Friday, March 30, 2007

Race Week: Friday - 3.30.2007 - Taper Update #7

I will be updating this one throughout the day and posting right before I call it a night.

Morning upadate:

Considering the race is tomorrow this will be the my 7th and final taper update. Things are going really well. I had another solid sleep last night. Only 7 hours but once I woke up at 6:20 I got up because I felt rested and wanted to started eating. After my easy run/ride today I'll try to get in a nap. My body feels good. I haven't felt this rested or relaxed in a long time. Even though I really anxious to race I am really calm. It's the state I was in before Xterra Worlds. I can't wait to throwdown, I am confident that I couldn't have trained any harder or smarter (thanks Jim), but I think I have now raced enough now that I know what to expect. I know I have never raced this distance but based how hard I worked I know I can do this. Now the only question is how fast?

Staying hydrated.

I have put 3 months of focused training for this one single race, I also know the training is also going to provide me with a great base as I trasnisition into more Xterra-based training(hills, mtb, faster intervals, etc). Last year I raced too much and really wasn't able to put in solid chunks for individual races. It's going to be nice to see what the extended specific training and focus brings. Here's my total volume for the training I put in this race which started on 1.1.2007:

Total Training time: 195:38
swim: 189480 yd
bike: 1292.3 mi
run: 382 mi
Strength: I don't have the exact number of sessions but between core and strength work I put an average of 3 sessions a week.
Total training time per week:

Total training distance per week (by sport):

Afternoon update:

Wow. I just got back from a really quick ride and run. Jim had me doing a 20 minute run and a 30 minute ride each with some accelerations but keeping it really easy. I drove down the Encinitas to get this so I could avoid all the hills in my hood. It is also another beautiful day in Southern California. 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and a very light breeze. Photos below. I felt awesome. I had a lot of spring in my step and during the acceletations I would get up to about 6:00-6:15/mile pace and felt like I could hold it all day. After 20 minutes I jumped on my bike, practiced moutning with the shoes strapped in and then headed up the coast a bit. I can't remember the last time my legs felt that fresh. I was in my full race gear, aero wheels and helmet. During my short quick intervals I was flying. I can't wait to put my fitness to the test tomorrow .

It really doesn't get any better.

Making the turn to head back to the truck.
chillen in the not-so-hot tub, it's about 60 degrees right now. A book, a recovery shake, and a cold soak. My brother was just out messing around with the camera.

I really want to race hard. It's someting I will continue to work on and something I was lacking last year. I had some good results last year but I think it was far from what I am capable of. In this respect I really look up to Jim. He races hard. It doesn't matter what phase of training he's in. He could be shelled or fresh. It doesn't matter whether it's an Xterra race, a local 10k, a club Aquathlon, and I think most people know about his IM debut in Florida (3rd overall, 8:37 just in case you didn't). He shows up, puts his game face, and races hard. He can flip the switch and get the best of whatever he has on that day. To achieve the lofty goals I have set for myself this year I am going to need to learn how to do this and truly leave it all out on the course. I feel like I am getting better at this but tomorrow will be another test. I know I am going to be feeling it towards then end of the bike and the start of the run is NEVER fun, but my plan is to dig deeper than I ever have and lay it all on the line for the last 13.1 miles. I owe it to myself. I have trained my ass off, made a ton of personal sacrifices, and have never been so focused in every facet of my training.
Evening (final) update:
Well I just finished my pre-race dinner. Blueberry Kodiak Cakes. I have gotten a lot of good carbs over the last couple of days and I am defintely fueled up.


Well that's it. I am going to finish packing up my gear and sit around and watch some TV until I fall asleep.
Here's the race info:
James Walsh
Bib# 2377
I defintely be putting up a race report, but not sure when. I am defintely going to take the time after the race to hang out with family and induldge a bit.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Race Week: Thursday - 3.29.2007 - Taper Update #6

Holy sleep. I slept for almost 9 hours last night. I can't remember the last time I have slept 8 hours let alone 9. Needless to say it felt great. This full-on taper thing is kind of weird. This the first time I have done a full two week taper and after training so specifiically for one race. My body does feel like it's getting fully charged and rested but I also tired and feel like I could take a nap at anytime. We'll see how I feel come race day.

