Friday, January 05, 2007

It does make a difference...

Well I know it's only been a couple of days since I cut back on the caffeine but I can defintely tell the difference. I have been limiting myself to 1 cup before my morning workouts and then another around 9am at work. I have not had a single diet coke all week either. In the afternoon at work I start dragging and there is always a fresh pot but I have been able to abstain. Instead I have been drinking a 20oz bike bottle of Crystal Light lemonade and it seems to kill the coffee craving. The best part of it is the sleep I have been getting. I have been in bed no later than 930pm all week and have been just passing out and sleeping super soundly all night long. I am defintely going to keep this up.

Training has been good. I just finished up my third swim of the week and will be heading into a solid weekend of workouts. I don't want to go to much detail about my training right now because I plan on doing weekly recaps leading up to the 70.3. I will probably post these on the following Mondays(rest day).

I was looking at my training log and here's are some totals from last year. My training log only goes back to the end of May so there are 5 months missing from this. To me, considering it was my first year, these are some pretty solid numbers. I will be using the same training log for the whole season this year so I should be able to get an accurate count for 2007.

2006 Totals (end of may - dec):

total time: 417:35
swim: 309,450 yards
bike: 2,430 miles
run: 707.29 miles

The total time includes weight/core sessions as well but I don't have an exact number for that. I would like to hit 5k miles on the bike and the 600k yards in the water this year. I really don't have a goal for running, but I am sure I will probably be near or over 1000 miles.


xteric said...

Looks like you're on track. Oceanside 70.3 closed this afternoon. I was "on the fence" on this one & missed out. Good job committing!

IMmike said...

With the caffeine thing, I know what you're trying to do and I commend you for it. But, I couldn't imagine getting through the day without diet coke and coffee.

Regarding your volume goals. My advice is to not worry about the volume targets. You're still racing shorter course races and you should sacrifice the threshold work just to try and hit some arbitrary target number. I'm sure Jim will give you a good plan though.

IMmike said...

btw I meant "...should not sacrifice the threshold work..."

Slater said...

Good luck on the 70.3! I was too afraid of that cold water and waited too long to sign up.

Your blog is encouraging... Hope to see you at some Xterra races this year.