Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Will it ever end?

I am ready for the holiday season to be over with. I am sick of drinking and eating like crap. It's hard to abstain from the alcohol and junk food when it's everywhere you turn.

I had a great time with my family over Xmas and even got in all my workouts. Now I am back at work but it seems like I am the only one. I will be moving over the next weekend and then with the start of the new year also comes my focused training for the California 70.3.

Yesterday I got I my longest run in a while, 1:18 with 20 minutes at tempo. I forgot how much I like running long. It felt great.

Time to start packing... I hate moving!

Friday, December 22, 2006

It's Official...

Yesterday I finally registered for the California 70.3. I missed a couple of races last year because I procrastinated when it came to signing up. So I dropped the $215 and there's no turning back. I am pretty stoked about doing a 70.3 and what's even better is that my parents are coming out to visit and watch me race. The only race they've witnessed in person was the Xterra East champs in Richmond last summer. They really enjoyed watching me race and are extremely supportive of my racing.

My workouts this week have been solid and I am still feeling really good in the pool. I think my swimming is just about at the level it was prior to Xterra worlds. This mornings swim was a tough one though. One of the reasons is because I went out with some friends last night, had too many jack and cokes, and didn't get to bed until 1130pm. When my alarm went off at 5am this morning I almost shut it off and went back to sleep. I was super tired but I made myself get up. Once I got in the pool I felt good. I ended up having a really solid swim and after the session the coach even mentioned how much stronger/faster I am getting. Maybe I need to go out and have a couple of drinks everynight before I swim.

After my ride tomorrow I will be heading out to Palm Springs to celebrate Xmas with my family and then coming back Sunday morning. Since me and none of friends are going back east/home for the holidays we are going to have a Xmas party/bbq on Monday (it will probably start Xmas eve). Nothing like celebrating on Xmas day with grilled meat, beers, whiskey, friends, and football.

Eventhough Xmas day is a rest day for me I may go for a mellow MTB ride before the festivities. I just got some new shifters put on and I want to give them a go.


Monday, December 18, 2006


Getting out of bed and heading down the street to swim at 6am is getting harder. Not because I don't want to swim, but's it's been cold. My morning rides have been pretty cold too, but I have all the right gear so I stay relatively warm. I would rather be a cold little than suffer away on the trainer for two hours.

Last week was solid and things are slowly starting to pick up. It's hard to believe the California 70.3 is only 14 weeks away. I'm really looking forward to training for a longer distance race. It will be new for me. I may actually have to consider pacing myself, but I really just want to try and hammer the whole thing.

Saturday Jim held a swim clinic for all the athletes he coaches and it was cold. I froze my ass off and immediately changed, cranked up the heater in my truck, and headed to the nearest Starbucks.

Today I had my second meeting with Kim Muller, a local Sports Nutritionist. I really want to nail my pre-race and race nutrition. I thought I did an alright job on my own last season, but after talking with her it seems like I was making some major mistakes. By the time my first key race of the year comes around I plan on having a solid nutional plan.

I will be heading of town for the weekend to celebrate an early Christmas with my relatives in Palm Springs and then moving the following weekend. Between that, work, and training these next couple of weeks should be super busy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

back at it.

Monday was a much needed rest day. After a week full of work outs and drinking too much beer watching the Chargers clinch that AFC west on Sunday I needed to just relax. My legs were also pretty sore after hitting the gym on Sunday. Lifting with my legs always crushes me and it usually takes me atlest 3 full days to recover.

Yesterday I had a ride in the morning and then got in a 30 minute yoga session in the evening. The ride was a good one, but went a little longer than I had planned. I headed out from my apartment at 6am to an empty parking lot a couple miles and worked on cornering and accelerating in and out of turns. After a solid 30 minutes of that I rode to where the new condo I am moving into the on the 29th is to check out the roads around there. I made a couple of wrong turns and what was only going to be an hour ride turned into 1:45. No worries though it was a good time.

Back when I was just surfing and running all the time I used to do yoga quite a bit and really like it. Since I have a little extra time in my training schedule this time of year I am going to try to get in a couple of yoga sessions a week. I am sure it will help in the long run. I am also getting in the weight room twice a week and try and add some muscle, especially to the lower half of my body.

This moring I was in the pool with Masters and knocked out 4000 yards.

Last week I finally started eating healthy again and could immediately feel the difference with how much energy I had. I forgot how good my morning protein shakes are... here's the recipe:

Post workout shake:

1 Banana
1 Scoop of super green (wheat grass, spinach, etc,... good stuff)
1.5 scoops of chocolate proten powder
1 cup of light vanilla soy milk
5g glutamine
1/2 tbsp flax oil

totals: 415 calories, 11g fat, 50g carbs, 35g protein

Friday, December 08, 2006


This week has been solid. Eventhough my schedule was relatively light getting back to regular training took a lot out of me. I think I crashed every night at 9pm, and even 830pm last night.

I swam a Masters workout on Monday and it was solid, and then swam by myself on Wednesday in the pool at work. The Wednesday swim was first time I have done a solo workout on a long time, but it gave me a chance to slow things down and really concentrate on drills and form, which is what I need to be concentrating on right now. My plan typically has 3 swims per week and I think I am going to hit Masters twice and then also make sure I spend one day swimming solo. I know I still have a lot of room for improvement in my stroke.

For no apparent reason I woke up anxious this morning to get in the pool. Friday is typically a speed workout with the squad that I swim with so I was kind of interested to see what my current speed was like after not really doing anything hard for about 6 weeks. After 2000 yards came the fast set.

4 x 25 hard - add time of each 25 to get 100 time (1:03)
100 easy
100 hard - trying to hit 4x25 time.. yeah right.
100 easy

We did this set twice and somehow I swam my fastet 100's ever. Just prior to leaving for the Maui and the Xterra Worlds I swam a 1:14 which was my PR for a 100 then. This morning:

1. 1:12
2. 1:11

So there's my benchmark.

I was kind of in shock, but am stoked. How much faster can I go once I am back in shape? I really think a winter of swimming and all next year that my swim can continue to improve and it will continue to be a focus in my training.

Maui really did alot for my confidence swimming. My mindset prior to the race was just to "get through" the swim and start going for it on the bike. Worlds was the first time I felt like I was racing in the swim and had the best swim of my life. I can't wait for my first race next year and actually committing to racing in the swim.

I have to do a run later on today and then that's it. I am stoked it's Friday.

Monday, December 04, 2006

day one.

It all started today at 5:15am. My training for the 2007 season is on. After a weekend of partying in Vegas and not getting much sleep getting up was hell. I almost hit the snooze button one more time but was able to drag myself out of bed.

Last year at this time I had just gotten my first road/TT bike and could not break 1:50 per 100 yards in the pool. I was running a lot but with no focus. I had no plan. This year things are going to be way differnt. First of all, I have a successful season under my belt and have dramatically improved at all the 3 sports.

Jim gave me my training plan last week for the next month and I immediately thought it was kind of light. This is where it pays off to have a good coach in your corner. If I was going about this on my own, and being the kind of person I am, I would probably nuke myself early on in the year and pay for it at some point. I defintely need someone to talk some sense into me and keep me from overtraining. This month is all about skill/technique with volume slowly increasing as we move towards the first of the year. At first I was kind of disappointed with the lack of volume early on but I know it makes the most sense.

I swam a 3600 yard Masters workout this morning and it kicked my ass. I got through it and didn't push too hard. I was definitely feeling all drinking/lack of sleep from the weekend. I have a couple more swims this week and some relatively easy rides and runs. On the weekend I have couple of riding and running skills workouts. It should be a good time. I am stoked to be back "officially" training. A month of not really doing any structrued workouts was tough. I was in the best shape of my life prior to Xterra Worlds and then just to shut it down was harder than I thought it would.

That's all...

Thursday, November 30, 2006

back at it... sort of.

Well it all starts tomorrow... kind of. For first time in about a month I have something in my training plan, but then it's off to Vegas for a weekend of partying. So I am really going to consider Monday, 12/4 as the start of my training for 2007.

For the past month I have just been doing whatever I've felt like. For the most part I have just been riding my bikes. I got a new road bike and I am super stoked on it. I also did quite a bit of mountain biking. Just fun stuff. I ran and swam a handful of times each, but nothing hard.

My nutrition has been less than ideal but I think I really needed that. I am normally really healthy but have been just eating and drinking whatever I want. That all changes Monday. I am ready to start eating healthy and cutting way, way back on the drinking.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


My season is now officially over eventhough I have already been taking it really easy since I got back from Maui a couple of weeks ago. My body has been feeling really good and all the day to day aches and pains are pretty much gone.

The XC championship went pretty well. I talked with Jim before the race and based on his recomendation I went quite a bit more conservatively than I have done in past races. This worked pretty well and I finished strong. I probably should have made my final move about a 1/4 mile sooner as there was one guy that was fading fast and I just ran out of room to catch him.

