Wednesday, November 15, 2006


My season is now officially over eventhough I have already been taking it really easy since I got back from Maui a couple of weeks ago. My body has been feeling really good and all the day to day aches and pains are pretty much gone.

The XC championship went pretty well. I talked with Jim before the race and based on his recomendation I went quite a bit more conservatively than I have done in past races. This worked pretty well and I finished strong. I probably should have made my final move about a 1/4 mile sooner as there was one guy that was fading fast and I just ran out of room to catch him.

USATF Championship 4 Mile - Morley Field November 11, 2006
22:03 14th Overall

I have not been doing any focused training but I have been riding my bike a lot. I have just been going and riding for as long as I want and some good neighborhood loops. It's been just for fun and when I am over it I head home. I don't plan on doing any running until sometime next and then it will some easy 30 min runs until I hit December. I also got in the pool for and easy 2500 yards yesterday morning and will probably swim again sometime this week and just keep it mellow.


XTEric said...

Checked the results. All things considered, you did surprisingly well in the xc running race. Good job on that & super job on your rookie season! Next year will be a blast!

Rachel said...

Congrats on the race! Enjoy the time off. You deserve it.