Thursday, February 08, 2007

Photos, recovery, and waves - 2.8.2007

The waves were fun this morning, but it was kind of cold. It took a couple hours, a large java special, and bowl of oatmeal to thaw me out.

I read a lot of blogs... I mean a lot. Most of them are those of endurance athletes (triathletes, moutain bikers, cyclists). Some are from the pro/elite perspective and others are from people who fit their training in around daily like (work, family, etc.). The ones I like the most are the ones with a lot of photos. So I have made the decision to start adding a lot of photos to my blog. Right before I went to Maui I bought a brand digital camera. I made sure to get one small enough that I could slip into my pocket or the back of a jersey. I have been lagging in using it as much I would like, but from here on out I am going to fill this blog with photos. I go back an look read my old entries from last year to see what I was doing at this time a year ago and would be a lot more fun if I had photos.

My recovery week is going by pretty fast. I am still really liking the 3 week blocks (2 weeks build, 1 week recover). Physically my body is responding very well and I am getting to a level I have never been before. Last year I was a little over zealous when I signed up for races early in the year. I raced a lot, probably too much. It made it hard to put in solid training blocks and also to allow for proper recovery. This year I will be racing less and making sure I can train hard and recover in hopes that I can finish the season strong. The 3 week blocks are also easier to tackle mentally. Knowing that after 2 weeks of crushing myself I will have a mellow week makes it easier to push it to the max in the build weeks.

Ever since my brother moved back out here in the begining of January I have been surfing more than I had been and that's a good thing. For one, I love surfing and another good thing is getting used to the cold water in preparation for the cold swim at the 70.3. If my schedule stay relatively the same throughout the summer I should be able to get in the water a lot.

Training so far this week:

2 swims, 1 run, 1 bike, 1 core session, 2 surf sessions

more later...


Cliff said...


Which pro do u read by the way?

I ain't much fan of oatmeal.

Looks like you are starting off with a good season.

Drew Holmes said...

PICS PICS PICS...keep them coming!!!

xteric said...

Hey Jameson,
Great shot of that oatmeal, scrumptious! Email me some good tri-blog-sites to help get me though the weather up here will ya?