USATF Championship 4 Mile - Morley Field November 11, 2006
22:03 14th Overall

I have not been doing any focused training but I have been riding my bike a lot. I have just been going and riding for as long as I want and some good neighborhood loops. It's been just for fun and when I am over it I head home. I don't plan on doing any running until sometime next and then it will some easy 30 min runs until I hit December. I also got in the pool for and easy 2500 yards yesterday morning and will probably swim again sometime this week and just keep it mellow.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Long week/Last Race

This week is finally ending and it's been a long one. Weeks are a lot more fun when they are filled with hard training rather than long hours of work.

I have my last "real" race of the season tomorrow. It's the San Diego USATF Open Championships. It's supposedly a big deal and there should be guys flying in just for this race. My motivation is kind of lacking for this one but I am going to try to just go all out. Our team moved up into second place in the standings and we are within striking distance. I would be pretty cool to pull out a first place in my season running for Mizuno.

I rode once this week, swam twice and ran 3 times. I am just taking it easy. I have also havent been eating to great and can defintely feel the difference, but whatever. I am not worried about things right now. I figure I will just keep up a similar schedule over the next couple of weeks until after Thanksgiving. I'll probably end up riding more with very little running. I think my legs need a break. Everything at a very easy pace. I will also start doing yoga twice a week starting next week. I hope to be able to keep that up all winter.

Swim - masters 2550 yards
30 min easy run

2 hour easy bike - 32 miles

45 min run with 3 x 3 min hard, descending

Swim - masters 2400 yards

30 min run with numerous strides

Sunday, November 05, 2006

starting the offseason... kind of.

The Xterra Worlds was my last triathlon of the season and I am defintely ready for a break. I am not necessarily ready to stop working out altogether, but just doing some unstructured stuff and whatever I feel like will be nice. I do have a race next weekend. It's the Xc Championship race and it's a pretty big race. My team has moved into second place and we are in striking distance. So I want to run a strong race, but I have to admit that mentally I am done. My plan is just to totally blow it out for the 4 miles and see what happens.

Today I volunteered at the B&L Aid station for the San Diego Triathlon Challenge that is put on by CAF (Challanged Athletes Foundation). I had a blast handing out Gatorade bottles. There was some pretty amazing stuff going. It's pretty rad to see some of the people race and the attitudes they have.

On another note, my coach killed it at IMFL. He finished 3rd overall in 8:37 in his first ever IM. Pretty damn impressive. I am definitely very stoked for him. He had a lot of bad luck this year and to end his season like this is very well deserved.

I did get in some training/workouts this past week.

Monday: off - Travel back to LA
Tuesday: 40 min easy run, shake off the jet lag
Wednesday: 60 min easy ride/core workout
Thursday: easy strength/stretching session
Friday: 30 minute run
Saturday: 1:45 MTB - easy and fun at Daley Ranch
Sunday: 60 min run/50min mtb on neighborhood trails

I am just basically doing what I feel like and staying active. No intensity. I am have been eating and drinking a lot. I went out and partied with my friends on friday night and drank way too much and topped it off with late night mexican food right before passing out. I felt like crap in the morning but it was to get out and not have to worry about getting early for a workout.

I have to travel for work this week. Taking the red eye Tuesday night to New Jersey... not fun. I am going to hit the pool in the morning and just cruise.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Xterra World Championships 10.29.2006 - Maui, HI

I am back home in San Diego after what has seemed like a really long week. Traveling to Maui and getting the chance to race in a world championship was incredible.

Just to get an idea of hard this race is here are some quotes from the winners:

Hamish Carter:
"It was really tough, a lot tougher than I thought," said the 35-year-old from Auckland, winner of the 2004 Olympic triathlon. "At one point during the run I didn't even know if I could finish."

Melanie Mcquaid (3 X world):
"Never has this race ever been longer or harder than this year and I am absolutely stunned to have had the race I did on Sunday."


Our (my sister and nephew went on the trip with me) flight
at 7am from LAX. After what seemed like and endless flight we touched down in Maui at 9am local time. We picked up out rental car (jeep commander) and headed for out condo in Kihei. We checked in and then head down the coast for some snorkeling and exploring. Later on I went for an easy 40 minute run and was feeling great.


First thing in the morning we head down to the Maui Prince (host hotel and race site) so I could check in, pre-ride the practice bike course, and then go for a swim. You are not allowed to pre-ride the actual bike course which adds significantly to the difficulty of the course. The practice course was pretty short. It only took me 30 minutes to do the loop but it was blazing hot out there. After the ride I went for a swim. The swim was great and I felt really good in the water. When I got about 400 meters offshore I came across a reef and a bunch of sea turtles. It was killer. After the swim we grabbed some lunch and then drove to the top of the volcano.


We headed back to the race site and my sister and nephew went snorkeling and I got in a 20 minute run and an easy 750 meter swim. I was feeling really good, completely relaxed, and ready to go. That night we went to the pre race dinner and I really began to realize how big of a deal this race was. I already new that there was a big international presence (out of the 33 guys in my AG only 10 were american) but seeing all the countries represented at the dinner and all the videos from the races was mind blowing. I really felt fortunate to be there and knew that I had really accomplished something... and the food was awesome.

Sunday: The race.

i was up a 5:15 am without an alarm and got a really good night sleep. I had a cup of coffee and then a Snicker's Marathon bar and a bottle with 2 scoops of carbo pro and a NUUN tab. This was different from my normal pre-race meal. I usually have a whole wheat bagel with natural peanut butter, honey, and a banana. I have had some stomach problems in my last few races so I changed it up.

I got to the race site, set up transition, and got body marked. The race was supposed to start at 9 but got pushed back to 9:15. I sipped on water mixed with NUUN, and took a gel about 8:30. I got in the water and swam about 500 meters to warm up and was really feeling good in the water. After I warmed up I talked with my sister and the got blessed by the Hawaiian priest. I was feeling completely relaxed, not stress. It was kind weird how calm I was, even my sister noticed.

The swim: 2 x 750 meter laps w/ a 50 yard between laps

I lined myself up right behind a group of pros and when the canon went off I charged it. I quickly found a good draft and really didn't caught too much with anybody. I hit the first buoy feeling really good and got around it in a big crowd. I stayed calm and just kept on pushing and staying on peoples feet and knees. At the end of the first lap I knew I was having a good swim. I looked around on the run between laps and I had pro men and women all around me. The second lap went really well too. I felt relaxed the whole time. The swim felt easy and I was stoked running up to transition... and I was even more stoked to see most of the bikes still in trasition.

swim split(2 x 750m, 50 yard run, 75 yard run to T1, T1): 24:46

Bike: 19.8 miles

This by far hardest course I have ever ridden but I was feeling really confident after a really good swim. I immediately started passing people on the climbs. The course was treacherous. All the descents were filled with lava rocks big and small. I just opened it up as much as I could and flowed. I saw a lot of people crashing and people stopped fixing flats. I have never seen so many people go down (including a number of pros), and these weren't minor crashes. Some of them were nasty leaving people waiting for assistance off the volcano. I got passed and also did my fair share of passing. After the last downhill I hit the paved road that led back to trainistion. I was so stoked to have made the whole ride without going down or having any mechanical problems. It thanked the Hawaiian preist for this at dinner.

Bike split: 2:02:41

Run: 6.9 miles

I felt pretty good leaving T2 and knew I had some work to do. I think I was in 11th or 12th place in my AG heading out on the run and knew there were a couple guys within reach. The first 3/4 of a mile are on a golf course and paved road with rolling hills. I started passing people right away. At the 1 mile marker it turns uphill for 3 miles of relentless, hot climbing. This is where I made my moved. I was dropping a lot of guys on the climb, including guys in my AG. I had moved up into 6th place once I reached the top and I was with a pro male as I hit the aid station and started the rocky descent. At this point I was caught by a guy in my AG and he dropped me on the downhill. I was in shock. For the first time I couldn't respond to his surge. This had never happened to me before. This kind of broke me mentally. After the descent I hit Makena beach. This is where I fell apart. The beach is a mile of super soft sand and there was a 20mph headwind. It took everything I had to keep moving forward and not breaking down and walking. Then we headed into the "spooky forrest" and I was concentrating on turnover, but I was bonking big time. Then it was back onto a black sand beach, again with super soft sand and wind. I was crushed, but I kept moving. Soon enough I was running over the rocks and corral, back onto the golf course, and then onto finish. This was the hardest run of my life. I hit the wall but luckily only got passed by one guy.

run: 53:07

Overall: 3:20:34 - 7th in AG (of 33), 62nd overall (of 575)

As soon as I crossed the finish line the heat hit me like a ton of bricks and I was out of it. I was walked directly to the Med tent and draped with cold towels and given fluids. They were about to give me an IV but I started coming around. Nothing has ever felt that good. I finally left it all on the course, but wish I had more to give. I think I really blew it by not eating enough before the race. I was bonking hardcore over the last 2 miles. If the race would have been another mile I would have had to walk.

