Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tapering... Update #1

Tuesday at work during a lunch meeting I got a pretty sweet fortune in a fortune cookie:

Maybe it's a good sign? and no... I didn't eat the crappy chinese food that they had brought in. I bring my lunch everyday.

Well the tapering is officially underway. I always find tapering/resting tough. I just like working out and and working out hard. Don't get me wrong it is nice to have a physical and mental break from the harder, longer workouts but I am always wondering if I should do more. That's where the coaching comes in. I have to trust my coach, my training plan, and just stay on track.

Yesterday morning I got in a Masters session and felt great. Then in the afternoon I had an easy (Z1-Z2 w/ strides) 30 minute run and was honestly contemplating going longer. I didn't but and just took it easy but the thought was there. I am either the type of athlete a coach likes or hates. I am the one that always, and I mean always, has to be told to not do too much. If Jim didn't stay on top of my progress and plan I would probably nuke myself.

I jumped in the pool again this morning for a super easy swim. Easy swimming really helps my body recover. I think it's because I have been surfing for 15+ years and feel so comfortable in the water. I might not be a great, or even a good swimmer, but I really like swimming. I used to hate the pool when I first started and would really have to motivate myself to swim even 3 times a week. Now I could swim everyday and often add short easy swims just because they are relaxing, refreshing, and I feel great and loose afterwards. I can't wait until summer when I'll start getting in more open water swims. I work about 3 miles from the beach so I am planning on heading down a couple of days a week at lunch for some short ocean swims.

After work it was time for a 60 min ride. I contemplated all day wheter or not to do this on the road or trainer. Suprisingly enough I chose the trainer. I am just really liking the focused workouts and feel I get a lot more out of an hour on the trainer than an hour on the road, but anything longer than an hour it's always going to be the road. I can actually feel my pedal stroke getting better and more smooth.

Time to kick back and and relax. Here are some quotes that I have read recently that I am pounding in my head to try and stave the desire to workout harder and longer right now.

"form = fitness + freshness"

"work + rest = Success"


Benson said...

Embrace and enjoy the taper. You'll start to feel like superman any day now but resist the tall building jumping and stay away from all things kryptonite, they'll kill you. Let your cape fly on race day and leave the jokers in the dust. Stay on task and win win win.

TRI Vortex said...

I like that quote "form = fitness + freshness". Thats how I feel about swimming. No matter how hard you try, once you hit that water and push off the wall, you can't help but feel revitalized and fresh. Hope the tappering goes well. Don't drive yourself crazy.

Drew Holmes said...

i am always surprised when people buy those front wheel holders instead of just using an old phone book.

enjoy the taper or if like me try and get through the inactivity without going stir crazy!!!