Friday, January 19, 2007

a new weapon...

I have added weapon to my arsenal. i scored an incredible deal on this off of craigslist.

It's a 2005 Aluminum Redline Monocog in immaculate condition. I have been looking for one of these over the past couple of months, but didn't want to spend a lot of dough. This one popped up on craigslist and I was able to deal with the guy and got for half off the original price and $100 less than he had it listed for.

I took it out for 30 minute spin on my neighborhood trails Wednesday after my scheduled 60 min road ride. It was a blast and climbing was tough but I am sure it will help my strength. My legs were defintely feeling it the next day and I was only on it for 30 minutes and didn't do too much climbing.

I am gonig to upgrade a couple of things but it doesn't need much. I am going to get a Thomson seatpost and stem and also put on the Easton Carbon Monkey lite riser bars that I already have. Once I upgrade the cranks on my Stumpjumper I will also put the Truvativ from it on the SS.

As far as training goes, it's a recovery week... and I needed it. I still have got in some solid efforts but the volume is down. I have another ride and run to get in over the weekend. I will be running with new group on Sunday. There will be some solid guys out there. Hopefully I won't get dropped!

Recap on Sunday or Monday.

another photo.

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Habeela said...

Is this what they call a fixed gear bike? It is freaking awesome whatever it is!