Monday, September 18, 2006

busy weekend...

Another solid weekend in the books.

AM: Swim - Masters - 4000 yards
Lunch: Strength - Core/Stretching
PM: Swim - 1.5 mile ocean swim - Torrey Pines
Run - 45min/6 mile trail run

A lot of swimming on Thursday. I did my normal Masters session in the morning but then met up with Marc and Mike for and ocean swim after work. After the swim Mike and I headed out to PQ canyon for and easy 45 minute trail. I felt good through out. After the run we headed back to Marc's for some food and beer. It was a long day and I think I was in bed by 930pm.

AM: Swim - 2 mile ocean swim - La Jolla Cove
Lunch: Strength - upperbody
PM: Ride - 2hr/22mile MTB - PQ canyon

Friday was another solid day. I met Marc and Mike at the Marine Room at 7:15am. Marc and I swam 2 miles while Mike got in a run. After the swim they headed out on a 112 mile ride and I was off to work. During lunch I got in the gym and got my last weight workout before nationals. After work I hit the trails for a ride that was scheduled for Saturday but I wanted to head down to Coronado Saturday to watch the Superfrog Triathlon.

AM: Run - 75min/10 mile run w/ Intervals

This was supposed to be a group workout but nobody showed up. I ended up running on the beach near Torrey Pines and then all the way down to La Jolla cove. I felt really strong on the run.

AM: Run - 90min/12 mile run - nice and easy

I woke up early on Sunday morning and went and surfed for a hour and then hit the trails. I needed to get my run in before 1pm because both the Chargers and Padres were playing and were televised. The run was mellow. I ran all through San Elijo Lagoon and RSF. After the games I surfed again.

AM: swim - Masters - 3800 yards
Lunch: strength - core/stretching
PM: ride - 80min/24mile - Steady pace with Sprint intervals

Monday mornings are always rough for me in the pool. I was really sluggish in the pool for the first half of the workout and then picked it up for the second half. With nationals coming up I am done lifting weights but I am still going to hit the gym at lunch a couple times this week for core workouts, and that's what I did today. After work I got in a 24 mile ride up and down the coast. Felt good all day.

That's it for now... Monday night football is on and so are the FIRST PLACE PADRES!


Anonymous said...

Solid week James! Thanks for the support at superfrog.

That was a brutual game last night, 4 jacks ouch.

You going to Bobke tonight?


Jessi said...

I like reading your posts because it's nice to know that someone as dedicated as you still makes time for having a life.

IMmike said...

that run was fun. i hope i get a chance to come back down to s.d. sometime.

even though i live in la i'm rooting for the padres. I just can't get behind the dodgers.