Sunday, November 05, 2006

starting the offseason... kind of.

The Xterra Worlds was my last triathlon of the season and I am defintely ready for a break. I am not necessarily ready to stop working out altogether, but just doing some unstructured stuff and whatever I feel like will be nice. I do have a race next weekend. It's the Xc Championship race and it's a pretty big race. My team has moved into second place and we are in striking distance. So I want to run a strong race, but I have to admit that mentally I am done. My plan is just to totally blow it out for the 4 miles and see what happens.

Today I volunteered at the B&L Aid station for the San Diego Triathlon Challenge that is put on by CAF (Challanged Athletes Foundation). I had a blast handing out Gatorade bottles. There was some pretty amazing stuff going. It's pretty rad to see some of the people race and the attitudes they have.

On another note, my coach killed it at IMFL. He finished 3rd overall in 8:37 in his first ever IM. Pretty damn impressive. I am definitely very stoked for him. He had a lot of bad luck this year and to end his season like this is very well deserved.

I did get in some training/workouts this past week.

Monday: off - Travel back to LA
Tuesday: 40 min easy run, shake off the jet lag
Wednesday: 60 min easy ride/core workout
Thursday: easy strength/stretching session
Friday: 30 minute run
Saturday: 1:45 MTB - easy and fun at Daley Ranch
Sunday: 60 min run/50min mtb on neighborhood trails

I am just basically doing what I feel like and staying active. No intensity. I am have been eating and drinking a lot. I went out and partied with my friends on friday night and drank way too much and topped it off with late night mexican food right before passing out. I felt like crap in the morning but it was to get out and not have to worry about getting early for a workout.

I have to travel for work this week. Taking the red eye Tuesday night to New Jersey... not fun. I am going to hit the pool in the morning and just cruise.


Anonymous said...

So does that mean you are on the B and L team? Can you hook a brother up with some smoking deals? Haha.


Yah and Jim freaking ripped it apart, he looked so stoked coming in.

Rachel said...

You definitely deserve a break after all that hard training. Be sure and take it easy.