Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekly Recap (Build 1.22.2007 - 1.28.2007)

Last week was probably the best week of training I have ever had. It was definitely biggest week from a volume standpoint but I had some real breakthroughs. For one I am starting to get my nutrition dialed, both on the bike and pre-workout. My body is also responding and recovering like never before. I know it's partly due to the fact that I have pretty much eliminated alcohol from my diet, cut WAY back on the caffeine, and continue to eat healthy. I have dropped 5 pounds in the last month without even trying. I am not worried about my weight at all as long as I keep getting faster and stronger.

Total Training Time: 17:05

swim: 13,850 yards (2 Masters, 1 Work pool, 1 open water)

Bike: 128 Miles (1 ss mtb/trainer, 1 road, 1 TT)

Run: 38.2 Miles (5 runs, 2 off the bike)

Strength: 2 Sessions (1 upperbody/1 lowerbody)

Core: 3 sessions (2 w/ strength session, 1 solo after swim)

I really feel like everything is starting to come together and it has me really motivated to get out and keep doing what I am doing. The weekend was huge. I had a 4 hour ride followed up by a 40 min run. The ride consisted of a 1 hour warm-up, 2 hours @ tempo/race pace (continuous effort), and then an hour of cool down. I felt really strong over the tempo portion. I rode an out an back course on Camp Pendleton which is the first half of the 70.3 course. Over the 2 hours I was able to avg just under 23 mph which was unexpected. I didn't know if I could hold that pace. I was definitely faster going out due to the fact I had solid head wind coming back. The run off the bike was solid as well.

I was kind of nervous to wake up Sunday morning because of how hard I worked on Saturday. Surprisingly my legs felt great. I ran with a group of really fast guys and will continue to run with them on Sundays. I ran 15 miles in 1:45 with some fartleks at the end. I followed that up with an open water swim in La Jolla and it was COLD! The first 5 minutes were horrible but I definitely felt better as I warmed. My open water swims have nothing to do with fitness. I have Masters for that. It's about being acclimated to the cold.

I am going to post again in a couple days about my nutrition because it's something I want to document. I know it was the key to my solid weekend of training.

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TRI Vortex said...

Wow, that is incredible volume. Where do you find the time to do all that? A 4 hour ride! I just did a 70 minute ride and thats the longest I've been on a bike. Great job, What is the next "A" race are you planning?