Once I did get up it was time for some coffee and breakfast before heading down the La Jolla cove for an open water swim.
Just because it's decaf doesn't mean it can't be good.
Loading up on some good carbs. Kashi waffles, banana, power butter, and syrup.

You really couldn't ask for a better day to swim. It was about 70 and not a cloud in the sky. The water is still feeling good and the sun on my face felt great. I was feeling really good in the water too. After the swim I took my parents over the cover and they checked out the sights. Here's the view:

After the swim I had a quick snack and then it was time to head home for some lunch.

Sandwich: whole wheat bread, turkey, avocado, red onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and FF cheddar.
Baked Doritos
and a Kiwi

I chilled and dosed off for a bit after lunch and then headed down to O'side to pick up my packet. I was stoked I got down there early and got out. There was no line and I scored a bunch of free stuff.
It's official:

And then It was time to head home for dinner. It seems like I just ate all day today.
Huge salad:

And then I filled a whole wheat pita with this: chicken breast marinated in buffalo wing sauce, sauteed onions and peppers. Defintely one of my favorite dinners.

Now it's time for bed. I am tired.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Race Week: Wednesday - 3.28.2007 - Taper Update #5

Taper Update #5

Another good start to the day. I am sleeping downstairs for the next couple of nights and letting my parents have my bed. They will be staying in a hotel the night before the race with some of my other relatives so I will be back in my bed the night before the race. Honestly I sleep great on my couch, it's huge and I often sleep on it all night on the weekends. Since I am sleeping downstairs I didn't even need alarm. I woke up to my coffee maker beeping (it's super loud) letting me know there was a freshly brewed pot ready to be consumed. It's probably the best way to wake up. I also took the rest of the week off of work to hang out with my parents and just relax.

I headed to masters again first thing this morning. This was just for a short session and the plan was to get in some fast stuff, cool down and get out early. When I was showed up on deck I was stoked to see that our workout was tapered toward the people racing this weekend. There are quite a few of us. So after an easy warm-up it was a broken mile (1650 yards) descending every 2 x 100's. Starting with a lot of rest and then with decreasing rest. The goal was to hold your mile pace throughout. My goal was to maintain sub 1:25. It went like this:

2 x 100 on 2:00
2 x 100 on 1:55
2 x 100 on 1:50
2 x 100 on 1:44
2 x 100 on 1:40
2 x 100 on 1:35
2 x 100 on 1:30
2 x 100 on 1:25
1 x 50 all out

I was able to swim sub 1:25 on every 100, and pretty easliy. I was under 1:20 on a couple. Aftter the swim it was a quick stop by the Coffee Bean for a nice hot cup of decaf and then home to eat and relax before my 60 min ride.


Bear Naked Organic oats w/ vanilla soy milk & organic bluberries:

The 60 min ride was pretty uneventful. I rode my race setup, warmed up, attacked a few hills and then called it a day. I felt kind of tired until I started the intervals. My HR during the ride would drop really fast after the intervals and get really low. A good sign.

The rest of the day consisted of relaxing, a massage, and an adjustment. My body feels great right now.

Dinner... I was so hungry I forgot to take photos but in case you are interested. I had whole wheat penne pasta, with salmon and sauteed brocoli, carrots, portabella mushrooms, onions topped with Feta cheese. It was pretty good. I started adding some extra carbs to my diet today, but nothing over the top.

Now a couple of things I will be eating/drinking within a couple hours after the race:

Time to watch some TV and relax. Tomorrow I am sleeping in and then it's an Ocean swim, some relaxing, and eating.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Race Week: Tuesday - 3.27.2007 - Taper Update #4

Taper Update #4

Back at it. I woke up this morning at 4:50 am without an alarm and was ready to roll. My alarm was set for 5am so I could make the 6am Masters session at the YMCA. Waking up without the alarm was nice. I was defintely ready to get in one of my last masters workouts before the race. I have put in so much time in the pool that it's nice to cut it back and taper.

