Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekly Recap (Build 2.12.2007 - 2.18.2007)

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit shelled after the half marathon last Sunday. My first run of the week on Wednesday was pretty brutal, but as the week passed things got better. I had another solid week with a lot of swimming, a huge ride/run on Saturday and big run on Sunday.

Total Training Time: 18:35

swim: 18,000 yards (3 Masters, 1 Work pool)

Bike: 132 Miles (1 trainer/TT, 1 road, 1 TT)

Run: 36 Miles (4 runs, 1 off the bike)

Strength: 2 Sessions (1 upperbody/1 lowerbody)

Core: 3 sessions (2 w/ strength session, 1 solo after trainer ride)

I made a point to up my swim volume. I went to Masters early each day so I could get in 1000 yards prior to the workout. This requires me getting up at 4:45 am! I am going to keep this up in build weeks and hopefully will hit 20,000 yards this week. Since I don't have a big bike day this week due to the race on Sunday I am just going to put in some major time in the pool.

Strong Brew. Necessity for 4:45am wake-up.

My 5 hour ride on Saturday was solid and I nailed my nutrtion. I covered 87 miles and put together a very hilly route. It was nice and hot. I felt strong all the way to the end and also felt good running off the bike, especially the second half of the 50 min run. Sunday was a big run of 18 miles with the group in Cardiff and again I felt really good. The plan was to get in an open water swim after the run but the wind was coming up and I really didn't feel like swimming in chop. I was spent from the run. So I hit the work pool for 2,250 yards and then the gym for a lowerbody/core session.

Another solid week in the books. I'll be heading to Phoenix this weekend for the Desert Classic Duathlon. It should be a good time and really fit my strengths. It's a 3.5 mile trail run, 21 mile road bike, and then another trail run of 2.7 miles. I plan on just laying down on the first run and trying to hold on. We'll see how it goes.
It's Monday, it's a recovery day and it's pouring rain. I just got back from the gym. I hit the stationary, recumbent bike for 30 minutes and then stretched for 15. I do this every Monday after my big weekends. I usally wake-up with some pretty sore, stiff legs on Monday morning and getting on the stationary bike and just spinning really loosens them up and doesn't take anything out of me. I am thinking about heading over to YMCA for the 11:45 masters session and just getting in a couple thousand yards of easy swimming. It' the only way I will be able to hit 20,000 yards this week.


moonpie said...

Damn dude - that's some awesome volume! Is this your biggest week yet?

Rachel said...

You'll do awesome. That's an impressive workload, and it's obvious you're feeling great. I can't believe how hot it was this weekend!

Drew Holmes said...

WOW what kind of coffee machine is that???