Monday, December 18, 2006


Getting out of bed and heading down the street to swim at 6am is getting harder. Not because I don't want to swim, but's it's been cold. My morning rides have been pretty cold too, but I have all the right gear so I stay relatively warm. I would rather be a cold little than suffer away on the trainer for two hours.

Last week was solid and things are slowly starting to pick up. It's hard to believe the California 70.3 is only 14 weeks away. I'm really looking forward to training for a longer distance race. It will be new for me. I may actually have to consider pacing myself, but I really just want to try and hammer the whole thing.

Saturday Jim held a swim clinic for all the athletes he coaches and it was cold. I froze my ass off and immediately changed, cranked up the heater in my truck, and headed to the nearest Starbucks.

Today I had my second meeting with Kim Muller, a local Sports Nutritionist. I really want to nail my pre-race and race nutrition. I thought I did an alright job on my own last season, but after talking with her it seems like I was making some major mistakes. By the time my first key race of the year comes around I plan on having a solid nutional plan.

I will be heading of town for the weekend to celebrate an early Christmas with my relatives in Palm Springs and then moving the following weekend. Between that, work, and training these next couple of weeks should be super busy.


XTEric said...

Cold, I hear ya. -1 last night. Keep warm.

Rachel said...

It IS cold. Let me know about the gear for biking b/c it's been just miserable. The swim has been a bit better. Kim is supposed to be the best for nutrition. Let me know if you hear any good tips! I'm working out the same things.

Habeela said...

And I'm still training in 40 degree weather - how screwed up is that? Good luck getting everything done this next week. And happy holidays.