Thursday, March 01, 2007

a hard 2 months...

The first two months of 2007 are in the bag. January 1st started my specific training for the California Ironman 70.3 on 3.31.2007. There has been a lot of volume, at least more than I have ever done and my body has responded positively. I already feel much stronger than I did all of last season. I attribute that to my training hard, good coaching, super healthy diet, and just taking care of my body. Last year I remember feeling worn down from big weeks and they were no where near the hours I am putting in now.

At the beginning of the year I made the commitment to cut back on drinking alcohol, caffeine, and soda. In the first 2 months of the year I defintely have. I have still been enjoying a couple of beers on Sunday afternoons after big training weeks but that's pretty much it. Cutting back the caffeine has been huge for me. I am down to about 2 cups a day have only had caffeinated coffee a handful of times after 2pm, and those were on days when I was up at 4:45am to swim and need a boost to get through some afternoon meetings. I have also only had 2 diet cokes in the past two months and one of those was on my way back from Arizona last Sunday. I am pretty stoked about sticking to these things.

It's now March 1st, 30 days until race day, and I am taking the commitment a step further. I am not going to have a single drop of alcohol in the next month leading up the race. I want to see if it makes any difference and it will make the post race beer that much better.

So with all that being said... Last night was my last night for a drink. My sister was down from LA and My brother and I grilled up some steaks and knocked back a couple jack and cokes. It was a good time and now I am ready to really focus on the next couple of weeks and then it's time to taper and race.

might as well go for the best

view from my office on Tuesday... more rain.
view from my office on Today... more sun.

No this is not from McDonalds. It's on my favorite healthy breakfasts made at home.
1 egg
1 egg white
toasted whole grain enlish muffin
fat free cheddar slice
slice of ham
slice of tomato


barndog said...

living well JW! hold the relish on mine.

Benson said...

You are doing the right stuff. I've been alcohol free since January and only drink a cup or 2 of caffine at work. Not so last year and noticing same improvements as you now. Big fan of big b-fast sammy. Keep it up brother!

xteric said...

Hmmm, I figured you were an Irish Wiskey-Man, Jameson. I don't bother drinking as training & racing are my drugs of choice. Good job buddy!