Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekly Recap (Build - 1.1.2007 - 1.7.2007)

The first week of my build up to the California Ironman 70.3 is in the books. It was a big week that included my first brick in months. I hadn't run off the bike since Xterra Worlds back on 10.30.2006. Jim has me working in 3 week blocks (2 build, 1 recover). Here's how the week brokedown:

Total Training Time: 16:17
Swim: 13k yards - 4 swims (2 Masters, 1 work pool, 1 open water)
Bike: 102.35 miles - 3 rides (1 trainer, 1 road bike, 1 TT bike)
Run: 24.5 miles - 4 runs (1 off the bike)
Strength: 2 sessions (1 upperbody, 1 lowerbody)
Core: 3 sessions (2 mixed w/ strength sessions, 1 solo)

The biggest workout of the week was my brick on Saturday. I rode for 3 hours/53 miles and then ran 20 minutes/3 miles off the bike. It was my first outdoor ride on my TT bike since early Novemver and I felt really good. I ended up riding an extremely hilly route and feeling it at the 2.5 hour mark. I was looking forward to the run off the bike and was curious as to how my body would handle it, and to my suprise I felt really good. After the first 100 meters (and when my knees stopped knocking together) and I just got into my stride. I don't feel fast right now but I am confident that will come.

First thing on Sunday morning I got in my long run of 1.5 hours covering about 12 miles (just a guess). My legs were heavy from the big workout the day before but I felt how I though I would. After that I headed down to the Cove and got in a 30 minute swim with Tom and Colin. The water felt pretty good.

For the next couple of weeks Mondays are rest days so I am taking full advantage and letting my body recover. I'll be back at it tomorrow.

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Rachel said...

Great workouts. Your weekend is structured a lot like mine. You're going to be super-ready come race day. Of course, you're training for more than just to finish (like me). I'm finally not feeling trashed after those killer weekends. And you're right about the bricks. After the first mile, it gets easier, somehow. Kind of weird.