Thursday, November 30, 2006

back at it... sort of.

Well it all starts tomorrow... kind of. For first time in about a month I have something in my training plan, but then it's off to Vegas for a weekend of partying. So I am really going to consider Monday, 12/4 as the start of my training for 2007.

For the past month I have just been doing whatever I've felt like. For the most part I have just been riding my bikes. I got a new road bike and I am super stoked on it. I also did quite a bit of mountain biking. Just fun stuff. I ran and swam a handful of times each, but nothing hard.

My nutrition has been less than ideal but I think I really needed that. I am normally really healthy but have been just eating and drinking whatever I want. That all changes Monday. I am ready to start eating healthy and cutting way, way back on the drinking.

That's all for now.

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Habeela said...

Wow! You're starting your season really early! Have you posted what your plans are for 2007?