Friday, February 23, 2007

Race Ready - 2.23.2007

This week is finally coming to end. I am in the middle of a really busy cycle at work right now which will hopefully back off a little after next week. Training this week is going well and I have felt really strong on the bike.

Yesterday I got out on my mountain bike for the first time in a couple of weeks. I got in 90 minutes on my local trails which I am going to name Water Tower. These trails are going to be incredible training for the upcoming Xterra season. The climbs are long, rocky and grinding and there are some fun technical descents. I plan on putting a lot to time in over there as soon as the the 70.3 passes. It's nice to have the trail head only 1.5 miles from my front door. Last year I had to either get up early or head out after work to black mountain to get in the climbing that I needed. Now I have a better, harder, and longer climb practically in my backyard. I am stoked. Here are some photos from the ride:

view from the top of the first major climb

about half way up the 20 min climb back to the top.

I am ready to throw down this weekend. This race is coming at the end of 2 big weeks so it's safe to say I will not be super fresh but my plan is just to go for it, especially on the bike. My race plan is simple: go as fast as I can on the first run, go as hard as I can on the bike with no regard for the second run, then just see what I have left in the tank for 2.7 mile second run. I really just want to hammer on the bike. I am going to try approach it like I don't have to run again.

It's my official Duathlon aside from some club races and I always figured Du's would fit my strenght, running. There should be some pretty good pros out there too. I just read that Simon Whitfield (olympic gold medalist) will be out there racing. I am really curious to see how fast he goes. Jim won this race last year against some really good competition.

That's it. I will report back from the race on Sunday night or some time Monday.


barndog said...

probably not an accident that you moved next to a sick off road trail....right? get 'em!

Porus said...

Good luck! Give em hell!