Friday, December 08, 2006


This week has been solid. Eventhough my schedule was relatively light getting back to regular training took a lot out of me. I think I crashed every night at 9pm, and even 830pm last night.

I swam a Masters workout on Monday and it was solid, and then swam by myself on Wednesday in the pool at work. The Wednesday swim was first time I have done a solo workout on a long time, but it gave me a chance to slow things down and really concentrate on drills and form, which is what I need to be concentrating on right now. My plan typically has 3 swims per week and I think I am going to hit Masters twice and then also make sure I spend one day swimming solo. I know I still have a lot of room for improvement in my stroke.

For no apparent reason I woke up anxious this morning to get in the pool. Friday is typically a speed workout with the squad that I swim with so I was kind of interested to see what my current speed was like after not really doing anything hard for about 6 weeks. After 2000 yards came the fast set.

4 x 25 hard - add time of each 25 to get 100 time (1:03)
100 easy
100 hard - trying to hit 4x25 time.. yeah right.
100 easy

We did this set twice and somehow I swam my fastet 100's ever. Just prior to leaving for the Maui and the Xterra Worlds I swam a 1:14 which was my PR for a 100 then. This morning:

1. 1:12
2. 1:11

So there's my benchmark.

I was kind of in shock, but am stoked. How much faster can I go once I am back in shape? I really think a winter of swimming and all next year that my swim can continue to improve and it will continue to be a focus in my training.

Maui really did alot for my confidence swimming. My mindset prior to the race was just to "get through" the swim and start going for it on the bike. Worlds was the first time I felt like I was racing in the swim and had the best swim of my life. I can't wait for my first race next year and actually committing to racing in the swim.

I have to do a run later on today and then that's it. I am stoked it's Friday.


Jim Vance said... start focusing on technique, and suddenly you're swimming faster than you ever have....hmmm...I wonder what genius came up with that plan??? Remember what I've been pounding into your head??? More is not always better...better is better.

barndog said...

I need to swim masters. Thanks for reminding me. I'd like to swim more better. Is that better than better is better?

ironjenny said...

great times in your 100's! Was that off the wall or block?

John P said...

nice job...sounds like your work is paying off with some great improvement.

I sent you a note about riding Palomar this weekend, fyi.