Friday, October 13, 2006

it's been a while...

I haven't posted anything lately and it's just because I have been busy. I took a couple days off when I got bact from Tahoe and then got a couple good days in last week/weekend, and this week has been a big one. I am really looking forward to getting back out and racing. Nationals didn't necessarily go the way that I wanted but it was good learning experience for sure. I will definitely have a different approach/attitude when I toe the line in Maui in a couple weeks.

Here's what went down over the past week:

AM: swim - masters - 4200 yards
Lunch: strenght - core/uppebody(light)
PM: run - 60min - trail run - Fartlek

AM: swim - masters - 4000 yards
PM: ride - 2.5 hour MTB w/ 2 x Black Mountain

AM: swim - masters - 4000 yards
Lunch: run - 60min easy

AM: run - easy 30min
Lunch: strength - core/stretching
PM: swim/run - Club Aquathlon - 1000m swim/3 mile run

AM: swim - masters - 4000 yards
Lunch - strenght - upperbody (light)

I am feeling suprislingly fresh today. The aquathlon was a good time last night and I took third once again. My swim is continuing to improve and I keep coming out of the water in a better position with less people to track down on the run. Last night I was the sixth person out on the run and ran my way up to third. Jim and Marc finished first and second once again.

I have some pretty intense stuff lined up for the weekend including a XC 5k, but I might have to get a little creative with scheduling as it is supposed to rain for the first time in months.

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Rachel said...

That's cool you did the aquathlon (along with everything else). I chickened out. Cold, dark water. Bacteria counts. (I got the stomach flu last time I was in the ocean).