am now back on track. Just taking it a bit easier this week and letting my body do it's thing.

Sorry no photos! I promise so more "good eats" photos over the weekend.

Beth is running the Carlsbad Half Marathon this weekend along with a ton of other people. It seems like I am the only one not doing it. I will be down there in race support mode watching her lay it down. It's her first half so it should be fun.

one more thing.... In case you live under a rock you know that the Chargers and taking on the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. I can't wait!!! Time for the bolts to ruin the Patriots perfect season.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Taking it Off-road.

*warning... Long ass post!

I just finished up a great weekend of training and a solid 16 day block of base training. Now it's time for 5 days of recovery based workouts before I start piling on the miles again next weekend.

Initially I was going to do the first race of the Southridge Winter Racing series. It would have just been a 20+ mile Xc MTB race but with all the rain we had last weekend I figured it was better to get out for an extended amount of time on the mountain bike. After all Vision Quest is going to be here before I know it and I want to be ready.

So on Saturday I met up with my homeboy Luke at Vail Lake in Temecula for a some hours on the trails. Luke and I are teaming up as Duo in the upcoming 12 Hours of Temecula on 1/26 so this was good practice. We rode the loop we will be racing as well as the Xterra West Championship race course. We threw in a a couple of other loops as well. Luke pulled the plug just after 4 hours and continued on to get in my prescribed 5 hours. I felt great through out the ride and on the ~30 minute transition run off the bike.

View of Vail Lake.

Totals for the ride: 5 hours, 47.56 miles, 5579 ft. of climbing.

The run afterwards.

Sunday morning it was time for some more off-road action. This time for my long run and it was a tough one. I did the run on the trails right by my house. These are the same ones I ride and run on a lot but it's been a while since I have done a long run out there. You know it's hilly and tough when some of the mile splits were exceeding 10 minutes.

The run. 1:37, 11.61 miles, 2493 ft. of climbing.

Training off-road is harder and slower than on-road, but it's more fun. It took about 5 hours to get in 50 miles of riding and 1:37 of running to just crack 11 miles. With the same amount of time on the road I can travel much further but running and riding off-road is way more fun and makes you strong. It's also easier on the legs when it comes to running and I don't have to worry about jackasses running me off the road on the bike.

This week also marked the beginning of 12 week trainer program that Cody has me on. There are two workouts a week and they are very focused... and brutal! I am very confident that these workouts will make a big difference when the Xterra race season is in full swing. As boring as the trainer can be I know it can pay huge dividends.

the torture rack...

If you are looking for a cycling or triathlon coach take a look at Cody's coaching website. He will get you where you want to go. Endurance Performance Coaching.

Ok... I think that's it for training. Time for some food photos.

What do you eat after a 5 hour ride and 30 minute run. Buffalo steak salad and grilled sweet potato chips.

Post run brekkie. Egg scramble (1 DHA egg, 4 egg whites, oats, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms, chicken breast, red pepper) and toast with avocado.

me and beth teamed up for dinner. She made killer carrot & parsnip soup, some killer dressing, cantaloupe salsa, and a rad salad.

I was in charge of cooking the scallops.

The finished product. Awesome.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Goals for 2008.

I have quite a few goals for 2008 when it comes to racing and training. Some of them are race specific and others have to with training. Most of them I will keep to myself but here are three things that I am really working on.

1. Recovery

1 recovery, retrieval

the act of regaining or saving something lost (or in danger of becoming lost)

I was pretty good about recovery last season but know I can get better. Recovery covers so many things from sleep and nutrition to training schedules and massage/chiro. I have broken down individual areas for recovery that I am going to try and stick with.

a. Sleep - be in bed no later than 10pm during the week and try to nap whenever possible on the weekend. To get in my training before work I have to get up most days during the week at 5am. I have found that if I don't get enough sleep on just one night it can throw me off all week and I can't catch up.

b. Massage/Chiro - I was pretty good about this last year. I try to get on the table every other week and I can tell the difference. What I really need to do is more stuff at home. I have a foam roller and massage stick that work great, but I don't use them enough. An extra 5-10 minutes isn't a lot but can make a huge difference.

c. Training Plan - Scheduled days off and recovery weeks are crucial. Anybody who has read this for any amount of time knows I like to smack myself down and go big, which is all well and good, but it needs to be followed by proper rest. You don't get any stronger if you don't let your body recover. I pretty much have my ATP (annual training plan) dialed in up until Temecula and I am feeling pretty good about it. All my rest weeks are there and it's more than I have taken in the past.

d. Nutrition - Very important. See below.

