Friday, November 10, 2006

Long week/Last Race

This week is finally ending and it's been a long one. Weeks are a lot more fun when they are filled with hard training rather than long hours of work.

I have my last "real" race of the season tomorrow. It's the San Diego USATF Open Championships. It's supposedly a big deal and there should be guys flying in just for this race. My motivation is kind of lacking for this one but I am going to try to just go all out. Our team moved up into second place in the standings and we are within striking distance. I would be pretty cool to pull out a first place in my season running for Mizuno.

I rode once this week, swam twice and ran 3 times. I am just taking it easy. I have also havent been eating to great and can defintely feel the difference, but whatever. I am not worried about things right now. I figure I will just keep up a similar schedule over the next couple of weeks until after Thanksgiving. I'll probably end up riding more with very little running. I think my legs need a break. Everything at a very easy pace. I will also start doing yoga twice a week starting next week. I hope to be able to keep that up all winter.

Swim - masters 2550 yards
30 min easy run

2 hour easy bike - 32 miles

45 min run with 3 x 3 min hard, descending

Swim - masters 2400 yards

30 min run with numerous strides


Rachel said...

Good luck on your race tomorrow! I bet you'll enjoy some time off afterwards. Good to hear you're signed up for California 70.3 too. It will be a blast! (and cold). I can't believe it will be your first half! I'm sure it'll be no sweat for you.

Habeela said...

Can't wait to hear how the race went. I had the same motivation problem at my last race of the season - it seems that once you have the important stuff taken care of, you're pretty much ready to be done for the year. You'll do great though! I'm sure of it! :)