Overall I am very happy with my race (and first season). I had a breakthrough swim for me, and my bike was solid. For once my run wasn't there which I know will not be a regular thing. I still have tons of room to improve and I hope I can qualify and get back there next year. I want a podium finish in 2007.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I have been slacking... just on the blog. I have been putting some good training sessions and work has been keeping me really busy. Also the World Series is on so instead of jumping on my computer in the evenings I have been watching some baseball.

I am ready for Maui. It became really apprent this week. I have been really cutting back the volume since the begining of last week and I am starting to feel really, really good. Monday in the pool I swam my fastest 100 (1:14) ever, and it was on the last interval of a 3800 yard workout. Yesterday I drove out to Black Mountain, warmed up, and then rode the climb. I finished in 12:55, again the fastest I have ever done. I woke up this morning and couldn't wait to get in the pool. After a quick swim (2200 yards w/ 3 x 500) I hit San Elijo Lagoon for an easy trail run. I felt strong and quick. I am ready.

I am all packed and after I get a massage/adjustment I will be heading up to LA to my sisters. Tomorrow morning I will be on a plane for Maui. I can't wait.

Monday, October 16, 2006


My workouts this past weekend were tough. Physically and mentally. Luckily it was the last real hard stuff before the Xterra Worlds. I do have some big swims on tap but most of the intense stuff is done.

On Saturday I ran in the Balboa Boogie XC 5k. Again, these races are always tough with a bunch of fast guys coming out. It rained on Friday night so the course was nice and muddy. Just for fun I decided to wear my HRM during the race just to see what my body would be doing while I was running pretty much as hard as I can. Here's the numbers:

5K (3.1 miles) XC race: 16:30

AVG HR: 196 bpm
MAX HR: 202 bpm

Mile 1: 5:05 (I actually ran by the guy calling splits at 5:01)
HR: 197 bpm
AVG HR: 191 bpm
Ascent: 40ft

Mile 2: 10:30 (lap: 5:24.4)
HR: 198 bpm
AVG HR: 197 bpm
Ascent: 20ft

Mile 2: 16:30 (lap: 6:00)
HR: 198 bpm
AVG HR: 199 bpm
Ascent: 40ft

I went out pretty hard, and looking back, probably too hard. Mile 2 was really tough, and mile 3 was a mud pit, but I did have a nice little kick over the last 1/4 mile. Overall I finished 10th once again. Later on in the day I got in a 2hr Mountain bike.

On Sunday I did a really tough brick workout on Fiesta Island. I warmed up with 4 easy small loops (10 miles) and then turned it up. I did 3 sets consisting of the following:

bike - 2 laps (2.5 miles each) HARD!
run - 1 Mile all out right off the bike
bike - 1 lap easy

Here's my splits (just the hard intervals, I didn't include the easy lap):

Bike (2 laps): 13:18
run: (1 mile) 5:34

bike: 13:59
run: 5:38

bike: 14:12
run: 5:34

This workout was extremely tough and I was still feeling the prior days race in my legs. As hard as it was I really enjoyed it and it's something I will do often in the future. I would like to get the "hard" bike splits down aroung the 13:00 and run around 5:15. We'll see when I do this fresh.

This morning I was back in the pool for a Masters session. I tacked some extra yardage and got out of the pool after 4700 yards.

Friday, October 13, 2006

it's been a while...

I haven't posted anything lately and it's just because I have been busy. I took a couple days off when I got bact from Tahoe and then got a couple good days in last week/weekend, and this week has been a big one. I am really looking forward to getting back out and racing. Nationals didn't necessarily go the way that I wanted but it was good learning experience for sure. I will definitely have a different approach/attitude when I toe the line in Maui in a couple weeks.

Here's what went down over the past week:

AM: swim - masters - 4200 yards
Lunch: strenght - core/uppebody(light)
PM: run - 60min - trail run - Fartlek

AM: swim - masters - 4000 yards
PM: ride - 2.5 hour MTB w/ 2 x Black Mountain

AM: swim - masters - 4000 yards
Lunch: run - 60min easy

AM: run - easy 30min
Lunch: strength - core/stretching
PM: swim/run - Club Aquathlon - 1000m swim/3 mile run

AM: swim - masters - 4000 yards
Lunch - strenght - upperbody (light)

I am feeling suprislingly fresh today. The aquathlon was a good time last night and I took third once again. My swim is continuing to improve and I keep coming out of the water in a better position with less people to track down on the run. Last night I was the sixth person out on the run and ran my way up to third. Jim and Marc finished first and second once again.

I have some pretty intense stuff lined up for the weekend including a XC 5k, but I might have to get a little creative with scheduling as it is supposed to rain for the first time in months.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Xterra National Championships - Tahoe - 10.1.2006

I don't even know where to start. The last week has been kind of nuts. I'll just go over it day by day. I have a lot more on my mind about this race that I will have to save for another post.

AM: swim - Masters 2500 yards
PM: ride - easy 40 min spin on mtb

On Thursday I got got all my gear ready to go and got in an easy swim and bike. While I was on my ride both of my quads started cramping up. It was really weird because I never cramp up. Luckily I had a massage lined up for later in the day.

PM: ride - 3 hr Pre-Ride of bike course

We got on the rode at 3am and arrived in Tahoe around 1130am. The weather was perfect and we headed out on the trail around 1pm. The ride was epic. The view from the flume trail that overlooks lake tahoe is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. As killer as the scenery was the ride was tough. Tons of climbing and it was really sandy. There is a lot of single track on the course and even where it was double track there was really only one line due to all the sand.

AM: run - 1 loop of the run course (easy) - 5k
PM: swim - easy 1000m swim in the lake

We headed down to the race site on Saturday morning to watch the start of the Xterra Nevada Sport race. They were racing the same course but with only one loop (750m) of the swim and one lap (5k) of the run. We hung out and watched the race and then headed out for an easy run of the course and then hit the water for a swim.

Saturday night we went to the Xterra dinner and it was killer. Great food, cool awards presentation, and slide show of all the races. There we even a couple of photos of me from the race in Richmond, VA. I got a couple of strange looks when I headed up to the bar and ordered an ice cold Sierra Nevada. I hung out with quite a few of the guys from my AG and they were all really cool guys. The vibe at Xterra races is quite a bit different than the road races that I have done. Everybody is more laidback and just ready to just lay it down on the course.

Sunday: The Race


The race started at 9am so I was up a 6 for some coffee and breakfast. It was cold outside. It was about 40 degrees when we got to the race. Everybody had beanies and gloves on. It looked more like everybody was going snowboarding as opposed to swimming, biking, and running. I warmed up with a couple of miles of running and the put on my wetsuit and got in the lake. I did a longer swim warm-up than usual. I really wanted to acclimate to the cold water and lack of oxygen.

Swim: 1500m (2 x 750m laps w/ 150 meter run in between)
Time: 30:34 (swim,run to T1 - 1/3 mile,T1)

With a couple minutes to go before the start I spotted a quite a few of the guys in my AG so I went and got in the mix with them. We were to the far left and lined up right behing a group of pro men. I was really loose and relaxed prior to the start. When the cannon went off it was mayhem. The first 250m to the first buoy was rough. Everybody was all over eachother and combined with the lack of oxygen due to the altitude it made breathing tough. I was able to hang with the guys in my AG througout the first lap. When I hit the beach and started to run the 150 feet to start lap two my legs were super heavy. I tried to run but felt like I was barely moving.

Lap two was pretty uneventful. I didn't feel like I was swimming fast but I was consitent and didn't get dropped. After the second lap it was a 3 minute run to T1 and my feet were completely numb.

Pretty standard. I had a bit more trouble getting my bike shoes on because my feet were numb but other than that I was in and out.

Bike: 32k
Time: 2:07

A mile out of T1 you hit Tunnel Creek road and then it's 1600ft straight up(2500ft of climbing on the course). The climb was tough and super sandy. It is a double track road, but due to all the sand it rode like single track. For most port there was single line with limited areas to pass. This is probably where I made mistake on the day. I wasn't aggressive enough. I should have passed more people before I got to the flume trail (all single track/no passing). I got passed on the bike by some guys but also did my fair of share of passing during the 32k, but I wasn't nearly aggressive enough.

T2: In and out - Passed a guy in my AG in T2 and never saw him again.

Run: 10k
Time: 37:50

The run course was pretty fast. There weren't any hard climbs just a lot of twisting, turning, and obstacles. I passed a lot of people on the run and finished with the 19th fastest run split overall and 3rd amateur on the day. I felt pretty strong on the run.

