Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blowing it... almost.

First things first... I have a new sponsor. Maxxis. I am so stoked about this. I have been racing on their tires for the past couple of seasons and truly believe in their product. Check out their site. If you are looking for light, bomb-proof tubeless tires check out the tires offered in the LUST version.

Why are recovery weeks so hard? Maybe it's just me. I need to take Rob's approach and embrace the rest/days off.

After putting in 16* solid days of training my body is definitely ready for some recovery even though it feels like I am getting stronger by the day. Somehow my mind takes over when I look at a recovery week in my training plan. I see the reduced volume and immediately start contemplating adding a in ride or run (I have no problem with wanting to add swims these days!).

*I am training on 3 week cycles. This worked really well for me last year but I have changed it up a bit. Instead of traditional 3/4 weeks on 1 week off/recover my training block starts on a Saturday and lasts for 16 days before 5 days of recovery (21 days = 3 weeks). This lets me get in three full weekends of high volume training in each cycle and then reduce the volume mon-fri during recovery when I have less time to train. I am still experimenting with this so I will let you know how it goes.

This "freaking out" process started on Monday and I started rearranging my schedule to get in an extra mountain bike ride outside during the week as opposed 2 just the two trainer sessions I had on tap. To get in all in I was going to have to stack up some workouts which would not be conducive to the rest I need before I get back to the higher volume this weekend.

Luckily I caught myself before I started to dig myself into a hole and am now back on track. Just taking it a bit easier this week and letting my body do it's thing.

Sorry no photos! I promise so more "good eats" photos over the weekend.

Beth is running the Carlsbad Half Marathon this weekend along with a ton of other people. It seems like I am the only one not doing it. I will be down there in race support mode watching her lay it down. It's her first half so it should be fun.

one more thing.... In case you live under a rock you know that the Chargers and taking on the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. I can't wait!!! Time for the bolts to ruin the Patriots perfect season.


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

yeah bro!

patience with training is quite hard at times when the mind and body are strong. In the long run it's quite smart though to give the planned rest to your body before it HAS to take the rest!

Be the best supporter a man can be for a running girlfriend on the weekend!

T-Guy J said...

Excellent training are going to kick some a$$ next Xterra season.

Also, you got a quick clip on the Xterra USA coverage on ABC.


T-Guy J

moonpie said...

Congrats on the new sponsorship bro!

Glad you just "almost blew it", unlike me, that somehow forgot that there is base prep for a reason...need a coach!

TRI-ROB said...

Good catch brutha!

That's the toughest time to back off... when you feel strong... but its also the exact time that you should! Way to go bro... sometimes self-discipline can be brutal!

Stess, Recover, Repeat... and BREATHE....

Benson said...

Dang, nice job with the sponsor and really good on the training sceme.
I'd love to see the Bolts knock off the Pats too.

Ryan Denner said...

That 3 week cycle with the weekdays being the recovery sounds like a solid plan.

Congrats on the sponsor!

Hope you are enjoying the china study. There are probably some things you may not agree with, but hopefully you will get something out of it.