Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Last "hard" ride...

I was up at 5am this morning as usual and was really anxious to get out and ride. I have really been having good offroad rides lately and this morning I got in my last "hard" ride before Xterra Nationals next Sunday. I have another ride lined up for the weekend but it's not going to be offroad or too hard. It's starting to get a little cold in the mornings. I was stoked I brought my arm warmers. I guess it's time to find all my winter gear. I am not looking forward to it!

AM: swim - Masters - 4000 yards
PM: run - 70min/intervals - 10x3 min hard w/ 1 min recovery

The swim yesterday was solid. Not many people have been showing up to Masters (I am guessing because it's getting colder in the AM and racing season is coming to an end). I had my own lane which is always nice. I swam everything averaging a 1:24/100 pace. After smashing myself in the pool two days in a row it took a little bit of motivation to run hard after work. Once I got to about my 3rd interval I started coming around and I finished the last 5 feeling stronger than the first 5. Good sign. I started my run from Fletcher's cove so I could jump in the water and swim around for a bit afterwards. It felt great.

AM: ride - 2.5hr/28 mile mountain bike
Lunch: 20 min recumbent bike/20 min stretching

I am feeling really good lately on the bike. I have been working on my bike handling quite a bit and it's really starting to come around. I am feeling a lot more confident blasting down technical, rocky descents. I rode from the west end of PQ canyon all the way out and to the top of Black Mtn and back. I felt really good on the climb and then blasted the downhill. Sitting in my office after my ride my legs were really starting to tighten up. So at lunch I hit the gym, loosened them up on the stationary bike, and then stretched for 20 minutes. They feel much better now. I will defintely be hitting and ice bath tonight.

Tomorrow will be my last hard run which will come on the second half of the club Aquathlon, and it's the only thing I am doing tomorrow.. well that and maybe surfing in the morning. I am really looking forward to the club race. Aquathlons are just a good time. They only take about a half hour, I get to try and catch Marc and the other fast swimmers, and the food afterwards is killer.

Time to get back to work so I can head out and go for a surf.

Padres are back in first.


Jessi said...

Is that 1:24/100 yards or meters?

Matt said...

I thought yards and metres which essentially the same - an engineer not a scientist :)

Can you take an ice bath without ice? Say with cold water only? Do you need to take one right after working out?