Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekly Recap (Build- 3.5.2007 - 3.11.2007)

Holy crap. This past was huge. I was defintely feeling this morning before I headed out the door. This was second to last build week and I really went into wanting to go hard. Mission accomplished.

I set another goal this week of getting in 20,000 yards in the pool and nailed that too, but I was really feeling it on Friday.

I picked up something this week that is really going to help my push my running. I got a Garmin Forerunner 305. I am sure everybody knows what it is (GPS/heartrate monitor) but I can't believe I didn't get one sooner. It's ability to show you your real-time pace is killer and defintely won't let me slack off. All the graphs and stuff you can do post workout are pretty rad too and the fact that I can upload it straigh to Training peaks saves some time.

Here's the stats for the week.

Total Training Time: 19:47
swim: 20,000 yards (3 Masters, 2 Work pool)
Bike: 124.5 Miles (1 trainer, 2 road/tt, 1 mtb)
Run: 41.4 Miles (5 runs - 2 off the bike)
Core: 3 sessions

I have now stopped lifting weights. With the really high volume I want to make sure my body is recovering and don't think I need to tear it up any more. The strength training has done it's job. I am strong and injury free. I will still be hitting core sessions up until the week of the race.

I had really good trainer session on Thursday evening and am really starting to notcie some significant difference in my pedal stroke. It will be interesting to see how much more I can improve when I get my power tap. Having instant feedback (just like the FR 305) will keep me honest.

On Saturday I had a big brick. I came in at 61 miles riding with one hard 60 min interval, which I did on the 70.3 course. I followed it up with an hour transition run. Jim had me running hard off the bike this week and after the ride I wasn't sure that was going to happen. I was tired, but as soon as I started going and picked up my pace things turned around quickly. During the intervals I was running 6 minute miles and averaged 6:54 for the entire 8.3 miles.

Today I had a swim and run on tap. I headed out early to meet the Tri club in Del Mar for an open water swim but no one showed up. So I headed up to Cardiff and got in my long run. I ran from the Seaside parking lot up to Torrey Pines, did a couple loops of the Guy Flemming trail, and then headed back. I got in 16.3 miles in 1:56 with the last 30 minutes at tempo. After a solid 90 minutes I was able to average 6:24 miles for the last 30 minutes on very tired legs. I am happy with that. Later on I swam at the work pool and then hit a core/stretching session. Week over!

Some photos from the week.

Pre-run breakfast ingredients.

And here it is. Whole Wheat english muffin. Side 1: Power butter & Honey. Side 2: Soy nut butter & Strawberry Preserve (low sugar)

Post-run shake ingredients: Chocolate milk, power butter, chocolate whey protein, green defense, glutamine, a banana, and a bunch of ice.


I get some weird looks sometimes when I am the grocery store picking up these two items. Myoplex Lite and Slim-Fast High protein ready to drink shakes. Along with a banana this is what I have been eating after my swim workouts. I want to make sure I get in some good carbs and protein right after I swim and with these it's easy. I just down them in my truck during my commute to work. Breakfast is taken care of and they both taste really good.

And one last photo. Post-run. Feet elevated, icing my knees, watching some collge basketball. Preventative maintenance. Right after I make my protein shake I go sit in the ice cold jacuzzi for 20 minutes and them come in and ice my knees for 15 minutes (per knee). Just taking care of the joints. Two hours of running is a lot of pounding.

Well that was my week. I have another hard week coming up but tomorrow's and off day. Time to get some work done and get a massage.


TRI Vortex said...

What a "build"!!! I have a couple of questions: Can the Garmin go in the ocean/pool with out and track your yardage and pace (maybe strap around your waist) or would you need an ottorbox or something like that? Second, I'm not a strong runner and had an issue with my knee when I first started running for Tri's because of the pounding that I'm not used to, does the icing help if there is pain or is it strictly a preventative measure?

Cliff said...


Good idea about packing ice ont he knee for prevention.

Drew Holmes said...

is the garmin just too big? seems like starpping a blackberry to your wrist? thoughts? good update photos, I added your link to my blog...keep cranking it out jdub