Prior to the workout I talked with the coach and she is also doing the race this weekend and I talked to her about swim tapering. She comes from a competitve swimming backfround, is mega-fast in the pool, and when she is not coaching she is swiming a lane or two up from me. I told her what kind of swim sessions
Jim had me doing and she basically gave me some good guidelines to go by this week. During the workout I let the other guys lead and I just basically followed and she gave me some more specific instructions in how I should approach each set/interval. The two coaches at the Y have defintely helped get to where I am with my swimming. They are both really good coaches, people, and triathletes.

After the swim it was typical post-swim/drive to work/sit in traffic breakfast:
Chocolate Fudge Myoplex Lite Shake
20oz bottle of water with a
NUUN tab.
Pre-run snack attack:

At lunch I this the trails around work to get a mellow 30 minutes with some accelertaions in the latter half. I felt pretty sluggish in the first half and I guess that's to be expected. After that it was back to the office for some lunch and then I headed up to B&L to pick my bike. Then it was on to home to get some things taken care before my parents get into town. I am pretty stoked. I haven't seen them in about a year.
My bike... looking pretty fast. We'll see...

Ok. So here's Tuesday nights dinner:
Big salad:

Homemade baked sweet potato fries (shared these with my brother):
Tuna melt on wheat w/sauteed onions, mushrooms:

Ok. Many times on this blog I have mentioned how much I love coffee. Of all the coffee shops I prefer The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I usually just get regular or decaf coffee, but when I want a latte or mocha there is not other place I will go. They off "NSA - No Sugar Added" powders and always use nonfat milk by default. I checked on nuritional info on my two favorite drinks: Regular (16oz) NSA Vanilla Latte and Regular (16oz) NSA Mocha Latte. I was pretty happy with what I found. The macronutrient breakdown is solid and that makes it for a pretty good snack. Check it:

Regular (16oz) NSA Mocha Latte
218 calories
2g fat
33g carbs
18g protein

Regular (16oz) NSA Vanilla Latte
250 calories
2g fat
40g carbs
18g protein

I drank one of these every Saturday and Sunday a couple of hours after I had my poset workout shakes. I am sure the carbs and protein defintely attributed to my "better than ever" recover. Well atleast I am going to keep telling myself that. I'll will defintely keep drinking these... but sticking to decaf this week.
The wind was absolutely howling today. Good thing we have a couple of days until the race.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Race Week: Monday - 3.26.2007 - Taper Update #3

Taper update #3.

Well it's Monday night. Today was a rest day and I'm tired. It's weird how "off" days affect me. It's like if I don't get up and get a workout in or have plans for one my body knows it and just shuts off. I slept pretty well but I did wake up around 430am and start thinking about the race. I am kind of anxious. I was able to ge back to sleep and ended up getting up at 6:45 for work. Just a shade under 8 hours.

As always I jumped on the scale first thing in the AM. I know it's probably not the most accurate time to weight yourself, but I do it everyday at the same time so atleast there is a constant. 129.5lbs. Yep, under 130lbs and I had shorter workouts over the weekend and ate really well. Whatever. Hopefully I will see that number slowly increase over the week as I get closer to race day. My diet is just super clean and I have been eating a ton of fruits and veggies. Here's a breakdown of the fruits and vegetables I ate today (along with a lot of other stuff but this is just about the fruits and vegs):

1 x kiwi
2 x tomato slices (on egg sandwich)

1 x tangerine
1 x small blood orange
In large chicken salad:

mixed greens
grape tomatoes

Dinner: Veggie Stir Fry w/Quinoa pasta


portabella mushrooms
sugar snap peas
red onion
Quorn "Tenders" (veggie imitaion chicken tendors)
La Choy Ginger & Garlic Stir Fry Sauce
Quinoa Pasta

100% Vegetarian dinner and damn good.

I have been trying to have a couple vegetarian meals a week. I still love steak, hamburgers, fish, and any kind of poultry, but there are a lot of interesting, healthy vegetarian options that I want to give a shot.

Here's some more randomness...