Overall: 3:16
8th AG
74th overall

I am not very satisfied with my performance. From a physical standpoint I felt great but I didn't "race" hard enough. It's all mental. I don't know way to say it. I didn't take the chances I needed to on the bike. I could have made more moves on people and really pushed the pace on the climbs. I felt physically capable of doing it, but I held back. I raced safe and racing with that mentality on this course is not going to cut it. My coach called me out on it too. I am stoked to have a coach that is not going to sugar coat anything and will tell me how it really is. I have a lot of work to do and it's just not in the water and on the roads and trails.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rest, Rest, Rest

I am really trying to take it easy this week. This is my my first A race in quite a while so it will be nice to go in fresh. I am still learning how body reacts to training, resting, and racing. Hopefully with everything I have done this year I will figure out how many days out I really need to start cutting things back. If I don't feel 100% on Sunday maybe I need more rest (longer taper) or if I feel flat, maybe I need to include more shorter intensity stuff during the final week before the race. Like I have said before this year is all about learning in hopes that I will have it all dialed in next season.

I am really focusing on my diet and nutrition this week. I am already pretty strict with my diet but this week even more so than normal. I am making sure I am eating really lean protein, good carbs, and even cutting back on the caffeine. I also will not be having any beers this week until after the race. I even turned down going out with my friends last night to the local sports bar to watch the Padres game and Monday Night Football. I don't think I could have resisted the temptation to knock a couple back while watching the Pads take on over the Cards.

I had a pretty good talk with my coach Sunday night and was feeling pretty good about everything. He has raced on the Tahoe course a couple of times and gave me some good tips for the swim/bike/run. He says with the way that I am running right now that I should me able to make up a lot of time on the run. It's a flat run with alot of turns and obstacles. It's all about turn over. I just can't wait to go for it. This is the biggest race I have ever done and I am just want push harder than I ever have on the run.

Yesterday morning I woke up and my legs were reallyu tired and achey from running on Sunday. I may have pushed a little to hard on the way back from my run. I negative split the run by 7 minutes. It was a rest day and that's what I did. I hit the gym at lunch and rode the stationary bike for 15 miinutes to loosen up my legs and then stretched for 20 minutes. After the games last night I took and epsom salt bath and crashed around 10pm.

Monday: Rest
Lunch: 15min spin/20min stretching
PM: epsom salt bath

AM: swim - Masters - 3300 yards

I felt great in the pool this morning. I only did 3/4 of the 4200 yard workout and was swimming pretty fast. I shut it down before I started to feel fatigued. I am not going to gain any fitness this week and I just need to maintain the feel. That's all I am doing today and my legs are feeling much better than yesterday.

Padres are up by 2 games over the Dodgers with 6 games to go.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Race Week

By this time next week I will have finished my biggest race of the season (until Worlds 10/29). Last week's training was solid and I am defintely feeling pretty good. This week is really mellow so I am really hoping that I feel ready to go for it next Sunday morning. The only that has me concerned is the race day weather. More on that later.

End of last week and the weekend:

PM: Club Aquathlon - 1000m swim/3 mile run - 3rd Place

As usual the race was fun and I found myself in a similar predicament. I was probably 8th out of the water and ran my way to third place. The only people I couldn't track down were Marc and Caue (a local pro). Watching them go head to head was awesome. They are both really strong swimmers and were shoulder to shoulder throughout the run and ended in a sprint finish. Caue just edged out Marc. Good food afterwards.

Rest: - Massage

AM: Ride - 2:13/37 mile - Hilly Loop

Solid ride and pushed it quite a bit. My legs were feeling good and I was solid on all the climbs.

Sunday (today):
AM: Run - 71 min/9.85 mile - Negative split - 39 min out/32 min back

I felt really good on the second half of the run. I actually held back quite a bit and ran just over my 10k pace. I am ready to throw down a hard run at Natl's.

My schedule this week has a couple of swims, a run, some pre-riding and that's it. The Forecast for the weekend is highs in the mid 60's and lows down into the upper 30's. By looking at the hour by hour forecasts I am guessing it will be right 40 when the race goes off. The water temp right now is somewhere between 58-60. To say the least it's not going to be warm. I am still trying to figure what I am going to do to try and stay warm. I don't like the cold, especially when I am on the bike.

Here's a comment from the Xterra message board regarding weather for the upcoming weekend...

I measured the water temp this morning 9/24 at 9:30am and it was calm and 57 degrees.

It is 10:30am now and 49 degrees outside. Warm in the sun, cold in the shade.

It looks like it's going to warm up some this week, so we might see 70s during the week. Still lows in the 30s.

Bring something to keep your feet warm and dry while you set up transition, just in case there is frost on the Village Green. A beanie and gloves would be a good idea too. Otherwise, I agree with the previous post. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Bring layers."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Last "hard" ride...

I was up at 5am this morning as usual and was really anxious to get out and ride. I have really been having good offroad rides lately and this morning I got in my last "hard" ride before Xterra Nationals next Sunday. I have another ride lined up for the weekend but it's not going to be offroad or too hard. It's starting to get a little cold in the mornings. I was stoked I brought my arm warmers. I guess it's time to find all my winter gear. I am not looking forward to it!

AM: swim - Masters - 4000 yards
PM: run - 70min/intervals - 10x3 min hard w/ 1 min recovery

The swim yesterday was solid. Not many people have been showing up to Masters (I am guessing because it's getting colder in the AM and racing season is coming to an end). I had my own lane which is always nice. I swam everything averaging a 1:24/100 pace. After smashing myself in the pool two days in a row it took a little bit of motivation to run hard after work. Once I got to about my 3rd interval I started coming around and I finished the last 5 feeling stronger than the first 5. Good sign. I started my run from Fletcher's cove so I could jump in the water and swim around for a bit afterwards. It felt great.

AM: ride - 2.5hr/28 mile mountain bike
Lunch: 20 min recumbent bike/20 min stretching

I am feeling really good lately on the bike. I have been working on my bike handling quite a bit and it's really starting to come around. I am feeling a lot more confident blasting down technical, rocky descents. I rode from the west end of PQ canyon all the way out and to the top of Black Mtn and back. I felt really good on the climb and then blasted the downhill. Sitting in my office after my ride my legs were really starting to tighten up. So at lunch I hit the gym, loosened them up on the stationary bike, and then stretched for 20 minutes. They feel much better now. I will defintely be hitting and ice bath tonight.

Tomorrow will be my last hard run which will come on the second half of the club Aquathlon, and it's the only thing I am doing tomorrow.. well that and maybe surfing in the morning. I am really looking forward to the club race. Aquathlons are just a good time. They only take about a half hour, I get to try and catch Marc and the other fast swimmers, and the food afterwards is killer.

Time to get back to work so I can head out and go for a surf.

Padres are back in first.

Monday, September 18, 2006

busy weekend...

Another solid weekend in the books.

AM: Swim - Masters - 4000 yards
Lunch: Strength - Core/Stretching
PM: Swim - 1.5 mile ocean swim - Torrey Pines
Run - 45min/6 mile trail run

A lot of swimming on Thursday. I did my normal Masters session in the morning but then met up with Marc and Mike for and ocean swim after work. After the swim Mike and I headed out to PQ canyon for and easy 45 minute trail. I felt good through out. After the run we headed back to Marc's for some food and beer. It was a long day and I think I was in bed by 930pm.

AM: Swim - 2 mile ocean swim - La Jolla Cove
Lunch: Strength - upperbody
PM: Ride - 2hr/22mile MTB - PQ canyon

Friday was another solid day. I met Marc and Mike at the Marine Room at 7:15am. Marc and I swam 2 miles while Mike got in a run. After the swim they headed out on a 112 mile ride and I was off to work. During lunch I got in the gym and got my last weight workout before nationals. After work I hit the trails for a ride that was scheduled for Saturday but I wanted to head down to Coronado Saturday to watch the Superfrog Triathlon.

AM: Run - 75min/10 mile run w/ Intervals

This was supposed to be a group workout but nobody showed up. I ended up running on the beach near Torrey Pines and then all the way down to La Jolla cove. I felt really strong on the run.

AM: Run - 90min/12 mile run - nice and easy

I woke up early on Sunday morning and went and surfed for a hour and then hit the trails. I needed to get my run in before 1pm because both the Chargers and Padres were playing and were televised. The run was mellow. I ran all through San Elijo Lagoon and RSF. After the games I surfed again.

AM: swim - Masters - 3800 yards
Lunch: strength - core/stretching
PM: ride - 80min/24mile - Steady pace with Sprint intervals

Monday mornings are always rough for me in the pool. I was really sluggish in the pool for the first half of the workout and then picked it up for the second half. With nationals coming up I am done lifting weights but I am still going to hit the gym at lunch a couple times this week for core workouts, and that's what I did today. After work I got in a 24 mile ride up and down the coast. Felt good all day.

That's it for now... Monday night football is on and so are the FIRST PLACE PADRES!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Taking it easy and feeling good...

