Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekly Recap (Build 1.29.2007 - 2.4.2007)

"All smiles and sunshine, a perfect world on a perfect day
Everything always works out, I have never felt so great" - Rise Against

Things are continuing to progress. Last week, just like the week before, set a new record for volume for me. When everything was said and done I was just over 18 hours. Even with all this work my body is recovering incredibly well.

Total Training Time: 18:10

swim: 13,500 yards (2 Masters, 1 Work pool, 1 open water)

Bike: 134.5 Miles (1 trainer, 1 road, 1 TT)

Run: 43 Miles (5 runs, 2 off the bike)

Strength: 2 Sessions (1 upperbody/1 lowerbody)

Core: 3 sessions (2 w/ strength session, 1 solo after swim)

As usual the weekend had the biggest workouts. I rode for 77 miles/4:10 on Saturday and followed it up with a 6 mile/40 min run off the bike. The bike was very tough. I rode Camp Pendleton again. I now officially hate this ride. It's so boring but I can get in long intervals without having to worry about stop lights and too much traffic. While on Pendleton I rode 4 x 20min at race pace and felt solid. On the way out of C.P. I had a tail wind which was nice but then I headed up the coast to Del Mar. I turned around at the 3:30 mark and was now riding home in 20mph headwind. It was crushing me, mentally and physically. I finally made it home and headed out for the run. The run was solid.

On Sunday I ran longer and further than I ever have, 18miles/2 hours. I ran with the group that leaves out of Cardiff and we headed out pretty quick and ran to the top of Torrey Pines, a loop around the trails and then back to Cardiff. I felt great and even led the run up TP. The run was defintely a confidence builder.

This week is a recovery week. I got a nice hour massage last night that I thought was going to kill me. My legs, especially my IT bands, were super tight.

I will be running the San Dieguito half marathon on Sunday. I really don't know what to expect. I haven't really been doing any kind of speed work so I am not sure of how fast I will be able to go. I know the endurance is there but we'll see. I am looking at it just like a training run. If at any time I feel too uncomfortable I will back it off. There's no reason to bury myself into the ground right now.

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pie said...

Wow that sounds like a killer week bro. I bet the half will be quite easy for you - look forward to hearing about it!