Monday, December 04, 2006

day one.

It all started today at 5:15am. My training for the 2007 season is on. After a weekend of partying in Vegas and not getting much sleep getting up was hell. I almost hit the snooze button one more time but was able to drag myself out of bed.

Last year at this time I had just gotten my first road/TT bike and could not break 1:50 per 100 yards in the pool. I was running a lot but with no focus. I had no plan. This year things are going to be way differnt. First of all, I have a successful season under my belt and have dramatically improved at all the 3 sports.

Jim gave me my training plan last week for the next month and I immediately thought it was kind of light. This is where it pays off to have a good coach in your corner. If I was going about this on my own, and being the kind of person I am, I would probably nuke myself early on in the year and pay for it at some point. I defintely need someone to talk some sense into me and keep me from overtraining. This month is all about skill/technique with volume slowly increasing as we move towards the first of the year. At first I was kind of disappointed with the lack of volume early on but I know it makes the most sense.

I swam a 3600 yard Masters workout this morning and it kicked my ass. I got through it and didn't push too hard. I was definitely feeling all drinking/lack of sleep from the weekend. I have a couple more swims this week and some relatively easy rides and runs. On the weekend I have couple of riding and running skills workouts. It should be a good time. I am stoked to be back "officially" training. A month of not really doing any structrued workouts was tough. I was in the best shape of my life prior to Xterra Worlds and then just to shut it down was harder than I thought it would.

That's all...

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Habeela said...

LOL! No plan for last year and this year is going to be different?! Look out triathlon! Here comes Jameson! You're going to blow the entire competition out of the water at this rate! :)