After feeling so tired and flat last week and weekend my coach kind of scaled things back this week. Which I think I needed. My last block of training was the hardest that I have put in. Both in volume and intensity. I think it just all caught up with me last week and at the race on Sunday. At the begining of the week Xterra Natl's in Tahoe was just a short 3 weeks away. So the plan is to take it relatively easy this week, put in a solid week next week, and then really cut it back the week heading into the race.

Here' what I have been up to:

REST! No Workouts.
Massage/adjustment/epsom salt bath

AM: surfed - 1.5 hours
PM: run - 30 min super easy

AM: surfed - 1 hour
Lunch: Strength - lowerbody/core - light on the weights
PM: ride - 2hr/22mile Mountain bike

AM: Swim - Masters - 4000 yards
Lunch: Core - hard (still to come)
PM: Run - 45 min - easy/mod "run how I feel"
* I also may get in a mellow ocean swim

I am feeling really good. I felt really fresh on my ride yesterday. Probably the best I have felt in the last couple of weeks but still held back a bit. I didn't want to smash myself. This is also the last week I will be lifting weights until after Tahow. I was planning on doing a XC 5k this weekend but the coach didn't think it was a good idea. He wants me to take a break from racing so I go into Natl's fresh.

They posted the official results of the LA tri and I finished 10th in the Male Elite Division. By far not my best race but I'll take it. It defintely fueled the fire to train hard, especially in the off season. I want a top 5 in LA next year.

And in case anybody was wondering if I do anything besides train. Here's a photo of me and my brother a couple of weeks ago. Nothing better than beer and a baseball game.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Los Angeles Triathlon - Race Report

The race is over and I have never been so happy to just finish.

This race was a pretty big deal. Lifetime Fitness is really doing something awesome to promote triathlon and give back the amatuers trying to compete at the highest level. This was the last event to qualify for the Elite Amateur Championship race next summer at the Lifetime Fitness Tri in Minneapolis. Next year they are going to have 4 qualifying events (nyc, chicago, liftime fitness, and LA) and then have championship race in Ocotber '07 on a brand new course in Dallas. It's all still in the planning stages but at the Elite meeting they gave us the inside scoop.

back to my race...

I headed to the expo to check in and attend a mandatory meeting for everyone competing in the Elite Amateur race. At the meeting they went over the rules, qualifying, and the point to point course. They also went around the room and had everyone introduce themselves and tell everyone what some of their triathlon accomplishments were. Wow... there were some accomplished, fast dudes there. National champs, sub 4:20 half Im'ers, Kona qualifiers, and former LA tri winners. It was nuts and kind of intimidating, but everyone was really cool.

I watched the start of the men's pro wave and then went to the holding bay. The elite wave went 5 minutes after the pro women. I was actually really loose and not really nervous. I figured I didn't have anyting to lose. While I was standing there waiting for the women to start my stomach started cramping out of nowhwere. I need to go to the bathroom (something that couldn't be taken care of while wearing a wetsuit) but I didn't have time. I was going to have to hold it. Great.

Swim: 1500m
So we're off... a full sprint to the water. There was a pretty good swell in the water and I was just diving through the waves. the swim was pretty uneventful. I really didn't push very hard and just kind of cruised. I really don't know why I didn't swim harder. I came out of the water in the middle of the pack and then ran 100 yards to transisiton.

swim time: 24:59

I got to the race and some knocked my bike almost off the rack and my stuff was everywhere. I got my helmet and glassess on and then fumbled stuffing my wetsuit into the bag (it was a point to point race so you had to stuff everything in a bag after the swim).

T1 time: :59 (worst t1 ever)

Bike: 40k
I booked out of t1 and jumped on my bike. I had my shoes already in the pedals and kept in place with rubberbands (typical set up for me). As I started pedaling there was a ton of resistance. I looked down at my front brake and it was rubbing on the rim. So I jumped off tweaked it back so it wasn't rubbing and then had to rip my shoes off the pedals and put them on because I had already broken the rubberbands by pedaling on top of my shoes. All I can think is theat when whoever knocked into my bike they hit my front brake becuause it wasn't like that prior to the race.

As soon as I got on the bike I knew it was going to be a long day. I felt like crap. I posted earlier this in my blog that I felt tired and flat all week and I still did. I had nothing in my legs. No juice at all and my stomach also began cramping like crazy. I pushed through it and the course was pretty challenging. There were a lot of false flats, rolling hills, a couple good climbs, some super fast descents, and the roughest roads that I have ever ridden on. Even with as bad as I felt I only got passed on the bike by one guy and he was in the 30-34 AG that started 5 minutes after my wave. He was hammering.

Overall the course was pretty awesome. Riding through Hollywood and downtown LA on closed roads was pretty cool.

Bike time: 1:07

T2: Uneventful. In and out.

run: 10k

By now I was really feeling bad. I usually love this part of the race. I always look forward to getting off the bike and laying it down. Not on this day. I was hurting. My legs were completely dead and the stomach cramps were getting worse. My stomach was so bad that I actually considered bagging the run but I couldn't let myself quit. I pushed through and passed a couple of guys in the elite division and the guy that passed me on the bike. While on the run I also saw Greg Bennet and Craig Alexander finishing which was rad. They were hammering. The run course was pretty tough with a lot of hills including one long steep climb right out of t2.

After 4 miles I had caught all the people that I was going to be able to so I pretty mush shut it down. I had a big enough lead that nobody behind me was going to catch me so I just cruised to the finish.

run time: 35:57

Results: 2:09:44 - Place ??

I was the 12th elite to finsh, but 3 or 4 guys ahead of me got DQ'd for missing a turn on the bike course and cutting off about 4 miles. So once things get sorted out I will probably have finished 8th or 9th. I was just so happy to finish. I am really glad I pushed through it. This was the first time I have ever had to deal with anything like that. I am also stoked that I was able to run a 35:57 10k without even pushing it. I know now that I am defintely capable of running in the 33's when I feel good.

If I wouldn't have raced Elite I think I could have won my AG even with how I felt. The winner of 25-29 went 2:09:02 and ran a 37+ 10k. I am pretty confident that if I would have been able to push myself on the run if I was racing in the same wave as the winner and contending for the win.

I learned a lot from this race and am glad I raced elite. Putting the pressure on myself and seeing where I stand with top amateurs was way more valuable than placing in my AG. It's the reason why I like racing. It's not to collect placques and trophies. It's to push myself as hard as I can and go as fast as I can. Racing faster guys is the only way I am going to find my limits.

Next season I am really going to focus on the Lifetime Fitness Series and try to qualify for the 2007 champs in Dallas.

I need to figure out why I felt how I did all week. This race was a last minute thing so there was really not tapering. My big races are coming in the next couple of weeks and I need to make sure that I dont' feel then how I did yesterday.

Friday, September 08, 2006

It's almost GO time...

Well the week is coming to an end and I have had a relatively easy week. Here's what went down:

AM: swim - 1.5 mile open water

I did this solo at Fletcher's cove Monday morning. The water was perfect and I felt good.

AM: swim - Masters - 4000 yards
PM: run - 60 min easy w/ 15-20 strides

I felt really good in the pool and it was my last full swim workout before the race this weekend. The run was standard. Didn't feel bad, didn't feel great.

AM: swim - Masters - 2700 yards
Lunch: 10min Stationary bike/stretching/light core
PM: Ride - 1:20/22 mile - easy with spin ups

I was still feeling really good in the pool. I put in some hard efforts but cut down the volume. It helps having good masters coaches helping you with your taper. I was really tired heading out on the bike. I felt ok once I got going, but never really got "into" the ride. I was just waiting to get back home and eat.

AM: run - 40min easy
Lunch: 15 min stationary bike/stretching
PM: swim - Coached open water swim workout

I felt good in the morning getting out an running first thing. I have always like running in the mornings. By the time the afternoon rolled around I was exhausted. I headed home frow work took a power nap and then headed down to Pacific Beach for the swim workout. The swim workout was solid. We worked on surf entries/exits, drafting, and did some hard efforts. Once I got in the water I felt good and then felt a lot better after I ate dinner.

AM: bike - 55min/15 mile - easy ride with 4-5 short race pace efforts
Lunch: STRETCH!!!(still to come)
PM: Transition practice - just a few run throughs with my shoes already in my pedals (after work).

I felt really good on this ride. It was my first ride with race wheels. My friend Matt let me borrow his Zipp 404's for this race. They defintly make a difference. I rode my normal route and was about 1-2 mph faster than usual. I don't if it was wheels or what, but "whoosh" sound was pretty cool. I need to get some for next season.

It's almost time to race and all my work has been done. I was kind of tired all week. I think having family and friends in town all last week and weekend along with getting all my workouts in really caught up with me. I also don't think I was eating enough. I have been super busy at work and skipped some feeding times due to meetings and bad planning on my part. I feel much better today after nailing my nutrition yesterday.