When not training I typically wear old school vans 100% of the time and as most people know they really provide no support or cushioning. My chiropractor gets on my all the time about it. So I just got a new pair of Mizuno Nirvanas and have decided to wear them all week to give my feet a break. It was like walking on pillows all day at work today.... I may be on to something.

another good find:

I ordered some new coffee and it's good. These guys really support cycling and put on camps in AZ... and they had a really good deal on 3 bags on their site.
53x11 Coffee.

Time for bed.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekly Recap (Recover/Taper- 3.19.2007 - 3.25.2007)

Taper Update #2

I have a lot to cover.

I am going to cover the past week and the coming week day by day. I really want to accurately get down how I am feeling, what I am eating, and the workouts I am doing so after the race is over I will have an accurate log of how my taper worked.

In my last post I wrote about how I am the kind of athlete that needs to be told to hold back. Well Jim busted me. I added a swim on Wednesday morning and was also going to hit a quick Masters session on Thursday. I got a call and an email from him Wednesday night telling me to "BACK OFF!" He ordered me to take Thursday completely off (like he already had on my plan) and the trust the taper. So I did. I slept in and then headed to work. I am glad he made the call. I was wasted. Seriously. I was exhausted all day and just really tired. Probably the most fatigued I have felt so far. Perfect timing for a day off. I really wasn't taking into account that, based on my 2 week build & 1 week recover plan, I was in the middle of a recovery week, and after two back to back 18 hour weeks I really needed it.

Here's how the finished up day by day:

thursday: Rest & a lot of stretching

Swim AM - 3200 yards - 60 min @ work pool. Water was cold but I felt good.
Run PM - 50 minute run and I felt really good. Way better then I felt on my 30 min run on Tuesday afternoon

Bike - 2 hrs/37.5 miles/2247 ft of climbing (3 x 6 min intervals, hills simulating course)

run - 23min/3.25 miles/442 ft of climbing

I felt awesome on both the bike and run. It's amazing what a little bit of rest and reduced volume will do. It's pretty much how easy a 2 hr ride/20 min run brick feels right now.

Open Water Swim AM - 40min/1.5 miles
Run (after swim) - 75 mim/11 miles

The water is warming up. The swim felt great. By far the best open water swim I have had so far this year. I am really looking forward to getting in the ocean more. I wanted to get in the some hard efforts so here's what I did throughout the entire swim:

10 stroke cycles ( 2 strokes, R,L) 10 easy
15h - 15e
20h - 20e
25h - 25e
30h - 30e

Once I got up to 30 stroke cycles (60 stokes) I would work my way back down and then start again. This is the first time I have done this workout and really liked it. I read about it on Blake Becker's blog.

The following run was solid and I easily negative split with some fartleks during the second half. I actually ran a harder router than I wanted through San Elijo lagoon and RSF with 1320ft of climbing. I really can't avoid running hills around here and I am really hoping that translates into a fast run split on the pancake flat course on Sunday. I also experimented with some flat coke. I carried 6oz in a gel flask and have to say it was a success. I was tired going in and that's how I wanted it. I took 3oz at 20min and another 3oz at 40min. It defintely did the trick and I will definitely be using it on Saturday.

Weekly totals:
Total Training Time: 10:43
swim: 12,540 yards (1 Masters, 2 Work pool, 1 open water)
Bike: 55.3 Miles (1 trainer, 1 road/tt)
Run: 23.95 Miles (4 runs - 1 off the bike)
Core: 2 sessions

I am feeling pretty good right now. I am used to having weekends totally crush and right now I am feeling really good. Monday is an off day and then I have some short stuff the rest of the week.
Starting on Saturday I started logging all my food intake in training peaks. I want to make sure I am getting sufficient calories through out the next week. I am not tweaking my diet too much. A little extra carbs in the final 3 days, but as long as I continue with my normal diet with the decrease work load I should be all set.
The weather for the race is looking really good.
My biggest concern about this race weather the potential cold temps so this is good, good news.

I'll post another update tomorrow. It's probably be just a quick to see how I am feeling.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tapering... Update #1

Tuesday at work during a lunch meeting I got a pretty sweet fortune in a fortune cookie:

Maybe it's a good sign? and no... I didn't eat the crappy chinese food that they had brought in. I bring my lunch everyday.

