Wednesday, December 13, 2006

back at it.

Monday was a much needed rest day. After a week full of work outs and drinking too much beer watching the Chargers clinch that AFC west on Sunday I needed to just relax. My legs were also pretty sore after hitting the gym on Sunday. Lifting with my legs always crushes me and it usually takes me atlest 3 full days to recover.

Yesterday I had a ride in the morning and then got in a 30 minute yoga session in the evening. The ride was a good one, but went a little longer than I had planned. I headed out from my apartment at 6am to an empty parking lot a couple miles and worked on cornering and accelerating in and out of turns. After a solid 30 minutes of that I rode to where the new condo I am moving into the on the 29th is to check out the roads around there. I made a couple of wrong turns and what was only going to be an hour ride turned into 1:45. No worries though it was a good time.

Back when I was just surfing and running all the time I used to do yoga quite a bit and really like it. Since I have a little extra time in my training schedule this time of year I am going to try to get in a couple of yoga sessions a week. I am sure it will help in the long run. I am also getting in the weight room twice a week and try and add some muscle, especially to the lower half of my body.

This moring I was in the pool with Masters and knocked out 4000 yards.

Last week I finally started eating healthy again and could immediately feel the difference with how much energy I had. I forgot how good my morning protein shakes are... here's the recipe:

Post workout shake:

1 Banana
1 Scoop of super green (wheat grass, spinach, etc,... good stuff)
1.5 scoops of chocolate proten powder
1 cup of light vanilla soy milk
5g glutamine
1/2 tbsp flax oil

totals: 415 calories, 11g fat, 50g carbs, 35g protein

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trigrrl said...

That shake sounds so good. I love the smoothies at Swami's too.

I want to do more Yoga. I used to more and it's kind of like self-massage. Very therapeutic.

You're a monster in the pool! You swim in 1 session the distance I do in 2. Oh, well.