I am just going to go for it in the race. My plan is just try and find a pack on the swim and draft, draft, draft. I am going to really push myself to keep up with the lead pack. The Elite amatuer wave starts at 6:55 am right after the pro men (6:45) and women (6:50). Once I get on the bike I am just going hammer away. No pacing. Just seriously try to give everything I have and not worry about saving anything for the run. I know even if I am tired I can put in a good run. My goal for the run is sub 34 minutes. i won't be happy unless I am @ 34 min or under.

I have also made a decision not to carry any tools or "flat kit" on the bike. I am racing for a top 5 spot, not to see if I can finish. If I flat I am done. Plus I am riding tubulars that I have never changed before. I know it's a gamble, but that's how I am looking at this whole race. I am going to have to give everything I have to hang with these guys.

Game on.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Less than a week...

For the past week I have been going nonstop. My brother and his girlfriend were in town but I was still able to get in all my workouts and still hang out... and drink too much beer.

Here's what I have been up to training wise:

AM: run - 60min easy run

AM: swim - 1.5 mile open water
PM: bike - 90 min ride

AM: Balboa 4 mile XC race - 22:22 - 4th AG/10th Overall
30 min warm-up
22:22 race
40 min cool down

The race was solid. I was feeling ok but I was defintely feeling the fatigue from my week of workouts. I had a better strategy going into this race. There was a guy who beat me by 30 seconds last time and I was just going to stay on his hip as long as I could. The course was really tough with a lot of steep climbs. I was able to hang with this guy until then and passed some guys on the final hill. We ended up in a sprint finish and I just did not have the distance to complete the pass. It felt good to run that hard and I am really starting to like "running only" races.

PM: bike - 3:04/50 mile ride

My ride yesterday was solid. My sister and nephew were down the night before, along with my brother still being in town, and they all left around noon. I wasn't feeling very motivated to get out on the road in the heat, especially after downing too many beers and chicken wings at the Padres game the night before. The goal for the ride was to get out and ride, get in some climbing, descending, cornering, and some sprints. Once on the road I started to feel good and had a great ride with a lot of climbing. I didn't attack the climbs. I just kept it steady and powerful.

This week is going to be relatively light with the LA Triathlon on Sunday. It was good to be so busy this past week as I did not have time to think all the mega-fast guys I will try to hang with. Either way I am just going to try to have fun with the whole experience.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stepping things up...

As of Monday afternoon things have changed a bit. When I got home from my ride I had a voice mail from my coach saying something about the LA Triathlon and my goals for 2007. I called him right back and we started talking about my plans/goals for 2007 and a possible oppurtunity at the LA Triathlon. He talk about the EAC (Elite Amateur Competition). Here's the info from the LA Triathlon page:

"We are please to announce the new Elite Amateur Competition (EAC). The top five overall finishers, both male and female, in the EAC will qualify for the Life Time Fitness Series Championship (LTF) to be held in July of 2007 in Minneapolis. Each qualifier will receive complimentary entry, airfare and lodging at the Life Time Fitness Triathlon. You will compete for the championship against the qualifiers from the 2006 New York, Chicago, and Life Time Fitness Triathlon Qualifiers to determine the top amateurs in the sport of triathlon."

You have to submit a resume to get into the EAC race. So on Monday night I updated my resume and sent it off. I thought it was going to be a longshot. Eventhough I have done really well this year, it is my first season and I have only done one Olympic distance race. On Tuesday afternoon I received an email saying that I had been accepted to race in the Elite race and that they would gladly transfer my entry.

I immediately started to think that I was in over my head. There's going to be some fast guys at this race and I have no idea if I can hang. My goal prior to Monday for the the LA Triathlon was to try and get on the podium in my AG while using it as a B race leading up to Xterra Nationals. Well that's changed. Now I am going to try to scrap my way into 5th place. I know it is a longshot but I I am going to go for it. My coach thinks that if I can somehow get into the top 5 and qualify for the Championship next summer I will be able to compete for the title. He has plans for me to really ramp up my cycling this offseason. My run is there and my swim gets better by the week, so it's going to be all about the bike.

At the very least this will be a good experience for me and will really let me know where I stand with the fast guys. That's not to say I am not nervous about stepping into the ring with these guys.

Ok so training this week:

AM: swim - Masters - 4000 yards
Lunch - Weights - lowerbody/core
PM: Bike - 1:53/34miles - easy ride

AM: swim - Masters - 4100 yards
PM: run - 60 min - intervals(5x3min hard(sub 5k pace)/3 min recovery

AM: swim - Masters - 4000 yards
Lunch: Weights - upperbody/core
PM: Bike - 2:40/25 mile Mountain bike - 2 x Black Mtn

I have felt good this week but swimming Masters 3 days in a row was tough. By the last set yesterday I was nuked. I could feel myself falling apart on the last 200 but I was leading the lane so I had to try to keep it together. I got through the 200 in 2:48 which isn't the fastest I have swam a 200 but with the way I felt it was fine by me. I did nail my fastest 100 on Monday and it came at the end of a hard workout. A 1:17 for 100 yards. I couldn't believe it when the I touched the wall the coach told me my time. I have been really motivated in the pool and having good coaches has been the difference. They stay on me, push me, call me out for slacking, and have really helped me work on my stroke. They have even offered to help me taper my swim workouts leading up to races. Good people.

Ok that's it for now. I have to get back to my anxiety about the LA tri.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Well this recovery week did the trick. The two previous weeks I was hitting 20+ hours of training and this past week topped at just over 14. The upcoming week of training is going to be a tough one and the fact that my brother and his girlfriend will be in town will defintely make for more distractions than normal. I'll definitely have to juggle my schedule around and try not to drink too much.

The weekend:

AM: - Bike - 4 hour/70 mile

The purpose of this ride was to just get out and ride. I rode from my apartment in Encinitas, through Camp Pendleton, and turned around in San Clemente. There were times that I pushed a bit but most of the ride was just steady. My nutrition was on the money and felt good for the entire ride. When I got home I made protein/recovery shake, took an ice bath, and then took a solid nap.

AM: - run - 90min/12mile easy run

Just a long easy run. I didn't push it but felt like I could of. I was stoked that I felt so good and not tired. After the run I stretched, took a contrast shower (30sec cold/1min warm x 5), made a shake, and took another nap.

I have been really trying to maximize my recovery. I am right in the middle of my most important and intense training of the season. I really want to put in some good races at LA, Tahoe, and Maui. That's going to take getting the most out of the workouts I am putting which means recovery is going to be the key so I can be ready to go day after day.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Feeling good...

My recovery week is coming to an end and I am feeling pretty good. Yesterday I did a club Aquathlon and pushed pretty hard on the run and was expecting my legs to be feeling it this morning, but they aren't. I did a good cool down and propped my feet up when I got home and I am sure that is why I am not too sore.

AM: 40 min easy run - just focusing on cadence
Lunch: 15min stationary bike/15min stretching
PM: Club Aquathon - 1000m swim/3 mile run

I was really looking forward to this club race. I had a really good time at the last one. It's a great workout and a chance to race stress free. When I got down to the beach I was feeling pretty tired and honestly did not want to run hard. There was a really good turnout for this race including my coach, members of the UCSD Triathlon team, and a lot of fast guys from the club. I warmed up with a 5 minute jog and about 300m of easy swimming.

The Swim:
The start was pretty congested. There were about 150 people from the club doing the race and everybody sprinted for the water as soon as the horn went off. I started right in line with the buoy. As I was diving through the waves my goggles got knocked sideways and I had to stand up and put them back, and missed my chance to get out clean. I dove back in and just followed the draft of a group of about 20. The first 200m was really rough, a lot of feet and elbows. I was able to stay really relaxed and just got through it. I didn't bother sighting to often as I had so many people just ahead of me, this was a mistake. The group swung about 20 yards wide of the buoy so I had some ground to make up. Once around the first buoy I got into a really good groove and started to pass a lot of people and got on some feet for a while. I think I ended up being in the top 10 out of the water, but I was quite a ways behind the lead pack that included Marc and Jim. Overall the swim was good for me. I didn't feel like I pushed it at all and was still able to hang near the front.

The Run:
After tranisitioning out my wetsuit I went out on the run in I think 8th place. The run was 2 out and back loops. Just like last time I looked at it like 4 laps (2 out, 2 back) and my plan was just descend on each lap. On the first lap I passed a couple people but I was feeling like crap. As I got near the turn around I could Jim, my coach, leading with Marc in 2nd. At that point I was in 6th and new if I went hard I could into third, but that was probably going to be it. So I picked it up at the first turn around and made up a lot on ground. At the next turn to start the second loop (3rd lap) I picked up my pace again. On this lap I ran my way into 3rd place and then at the final turnaround I just gave it everything I had and was actually feeling really good. I ended up finishing third with Jim in first and Marc in second. I am not sure how much they beat me by but I was really happy with my run and I'll take finishing 3rd to those guys anyday.