Well the tapering is officially underway. I always find tapering/resting tough. I just like working out and and working out hard. Don't get me wrong it is nice to have a physical and mental break from the harder, longer workouts but I am always wondering if I should do more. That's where the coaching comes in. I have to trust my coach, my training plan, and just stay on track.

Yesterday morning I got in a Masters session and felt great. Then in the afternoon I had an easy (Z1-Z2 w/ strides) 30 minute run and was honestly contemplating going longer. I didn't but and just took it easy but the thought was there. I am either the type of athlete a coach likes or hates. I am the one that always, and I mean always, has to be told to not do too much. If Jim didn't stay on top of my progress and plan I would probably nuke myself.

I jumped in the pool again this morning for a super easy swim. Easy swimming really helps my body recover. I think it's because I have been surfing for 15+ years and feel so comfortable in the water. I might not be a great, or even a good swimmer, but I really like swimming. I used to hate the pool when I first started and would really have to motivate myself to swim even 3 times a week. Now I could swim everyday and often add short easy swims just because they are relaxing, refreshing, and I feel great and loose afterwards. I can't wait until summer when I'll start getting in more open water swims. I work about 3 miles from the beach so I am planning on heading down a couple of days a week at lunch for some short ocean swims.

After work it was time for a 60 min ride. I contemplated all day wheter or not to do this on the road or trainer. Suprisingly enough I chose the trainer. I am just really liking the focused workouts and feel I get a lot more out of an hour on the trainer than an hour on the road, but anything longer than an hour it's always going to be the road. I can actually feel my pedal stroke getting better and more smooth.

Time to kick back and and relax. Here are some quotes that I have read recently that I am pounding in my head to try and stave the desire to workout harder and longer right now.

"form = fitness + freshness"

"work + rest = Success"

Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekly Recap (Build- 3.12.2007 - 3.18.2007)

I made it.

I have now officially entered my taper for the California Ironman 70.3. I think the timing is perfect. I was really feeling the accumulation of all the hard workouts from the past couple of weeks and months yesterday. I am ready to start scaling it back and dialing in my race speed. I still will be working out quite a bit but the workouts are considerably shorter and to the the point. Get in, hit some intervals, cool down, and call it a day.

On Saturday morning I ran the St. Patrick's Day 10k and from the minute I started warming up I knew it was going to be a tough one. I had already put in a lot of training during the week and was just flat out tired. The race ended up going ok. The course was long and I was able to run a 34:10 (5:24/mile pace). I wasn't able to hang with Jim and he ended up getting me by ~20 seconds but I finished 5th overall and 2nd in my age group. Not too bad considering how I felt going it. I wore my Garmin during the race. Check these numbers:

Time: 34:10
Pace: 5:24/mile (slow!.... I want to be able to avg 5:15's)
Avg HR: 193 bpm
Max HR: 197 bpm
Splits per mile with AVG HR per mile:
mile 1: 5:17 - 183
mile 2: 5:22 - 195
mile 3: 5:17 - 195
mile 4 5:27 - 194
mile 5: 5:27 - 194
mile 6: 5:34 - 194
last .32(1:44): 5:21 - 193

I woke up yesterday morning feeling pretty trashed but pushed through a 3 hour ride with 3000+ ft of climbing. I tried to get my intervals in on hills the simulated the 70.3 course. Riding on dead legs is a lot harder for me than running on dead legs. It's just hard to keep my motivation when my legs feel that heavy.

After the ride I was beat down and very tired. I was supposed to meet Jim and some of the other athletes he coaches for an open water swim but I wasn't feeling it. I sent Jim a text message telling him I wasn't coming and he called me about 10 seconds later. He basically told me to get my ass down there and swim and that I needed to get in the cold water and I would feel better afterwards. He was right. I headed down there got in a short swim in the cold water but felt great during and afterwards. It definitely pays to have a good, honest coach that will call you out when you are being a wimp.

