Thursday, September 14, 2006

Taking it easy and feeling good...

After feeling so tired and flat last week and weekend my coach kind of scaled things back this week. Which I think I needed. My last block of training was the hardest that I have put in. Both in volume and intensity. I think it just all caught up with me last week and at the race on Sunday. At the begining of the week Xterra Natl's in Tahoe was just a short 3 weeks away. So the plan is to take it relatively easy this week, put in a solid week next week, and then really cut it back the week heading into the race.

Here' what I have been up to:

REST! No Workouts.
Massage/adjustment/epsom salt bath

AM: surfed - 1.5 hours
PM: run - 30 min super easy

AM: surfed - 1 hour
Lunch: Strength - lowerbody/core - light on the weights
PM: ride - 2hr/22mile Mountain bike

AM: Swim - Masters - 4000 yards
Lunch: Core - hard (still to come)
PM: Run - 45 min - easy/mod "run how I feel"
* I also may get in a mellow ocean swim

I am feeling really good. I felt really fresh on my ride yesterday. Probably the best I have felt in the last couple of weeks but still held back a bit. I didn't want to smash myself. This is also the last week I will be lifting weights until after Tahow. I was planning on doing a XC 5k this weekend but the coach didn't think it was a good idea. He wants me to take a break from racing so I go into Natl's fresh.

They posted the official results of the LA tri and I finished 10th in the Male Elite Division. By far not my best race but I'll take it. It defintely fueled the fire to train hard, especially in the off season. I want a top 5 in LA next year.

And in case anybody was wondering if I do anything besides train. Here's a photo of me and my brother a couple of weeks ago. Nothing better than beer and a baseball game.

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Mark said...

Top 5 next year at the LA tri no probs dude!