Monday, October 16, 2006


My workouts this past weekend were tough. Physically and mentally. Luckily it was the last real hard stuff before the Xterra Worlds. I do have some big swims on tap but most of the intense stuff is done.

On Saturday I ran in the Balboa Boogie XC 5k. Again, these races are always tough with a bunch of fast guys coming out. It rained on Friday night so the course was nice and muddy. Just for fun I decided to wear my HRM during the race just to see what my body would be doing while I was running pretty much as hard as I can. Here's the numbers:

5K (3.1 miles) XC race: 16:30

AVG HR: 196 bpm
MAX HR: 202 bpm

Mile 1: 5:05 (I actually ran by the guy calling splits at 5:01)
HR: 197 bpm
AVG HR: 191 bpm
Ascent: 40ft

Mile 2: 10:30 (lap: 5:24.4)
HR: 198 bpm
AVG HR: 197 bpm
Ascent: 20ft

Mile 2: 16:30 (lap: 6:00)
HR: 198 bpm
AVG HR: 199 bpm
Ascent: 40ft

I went out pretty hard, and looking back, probably too hard. Mile 2 was really tough, and mile 3 was a mud pit, but I did have a nice little kick over the last 1/4 mile. Overall I finished 10th once again. Later on in the day I got in a 2hr Mountain bike.

On Sunday I did a really tough brick workout on Fiesta Island. I warmed up with 4 easy small loops (10 miles) and then turned it up. I did 3 sets consisting of the following:

bike - 2 laps (2.5 miles each) HARD!
run - 1 Mile all out right off the bike
bike - 1 lap easy

Here's my splits (just the hard intervals, I didn't include the easy lap):

Bike (2 laps): 13:18
run: (1 mile) 5:34

bike: 13:59
run: 5:38

bike: 14:12
run: 5:34

This workout was extremely tough and I was still feeling the prior days race in my legs. As hard as it was I really enjoyed it and it's something I will do often in the future. I would like to get the "hard" bike splits down aroung the 13:00 and run around 5:15. We'll see when I do this fresh.

This morning I was back in the pool for a Masters session. I tacked some extra yardage and got out of the pool after 4700 yards.


XTEric said...

Those are SUPER HR figures.

Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend, leave it all out there!