Ok. Here's the stats for my last build week:

Total Training Time: 18:26

swim: 16,500 yards (3 Masters, 1 Work pool, 1 open water)
Bike: 136.65 Miles (1 trainer, 4 road/tt)
Run: 32 Miles (4 runs - 1 off the bike)
Core: 2 sessions

This morning I am going to get some fitness testing done on the bike. I should have my power tap sometime in the next week or so I need some numbers to base my workouts on and gauge my progress as I start training with power.

That's it.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Coming to a close...

First things first. Jim suggested I run the St. Patrick's Day 10k tomorrow and he's calling me out. Here's what he had to say in his latest blog:

"I'm looking forward to seeing how my boy Jameson is going to do this weekend. He better not let me beat him! (That's right, I'm calling you out here! Unless I just run really well, hahaha)."

It's on. I am up for the challenge. Neither of use are really in 10k shape so it should be a good battle. I've on only raced one stand alone 10k and that was last summer. It was the Scripps Ranch Old Pros and I ran it in 34 flat coming off a big weekend of training. I am in a similar situation here. I have been going hard 2.5 months now and I am ready to taper. The last couple of weeks have been especially tough and I have been really pushing it. The incentive to race Jim will give me an extra push. He told me the course is actually a little longer than 10k so I don't what I can run. We'll see.

The 70.3 is two weeks from tomorrow and I am pretty stoked. As much as I am stoked about racing and giving a new distance a shot I am more exctied that my parents are coming out from Virgina. They were planning a vacation to come visit my brother, sister, and me this spring and decided to plan it around my race. They are super supportive of my racing. So at this race I will have more family watching and cheering me on than ever before. My mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, and nephew will all be there. It should be pretty cool. My family is kind of crazy and likes to have a good time and knock back some ice cold beers so post race should be a good time. They also got some shirts made which I think is absolutely hilarious... you gotta love family.



From a training standpoint things are going really well this week. I put in my last 5000+ yard workout in the pool and Tuesday and the last two days I have just done the standard 4000+ yard workouts. It's time to dial in the speed. It's amazing how easy swimming only 4000 yards seems now, which is just what I wanted. Eventhough I am getting race to the 70.3 in two weeks I have bigger goals for later in the season and building a good base of early season swimming I think will be key. At this time last year I had never swam more than 2500 yards in a single workout. Fridays are typically speed days and here was our main set from this morning... I really like this and felt strong.

10 x 50 (base, build)

2 x 100 (1 base, 1 base -5)
2 x 25 (all out)

8 x 50 (base, build)
4 x 100 (2 base, 2 base -5)
4 x 25 (all out)

6 x 50 (base, build)
6 x 100 (3 base, 3 base -5)
6 x 25 (all out)

Other than that baseball season is getting closer and I bought tickets to the
Padres opening weekend. I will be going to my first game of the season Saturday night, April 7th. That's the week after the race so I will still be in recovery mode. So it's on... Ice cold beers and baseball. Can't wait.

A photo of me and my brother from a game last year.

One last thing. I am reading this book. A lot of good info and things I have never thought about. I plan on generally following this program once my traning picks back up after the race.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

a bunch of random things..

Well I kind of had an improptu day off of work today... well kind of. I was waiting this morning on a plumber and he never showed up. Then when I called the company they told me they would have some out at about 4. The guy called me at 4 and said he couldn't come until tomorrow. No worries. I got a ton of work done at home and was also able to get in my workouts. It was a pretty solid day.

On the schedule for this morning I had a 2 hour easy/recovery ride to get in. Due to dalylight savings time and sunrise being at 7am I started out with 20 minutes on the trainer with some drills and then hit the road. Just a good solid 2:10 keeping the the rpm's up (~90) and the heartrate low.

The best part about recovery rides and no intervals is being able to make a coffee pitstop.

Around 1:30pm I headed out to San Elijo Lagoon to get in my run. It was an interval/tempo run building up to running all out. It was solid. Here's how it went down.

16min warm-up: 7:25/mile

15min Z3: 6:36/mile

5min Z4:6:13/mile

5min HARD: 5:52

19min cool down: 7:37 mile
My goal was to run sub 6 on last interval. Done


Time for a coffee break. Almost done.

triple americano = crack

it was time to get serious... so I shaved my head and grew a beard.