2. Nutrition/Diet

My diet is already good, but there is always room for improvement. Over the last month I have been doing a lot reading regarding diets for endurance Athletes. Everybody seems to have their own ideas and I do to. By default I follow a pretty Paleo Diet (lean protein, low starch) and it has seemed to work really well for me. There is no way I could follow a strict paleo diet but there are some really good/healthy aspects of the diet.

I really like this foof pyramid.
courtesy of Mark's Daily Apple (a great blog you should subscribe to). Here's the post with the breakdown.

Ironically Chuckie V had a post on his blog this week which pretty much sums up exactly what I am shooting for. Check it out.

a. - more fruits and veggies. I already eat a diet high in fruits and veggies but I am trying to increase that even more. Instead of snacking on chips and eating bars pre/post workout I am switching to to vegetables and fruit.

b. - Meal Timing - I always try to eat dinner at the same time, between 6-6:30pm. This helps me get to sleep early and has me ready to go in the morning. Timing also come into play around workouts. I am trying to eat high GI carbs before, during, and after workouts only and then switching to lean proteins, healthy fats, and again, a lot of fruits and vegetables.

c. - artificial sweeteners - I am cutting way back on these. Without even realizing it I found myself using quite a bit of splenda. I'd use it in my coffee, oatmeal, and cereal. Along with artificial sweeteners in diet sodas and energy drinks I was consuming way to much. I won't eliminate them completely because I still like the occasional diet coke or pre-workout energy drink but I have started using Stevia and honey in my coffee, oatmeal, and cereal.

3. Hit the Weights

Last year I hit the weights starting in January and then pretty much stopped in March. I got back in gym on an off throughout the season but I lacked consistency. I also dropped quite a bit of weight last year and a chunk of that was muscle and with the muscle went strength. I also enjoy lifting weights so it's no hard for me to get in the gym, but it is hard sometimes to get there at the end of they day after my other workouts. It's also hard to accept that during the early part of the year when I am lifting heavier weights that I am not going to feel great in all my swim/bike/run workouts. I am going to follow a similar periodization as is laid out in the Triathlete's Training Bible. but again, with my own twist/ideas.

During the base phase I am trying to pack on some muscle because I know I will need it when the build phase starts. I have some specific strength goals that I will be shooting for. After that I will go into strength maintenance and then cut out weights when my A races approach.

I think that's about it. Training this week is going really well and next week is a rest week and after the weekend I have on tap I'm gonna need it!

Dinner is serverd. Mega Veggies. Veggie-egg scramble and salad.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Getting it done.

This was the projected forecast for this past weekend.

I rearranged my schedule quite a bit last week with the prediction for a rainy couple of days. I got my long ride of the week in Tuesday (new years day) so I wasn't stressing about getting in any long rides. There is no way in hell I could spend 4 hours on the trainer like Jim. It didn't start raining until early Saturday morning and I was able get out on the mountain bike on Friday.

Friday morning ride. Right out the back door.

Friday night's dinner. Killer steak salad. Beth was on the veggies and being the man that I am I took care of the steak.

killing it.



let's eat.

It was nasty Saturday morning so I hit the 24 hour fitness and got in a 40 minute treadmill run with some "cruise" intervals in zone 3. Later on Beth and I headed to Coastal Sports & Wellness Medical Center for a group indoor ride with the Tri Club. The put the ride together to showcase Coastal Sports facility and to get in miles for the USAT Club competition. We spent 2 hours with pur butts glued to saddle and plugged into the computrainer. There were probably 20-30 people all grinding it out together. It was a good workout and considering the alternative of sitting in my garage alone for 2 hours I was stoked.

Sunday I woke up pretty early and noticed it wasn't raining so I threw on my running gear on got on it.

Long run done. 1:07 in zone 2. solid.

One of the highlights of the week was the new version of Cycling Peaks being release, which is now called Training Peaks WKO+. You can now add in all your running and if you are using GPS it will calculate a running Training Stress Score (rTSS). I played around with it a lot this weekend and added all my runs since I got back into training on December 1st. I can now get an accurate picture of my training stress (combined cycling and running), which is rad if you are a tech geek like me. Here are some of the new graphs that incorporate running.

Running: AVG Pace vs. AVG HR

Custom Performance Management Chart with 1 min and 20 min peak power outputs.