Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008. Start.

Happy New Year!

Well it's now officially 2008, but first let me tell you about my epic new years eve.

I hit the pool first thing in the morning and got in and endurance/skills based session. Then it was straight out on the on the Mountain bike for the first time in while due to all the rain and my east coast vacation. It got in 3:20/36 miles with quite a bit of climbing. Right off the bike it was on to a 30min/4mile run. I felt great throughout and just kept everything aerobic. It was the perfect way to close a very eventful year.

Needless to say I was pretty beat from the long day and I decided I was going to celebrate New Years on Eastern Standard Time. All my friends were either heading downtown or doing something mellow so I didn't feel bad at all about hanging out with my roommate, knocking back a couple of drinks, and getting to bed before midnight... i know... kind of lame. I also wanted to get a long ride in to kick off the new year (and there is a chance to rain this weekend). There were a lot of group rides going down but I didn't want to commit to anything because I had no idea what I was actually going to be doing new years eve.

Here's the stats from New Years Day ride. Nice and Easy.

(interactive graph)

Duration: 5:14:21
Distance: 83.443 mi
Work: 2726 kJ
Norm Power: 166
Avg Power: 147
Distance: 83.443 mi
avg HR: 144 bpm

What do you do after a long ass ride. Put on recovery tights, make a protein shake, prop your feet up, upload data, and watch college bowl games.

Mid ride fuel stop:

2008 goals coming soon...


Texafornia said...

Is that a powertap and nuun I see! YOU ROCK, JDUB!

TRI-ROB said...

What a great way to start the year! Man... I just GOTTA kick this bug I've got so I can get out there!

Here's to a great '08


Benson said...

Oh there you go again. Great training, drink, food. You got it going on man.

rock on.