I was really stoked about the swim. Seeing constant improvement defintely keeps me motivated to keep getting up at 5am to hit the early morning master's sessions.

Friday (today):
AM: 1.5 mile swim - took it easy
Lunch: weights - upperbody core (still to come)
PM: chiropractor/massage/epsom salt bath
(still to come)

As for the weekend... I have a 4 hour ride tomorrow that will be done at an easy pace and then a 90 minute run on Sunday. Then it's back to hitting it hard next week including a 4 mile XC race on Saturday!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Recovery is my friend.

Well I have hit the middle of a recovery week and I am feeling really good. This isn't a full on recovery week as there is still quite a bit of volume but minus the intensity.

Monday: Recovery/rest day
Lunch: 25 min spin on stationary bike/15 min stretching

AM: swim - Master's - 4000 yards
PM: run - 60 min easy run

My swim was really solid yesterday but I probably pushed it more than I should of during a recovery week. I can just defintely tell I am getting a lot stronger in the water and am really motivated to go hard in the pool. There was nothing eventful about the run, 60 minutes easy and I was kind of tired.

AM: swim - Master's - 3500 yards
Lunch: weights(still to come)
PM: ride - 2:30 - easy effort (still to come)

I did a good job of holding back in the pool this morning. It also helps to have two really good Masters coaches. I told Chris (the main coach and leads the workout on m/w/f) that I was in a recovery week and that I was going to take it easy. Usually he pushes my and I like that, but today he really helped me take it easy and helped me work on my form. I usually lead or swim second in my lane but today I just hung on the back (4th). I didn't have to think about laps or intervals and I just cruised. I made all the intervals without even really trying and most importantly after 3500 yards I got out of the pool feeling fresh. I have a good long easy ride this afternoon and light weight session at lunch.

On Gordo's blog he just put up a link to an outline for his presentation on Maximizing Athletic Performance. There is a really good quote in the outline:

"Until you can “do consistently”, worrying about “what you do” is pointless"

I agree completely with this statement. I believe consistency, when it comes to traing, is by far the most important thing. A lot of people can throw down some big/intense workouts every now and then but getting out there day after day, week after week, month after month and doing what it takes is going to make you better. I believe consistency is why I have been successful and have been getting faster in all 3 sports, especially when it comes to swimming.

I saw another quote that I really liked. It was from Bjorn Anderson who just won the Timberman 70.3.

"If you feel in control you are not going fast enough"

I know this does not apply to all race distances, especially IM. This relates to what my coach has been trying pound into my head, and that's to "commit" and to have confidence in my ability. He thinks I can go even faster and push a lot harder in races than I have so far. I just need to get over a mental barrier and know that I can push the pace and will not blow up. It's a fine line but the fact that I keep finishing races feeling like I could have kept going or went harder shows me that is still have some work do.. mentally.

Finally, here the official results from my XC race this last

3rd Annual Bake At The Lake XC 4 Miler
AG: 5/12 - 10th overall
time: 22:11
pace: 5:33/mile

Here's photo taken from the last 1/2 mile. You can tell I am hurting.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

a solid weekend...

Another solid weekend in the books. I am pretty tired right now and can barely keep my eyes open as I watch the Redsox hopefully hang on to beat the Yankees. I just got out of another epsom salt bath and my body is feeling good even with all the training.

So this is what went down:

AM - XC Race - Bake at the Lake - 4 miles
20 min warm-up
22:05 Race
50 min run after race
1:32:05 total running

I recently obtained a sponsorshp with Mizuno and one of the obigations is to compete in local running events as well as keep up racing in tri's. Saturday was my first race with the team and I was pretty nervous about it. For the first time in my very brief racing career there was some expectaion to perform well. This race was the first of the Dirt Dog cross country series. At each race along with the individual competition there is also team competition. Most of the major shoe companies were represented and some other local clubs. There were about 10 of us from Mizuno including myself and my coach. Other than my coach I had only met one of the other guys before. So the pressure was on to make a good first impression.

The course was a rocky, hilly 4 miles - true cross country. I never know how fast to go out in a running race. I find much it easier to run off the bike because then you just run as hard as your body will let you. When you start out fresh it's all about strategy and not letting yourself get gapped by too much by the lead pack. I went out kind of conservatively but was probably only 10 yards behind he leaders. The course was tough. I ended up finishing in 22:05 and I think in around 10th place (they havent published the results yet) and probably 30 - 60 seconds behind all the guys ahead of me. Out of all the people on my team I finished 2nd and was even able to hold off my coach in the last 1.5 miles. We ran side by side for about 3/4 of mile then he told me to go for it and that I better not lose to him. So I went for it and finished about 20 seconds ahead of him. I was spent. I don't know if I have ever run that hard for that long. I pretty much ran all out for the entire race.

AM - swim - 1.5 mile ocean swim
Midday - Bike - 3:35/36 mile mountain bike
Run - 30 min off the bike

Today was a long one. I started the day off with a mellow 1.5 mile swim with the tri club. After that I came home and hung out for a bit then headed off to the trails. I rode all throught PQ canyon and climbed to the top of black mountain before heading back. I was feeling it by the end of the bike but as soon as I got of the bike and started running I felt better. After the run I stretched for 20 minutes and headed home.

It's just after 9pm and I am about to crash. I am heading into a recovery week so tomorrows a day off and I'm sleeping in! I will start to hit hard again on the weekend but the hardest workout I have during the week will be a showdown with Marc at an aquathlon on Thursday. I am going to try and not let him whip by as much this time. We'll see... he's coming off a half marathon today so I may have a very slight chance of catching him on the run...

Friday, August 18, 2006

It's all about recovery

Well as you can probably tell my blog template has changed again. When I switched it over to my blogger account to my google account (which is a beta version) some of the formatting of my page got jacked. It would of been an easy fix, but the beta version does not let you edit the raw HTML... yet. As soon as they do I will fix everything and get all my links to race reports and other blogs back up.

Update on my neck:

It feels great. As of this morning the stiffness is completely gone. I am really glad I skipped my swim on Tuesday and gave it a couple of days of rest. I still got on my bike though.



AM - Swim - Skipped due to neck/upperback stiffness.
Lunch - 20min stationary bike/Core
PM - Bike - 2:20/36mile - Hill Repeats of Torrey Pines
Torrey Pines (outside):
1 - 6:38
2 - 6:44
Torrey Pines (inside):
1 - 5:12
2 - 4:55

I was supposed to get out on my mountain bike and do a couple hill repeats of Black Mtn. Due to waking up with a stiff neck and after talking it over with my coach we decided it was probably a better idea to stay on the road for my ride. Riding offroad is a lot more taxing on the body. So the plan was to head out on the road and see how it felt. If I felt any pain or discomfort I was gonig to head back home. If I felt good it was out to Torrey Pines for some hill repeats. Well, suprisingly, I felt great. I had to hold myself back on the ride out. I wanted to hammer. When I got to Torrey Pines I climbed the outside twice and the inside twice. I haven't done hill repeats out there since early May and I crushed my old times, which is a very good sign. All the climbing I have been doing offroad is defintely working. After the ride I took an ice bath, relaxed, and watched the Padres get beat, again, by the pathetic Giants.

Thursday: Rest/Recovery day

Slept in
30min on stationary/recumbent bike (very little resistance)
15min of stretching
Chiropractor - Adjustment
60min Massage
30min Epsom Salt bath


AM - Swim - Master's - 4000 yards - Speed day
Lunch - Core (still to come)
PM - 60min easy run (still to come)

I was kind of nervous to get in the pool this morning, but after a couple of strokes I could tell my neck would not be an issue. I lead the lane for the first two hard sets and hit all the intervals. It was solid. I let a this fast chick take over and just cruised after that.

I have been thinking a lot about recovery and my approach to it. What got my thinking about it was reading Simon Whitfield's blog (thanks for the link Mike). He is a super fast triathlete from Canada. His blog covers his training and he always mentions what he did for recovery with same kind importance as what he did during his swim/bike/run workouts. It defintely got me thinking.

So now I am approaching recovery and rest days a bit differently. For the most part I think most of us see a rest day on our training plans and think "ok, there's a day I don't have to do anything. I can just hang out". At least that was the attitude that I took. Instead I think we should be looking at these days and be thinking about how we can maximize recovery during those 24 hours. Now I am approaching these days with the same kind of preparation as a workout day. Typically when I get my weekly training plan from my coach I look it over and start mentally preparing for the week. I know what days I am going to be working hard, going long, and what days will be for recovery. The night before my hard workouts I defintely start thinking about the next days work and being mentally prepared and definitely helps. Now I am doing the same things for my rest days. I have a plan for my recovery days. I want to get the most out of these days so the day after I am truly ready to hit it hard again mentally and physically.

