Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekly Recap (Recover - 1.15.2007 - 1.21.2007)

Last week was a recovery week and I defintely took advantage of it. In past I would have tried to tack on some extra mileage and add a swim, but not this time. I have some BIG workouts coming up in the coming weeks so I definitely need to pace myself and make sure I recover so I can absorb the training. I also got a 90 min massage on Friday. It was torture on the legs(i'm a wimp), but it defintely helps. I can feel myself getting stronger, and that is giving me a lot of confidence. The numbers:

Total Training Time: 13:05

Swim: 12,100 yards - 3 swims(3 Masters)

Bike: 77 miles - 2 rides(1 road/SS MTB, 1 road bike)

Run: 22.5 miles - 3 runs

Strength: 2 Session (1 upperbody/1 lowerbody)

Core: 2 sesssion (2 w/ strength workout)

I hit masters 3 times this week and felt good in all the sessions. My pace is improving on the longer interval sets. I am not as fast as some of the people I swim with, but I can usually out last them. When we do 300+ yard intervals I can usually keep up with them and then drop them as the swims get longer. My favorite workout of the week had a main set of 4 x 800.

I defintely cut back on the riding this week. Just two rides. My long ride on Saturday was a mellow 3 hours/52 miles. It felt good to just have a 3 hour ride on Saturday. I slept in and didn't get out on the roads until 10am and then came home and took a solid nap.

Nothing hard running this past week either. I got in a solid 1:28/12 mile run yesterday and the pace was very easy.

That's it. I have big week this week. It should be a good one.

Oh yead and I am buying this. I am going to start doing some crazy core work.


Moonpie said...

Good job by taking the recovery week seriously :)

Definitely interested to hear about the workout system thing. All of my strength training has been bodyweight exercises consisting of pullups, puhsups, dips, etc. 170lbs is enough to haul around...

Rachel said...

Your Saturday ride was only 3 hours and 52 miles and that was "mellow"? You monster! Pretty rockin' week. Way to go.

Justin Sands said...

Stensland gave me one of those TRX systems and I love it. Be sure to post how you have use it and the results you are getting.