Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Will it ever end?

I am ready for the holiday season to be over with. I am sick of drinking and eating like crap. It's hard to abstain from the alcohol and junk food when it's everywhere you turn.

I had a great time with my family over Xmas and even got in all my workouts. Now I am back at work but it seems like I am the only one. I will be moving over the next weekend and then with the start of the new year also comes my focused training for the California 70.3.

Yesterday I got I my longest run in a while, 1:18 with 20 minutes at tempo. I forgot how much I like running long. It felt great.

Time to start packing... I hate moving!


Habeela said...

I hear ya about the crapping eating! I think I just gained back all of the weight I lost after Thanksgiving! Boo! Oh well, holiday season is almost over. Happy moving. :P

IMmike said...

hey james,

enjoy the training. I think you'll have a blast w/the 70.3 race.

btw, i started my blog up again.

hope things are going well.


Cliff said...


Just catch up on your blog. Read about your Xtra Championship. Nice.

Now that your blog is in my blogline, I will look forward to read your progress for 2007.

Rachel said...

It's hard to maintain a solid training program too with all the family obligations. I will enjoy simultaneously training with you for the same race!

P.S. Thanks for the tip about the water quality. I'm very careful after my bird poop incident this fall (high surf; drank lots of water; bird poop on rocks in cove; need I say more?). I always wait 72 hrs and check the water quality. Thanks!