Yesterday was a rest day and I took full advantage. I slept in (got up at 6:45am as opposed to my daily 5am wake up). I then just hung out and worked from home a bit, had good clean breakfast and headed into work. At lunch I hit the gym and rode stationary/recumbent bike for 30 minutes while reading the latest issue of Inside Triathlon and then stretched for 15 minutes. Riding the stationary bike is something I try to do everyday druing the week. I don't really use any resistance and helps to get the blood flowing in my legs and loosend them up before I stretch. After work I headed to my Chiropractor for an adjustment and followed that up with a 60min massage. Then after dinner I soaked in a epsom salt bath for 30 minutes. I was in bed by 10pm, slept great, and woke up this morning ready to go hard in the pool.

This weekend:


AM - Run - 4 mile XC race(running only) - warm-up/race/cooldown for a totaly of 90 minutes

that's all I am doing tomorrow.

Sunday (big day):

1.5 - 2 mile swim
4 hr Mountain bike/30min run
Weights - lowerbody

I am really looking forward the XC race tomorrow morning. I am going to really push it. My plan is to go out with fastest guys and see if I can hang for the entire 4 miles. Sunday should also be fun.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sitting one out...

ok... Last night I switched blogger account so it uses my gmail account. Then I wrote out this whole post only to have it not publish correctly. Here is try number 2.

Yesterday morning when I was jumping in the pool (feet first, nothing crazy) I must have tightened up right before I hit the water because I tweaked my neck/upperback a bit. I got through the workout and it's not sore it's just more annoying than anything. It feels a lot better this morning but it still feels a little off so I am canning my swim this morning. I figured it would be better to skip a day and let it heal totally than force it and potentially make it worse. Plus I have a massage/adjustment scheduled for tomorrow and I know that will help. So instead of grinding out 4000 yards this morning I am drinking coffee, listening to podcasts, and just hanging out.

I was kind of scared to wake up Monday morning. I was pretty sure my legs would be pretty sore after 7+ hours of riding. This was not the case. My legs did feel sluggish but I really didn't have any muscle soreness and after all the climbing I endured I was pretty stoked. Thank you ice bath. Thank you Fat Tire.

The week so far:

Lunch - Weights - upperbody/core
Pm - 60 min run

I felt really good in the weight room. I warmed up with 20 min on the recumbent bike and the stretched for 10 min. After work I headed down to fletcher's cove for an easy run. About 30 minutes into the run I really started to feel tired. I just wanted the run to end and because I forgot my ipod at home so I had no distraction. This bad patch only lasted about 5 minutes and I ended up finishing the run without really pushing it at all. After the run I put on my trunks and swam/soaked/floated/bodysurfed in the ocean. I have been doing this quite a bit after my runs. It is really relaxing, refreshing, and good for recovery.

AM: swim - Masters - 4000 yards (tweaked my neck jumping in the pool)
PM: Weights - lowerbody
PM: Bike - 60min/16 mile Recovery spin(small chainring only)

Even with my neck bugging my I got through the swim and then headed to work. Afterwork (early afternoon) I hit the gym for some good stretching and a lowerbody strength training session. My legs are still feeling good. After I left the gym I head straight home and the plan was to get in a 60 min easy spin on the bike, but I was pretty tired and not feeling it. I thought about just skipping it but knew that the easy spinning would do a lot for my recovery. So I got home slammed a red bull and headed out the door with my bike. 10 minutes into the ride I was stoked I did. I just cruised 16 miles up and down the coast. It felt great. I didn't push it at all and let many cyclists blow right by me.

Tweaking my neck first thing in the morning pissed me off. I have dealt with neck problems a lot in the past. It's from all my years of snowboarding/surfing/skating. A year and a half ago it was really bad and the slightest thing could cause muslce spasms in my neck and it would cause my neck and upperback to tighten up. Thanks to my chiropractor it hardly ever happens anymore. What happened yesterday is minor in comparison. It's not painful it just feels a bit off, very annoying.

Well that's it for now. I am going to just hang around my apartment, drink more coffee, watch sportscenter, and do what "normal" people do before work. I don't like it!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Blood, Sweat, and Gears...

Wow... this week was by far the toughtest to date. Here's all the stats and workout info.

Weekly totals:

Total Time: 24:27
Swim: 14,200 yards
Bike: 148 miles
Run 26.5 miles
Strength - 1 day upperbody, 1 day lowerbody, 3 days core

AM - Swim - Masters - 4200 yards - Speed
PM - 60 min run - Easy
I went surfing after the run.

AM - Run - 1:15 Coached workout - 30 min worth of hard running
PM - Bike - 2hr/28mile easy recovery spin, small chainring only

I felt like crap going into the run workout from lifting (lowerbody) on Thursday, but once the workout started I pushed through it. After the first set of intervals (3min hard, 6min hard, 2 x 4min hard - all with 90 sec recovery) we ran a timed mile. I was able to nail my fastest so far - 4:50. I really can't believe how strong my running is getting. After the run I headed home relaxed and then went on a 2 hour easy spin and just really took it easy only averaging 14 mph.

AM/PM - Bike - 7:15/60 Mile Mountain bike - Hardest ride of my life.

This week was huge and culminated with a 7+ hour mountain bike ride today. I met my coach at his house at 7am and we hit the road about 7:30. We met up with three other riders, all Xterra competitors, including 2 females (one being a pro mountain biker). We all road together for 4.5 hours, climbing a ton, and really working on technical descents. The vibe was awesome. My coach and the others were giving me tons of tips on technique. I learned a lot. At the 4.5 hour mark the others left and it was just me and Jim, my coach. We hit a local market refilled our hydration packs and water bottles and then set out for our next climb - Cowel's Mountain. We got to the base 4:45 into our ride and 45 minutes later we were at the top. It was hands down the hardest climb I have ever done on a mountain. The first half was super technical and the second half was super steep fire road. I was so stoked once we reached the top. I really couldn't believe that after 5.5 hours I still had juice in my legs. We then headed down the mountain and back to Jim's. We hit the 7:15 mark just as we pedaled back into his drive way. I was crushed, I crashed 3 times, and was covered from head to toe with dirt and blood (i have photos). It felt great, like I really accomplished something. I don't know what it was.

I got home made some food, took a shower, and then an ice bath. I am guessing I'll be asleep before 9pm.

I have another big week on tap. Due some recent happenings (I will get to it later this week) I will be running the first race of a cross country race series on Saturday. That's it for now... I need to get back to my beer and prop my feet up.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Turning it up a notch...

Let me start this off by saying I was planning posting this last night but did not have the energy to type... This is probably a sign of things to come.

I have started my biggest/hardest training cycle so far this year. The last couple months my coach had my training really targeted on my running and swimming. I was kind of impatient and kept asking him where the big/hard bike workouts were. Now that my running is right where it needs to be it's now all about the bike (and swim, lots of volume). I will be pretty much maintaining my run workouts but probably only one day of intervals instead of two. I am also going into a heavy lifting phase with my legs which I am sure will have an effect on my workouts, but it's something that needs to be done. We'll see.

I plan posting a lot more of the couple of weeks as I prepare for the LA Triathlon (B race), Xterra Nationals (A race), and Xterra Worlds (A race). My plan is to really peak for nationals and hopefully carry that fitness into worlds. The LA Triathlon will be my last road race of the season and should serve as good indicator of where I am at 3 weeks out from Xterra Nationals.

Training so far this week:

Monday - Rest/Recover
I went to the gym at lunch and road the stationary bike for 20 minutes with very little resistance (I do this on most rest days). This always helps me loosen up my legs after a hard workout or race. Then I stretched and did some light core for 30 min.

Tuesday - Swim/run
AM - Swim - Masters - 4000 yards (20 x 200 varying intervals)- 1:15
PM - Run - Easy 1:15 trail run

Wednesday - Swim/weights/Bike
AM - Swim - Masters - 4000 yards (speed work) - 1:15
Lunch - Weights - upperbody/core
PM - Bike - 2.5hr/25 Mile Mountain bike - 2 Hill Repeats of Black Mtn
1 - 13:34
2 - 14:20 (I was crushed and rear derailleur was jacked)

Thursday (today) - Bike/Weights/Swim
AM - Bike - 2hr/35 mile road bike - 5 x 6min hard (zone 4-5a/80-90 rpm) 2min recoveries
Lunch (still to come) - Weights - Lowerbody/core
PM - (still to come) - Open water swim with coach and other athletes

This block of training is going to be tough. Last night I didn't finish my ride until 7:15 and then had to drive 20 min home. I got home took a shower, made myself some dinner, got my gear and food ready for today, and then passed out on my couch... just to get up at 5am and get back out on the road for my ride this morning and then head straight to work.

I don't think I am going to have too much time for anything else besides training and work for the next couple of months and that's fine by me. I really want to see what I am capable of in Tahoe and getting stronger on the bike is gonig to be the key to me having a good race there.

I am gonig to be posting about my workouts every 2-3 days... it should be interesting to look back on when the season is over. Looking over my eary season posts has already been intersting and comical...