Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekly Recap (Build - 2.19.2007 - 2.25.2007) & Desert Classic Du RR

Another solid week in the books that was capped off with a duathlon in Arizona. My volume was down a little bit from my previous build weeks because I didn't have a big bike due to the race, but I was able to get out on my mountain for a fun ride. I also hit 20,000 yards in the pool which has been a goal of mine. Here's how the week shaped up:

Total Training Time: 15:15
swim: 20,000 yards (4 Masters, 1 Work pool)
Bike: 90 Miles (1 MTB, 1 road, 2 TT race and cool down)
Run: 32.2 Miles (6 runs, 2 off the bike, race)
Strength: 1 Sessions (1 upperbody)
Core: 1 sessions (w/ strength session)

Desert Classic Duathlon Race Report

Thursday morning I woke and felt a little off and was kind of congested. I didn't think anything of and just attributed to the fluctuating weather we have had lately. I felt better on Friday and then headed out for Phoenix on Saturday morning.


I woke up at 5am on Sunday and was really congested. The thought even crossed my mind to bag the race, but I couldn't after having driven all the way out there to race. I had a couple of cups of coffee, my pre race meal and then headed out for the race. It was cold when I got to the race site:

Thermometer in my truck.

Luckily Trisports had a booth there and I was able to buy some arm warmers before the race. I wasn't thinking and didn't bring any cold weather gear. Once I got the arm warmers I set up my transition and warmed up with a couple of miles of running with some surges to race pace. I knew it was going to be tough day with how congested I was. I really couldn't breathe through my nose and was just blowing snot everywhere.

Run #1 - 3.5 miles (.5 miles road/3 miles trail): 18:55

My wave (men 34 and under) went off 4 minutes after the pro men and 2 minutes after the pro women. It was a big group and a pretty small starting area so I got right in the front. 3 guys went out really fast and I was in fourth and just wanted to see what they were going to do. About a mile in the thrid place guy started to fade and I moved up. I was right behind 1 & 2 who were both in the AG above me. So I knew I was in 1st in my AG early on. They started to pick it up and I went with them. We pretty much gapped everybody else and started passing some of the pro women. I was holding back a bit because I wasn't sure of how I felt and was having a hard time breathing, but was still going pretty fast. I finished the first run in 3rd (1st in my AG) and only about 10 seconds back of 1 & 2.

Bike 21.5 miles: 57:55

Once I got on the bike I knew I had a couple minutes on everybody in my AG and wanted to keep the gap. I was pretty sure that if I got to the second run in the lead I could hold it. The course was tough. The roads were pretty rough and it was never flat. I was always climbing or descending. This was the first time I have ever used a disc and it was sick. I just put my head down and hammered on the downhills and tried to keep up my cadence and focus on my pedal stroke on the climbs. Around mile 9 I was caught by a guy, but he was not in my AG. It was an out and back course so after the turn around I could see how much of a gap I still had. I was stoked to see that I still over a minute with less than 10 miles to go, but my lungs were burning from the dry desert air. I finally got off the bike and was still in the lead.

Run #2 - 2.7 miles (.2 miles road/2.5 miles trail): 15:55

T2 was quick and I was out on the run with a comfortable lead. I knew I didn't have to go all out and I just held a steady comfortable pace. Both runs were offroad but the second one was considerably harder terrain with a couple good climbs. It reminded my alot of Xterra. I finished the run still in first place.

Overall: 1:34:21 - 1st in AG (2nd was 1:36:24)

Considering I still don't really feel "fast" right now and that I felt like shit I am happy with the race. I was stoked to lead from the gun to the finish. I am usually the one trying to chase people down on the run and this time I was being chased. It was a good change.

Here's some photos from the road trip:

Breakfast on the road: Venti Americano

Cruise control

Lunch on the road: turkey pita (made at home)
I saw plenty of these.

My bike looking faster than it ever has thanks to Elliot and B&L.

On the podium.


Porus said...

Congratulations on your AG win. Great race report!

Jessi said...

Congrats! Love all the pics. :)

Drew Holmes said...

great race report......snot blower

moonpie said...

1st in AG - that's how Jameson rolls, bitches!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe that is your bike, those wheels make all the difference. Where are the helmet pics?

Awesome job!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Walsh... dude, serious congrats! Great job!!! Wish I could've raced there, but my time would've been no where near yours. Keep up the great work!