Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekly Recap (Build - 1.8.2007 - 1.14.2007)

It's a dark day in San Diego. The Chargers blew it yesterday in the playoffs. Everybody is bummed.

There's no way to say it other than "training kicked my ass this week." This was the biggest week I have ever put in and I was feeling it. Saturday after my big brick I was in bed by 930pm and last night I passed out on the couch at 6pm (partially aided by the beers I threw back during the game), slept til midnight, and went up to my room for another 6 hours. 12 hours of sleep. It's been years since I have slept that long in one stretch.

Total Training Time: 16:20
Swim: 13,800 yards - 4 swims(2 Masters, 2 work pool)
Bike: 114 miles - 3 rides(1 trainer, 1 MTB, 1 TT bike)
Run: 34 miles - 5 runs (2 off the bike)
Strength: 1 Session (1 upperbody)
Core: 2 sesssion (1 solo, 1 w/ strength workout)

The biggest sessions of the week were a 4.5 hour/78 mile, 30 min/4 mile brick on Saturday and then a 1:45/14.5 mile run on Sunday. These workouts were tough both mentally and physically. The ride on Saturday was cold and windy, but I felt good running off the bike. The long run on Sunday started out rough. I negative split it (55 min out,50 min back) and felt way better the second half. It really took a lot to get me going. I think I was still down from a calorie/hydration standpoint from the day before.

The length of the these workouts are new to me and I am not used to actually struggling a bit. Last season my long rides typically topped out at 3 hours and long runs at 90 min. So training for a longer race is defintely taking it's toll. I usually can just grit my teeth and get through a hard running interval or tough climb on the bike, but staying in the saddle for 4.5 hours and running for 1:45 is quite a bit different.

As much as I am looking forward to the 70.3 I can't stop thinking about how much stronger this training is going to make me for Xterra. I am going to be in way better shape for my early season races as compared to last year. I am really anxious to see how much I can take off my times from last year in repeat races.

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