This probably on my favorite bars out there. Very good and 70% Organic.

new sponsor: Recover-Ease & Ener-Ease. I got some of this stuff last year and really liked it. When I found out Wicked Fast Sprots Nutrition were putting together a triathlon team I applied and was picked up. I got some product last week and I'm stoked!

About a month ago I sent a letter to Inside Triathlon regarding their "all-american" selections. I thought they kind of snubbed Xterra as there were no one who raced Xterra selected. I got a really response from Jimmy Archer and they selected my email for letter of the month. For being selected they sent me the "Swimmer Toolkit" from Finis. I'm going to give some of this stuff a try this weekend.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekly Recap (Build- 3.5.2007 - 3.11.2007)

Holy crap. This past was huge. I was defintely feeling this morning before I headed out the door. This was second to last build week and I really went into wanting to go hard. Mission accomplished.

I set another goal this week of getting in 20,000 yards in the pool and nailed that too, but I was really feeling it on Friday.

I picked up something this week that is really going to help my push my running. I got a Garmin Forerunner 305. I am sure everybody knows what it is (GPS/heartrate monitor) but I can't believe I didn't get one sooner. It's ability to show you your real-time pace is killer and defintely won't let me slack off. All the graphs and stuff you can do post workout are pretty rad too and the fact that I can upload it straigh to Training peaks saves some time.

Here's the stats for the week.

Total Training Time: 19:47
swim: 20,000 yards (3 Masters, 2 Work pool)
Bike: 124.5 Miles (1 trainer, 2 road/tt, 1 mtb)
Run: 41.4 Miles (5 runs - 2 off the bike)
Core: 3 sessions

I have now stopped lifting weights. With the really high volume I want to make sure my body is recovering and don't think I need to tear it up any more. The strength training has done it's job. I am strong and injury free. I will still be hitting core sessions up until the week of the race.

I had really good trainer session on Thursday evening and am really starting to notcie some significant difference in my pedal stroke. It will be interesting to see how much more I can improve when I get my power tap. Having instant feedback (just like the FR 305) will keep me honest.

On Saturday I had a big brick. I came in at 61 miles riding with one hard 60 min interval, which I did on the 70.3 course. I followed it up with an hour transition run. Jim had me running hard off the bike this week and after the ride I wasn't sure that was going to happen. I was tired, but as soon as I started going and picked up my pace things turned around quickly. During the intervals I was running 6 minute miles and averaged 6:54 for the entire 8.3 miles.

Today I had a swim and run on tap. I headed out early to meet the Tri club in Del Mar for an open water swim but no one showed up. So I headed up to Cardiff and got in my long run. I ran from the Seaside parking lot up to Torrey Pines, did a couple loops of the Guy Flemming trail, and then headed back. I got in 16.3 miles in 1:56 with the last 30 minutes at tempo. After a solid 90 minutes I was able to average 6:24 miles for the last 30 minutes on very tired legs. I am happy with that. Later on I swam at the work pool and then hit a core/stretching session. Week over!

Some photos from the week.

Pre-run breakfast ingredients.

And here it is. Whole Wheat english muffin. Side 1: Power butter & Honey. Side 2: Soy nut butter & Strawberry Preserve (low sugar)

Post-run shake ingredients: Chocolate milk, power butter, chocolate whey protein, green defense, glutamine, a banana, and a bunch of ice.


I get some weird looks sometimes when I am the grocery store picking up these two items. Myoplex Lite and Slim-Fast High protein ready to drink shakes. Along with a banana this is what I have been eating after my swim workouts. I want to make sure I get in some good carbs and protein right after I swim and with these it's easy. I just down them in my truck during my commute to work. Breakfast is taken care of and they both taste really good.

And one last photo. Post-run. Feet elevated, icing my knees, watching some collge basketball. Preventative maintenance. Right after I make my protein shake I go sit in the ice cold jacuzzi for 20 minutes and them come in and ice my knees for 15 minutes (per knee). Just taking care of the joints. Two hours of running is a lot of pounding.

Well that was my week. I have another hard week coming up but tomorrow's and off day. Time to get some work done and get a massage.