Monday, September 04, 2006

Less than a week...

For the past week I have been going nonstop. My brother and his girlfriend were in town but I was still able to get in all my workouts and still hang out... and drink too much beer.

Here's what I have been up to training wise:

AM: run - 60min easy run

AM: swim - 1.5 mile open water
PM: bike - 90 min ride

AM: Balboa 4 mile XC race - 22:22 - 4th AG/10th Overall
30 min warm-up
22:22 race
40 min cool down

The race was solid. I was feeling ok but I was defintely feeling the fatigue from my week of workouts. I had a better strategy going into this race. There was a guy who beat me by 30 seconds last time and I was just going to stay on his hip as long as I could. The course was really tough with a lot of steep climbs. I was able to hang with this guy until then and passed some guys on the final hill. We ended up in a sprint finish and I just did not have the distance to complete the pass. It felt good to run that hard and I am really starting to like "running only" races.

PM: bike - 3:04/50 mile ride

My ride yesterday was solid. My sister and nephew were down the night before, along with my brother still being in town, and they all left around noon. I wasn't feeling very motivated to get out on the road in the heat, especially after downing too many beers and chicken wings at the Padres game the night before. The goal for the ride was to get out and ride, get in some climbing, descending, cornering, and some sprints. Once on the road I started to feel good and had a great ride with a lot of climbing. I didn't attack the climbs. I just kept it steady and powerful.

This week is going to be relatively light with the LA Triathlon on Sunday. It was good to be so busy this past week as I did not have time to think all the mega-fast guys I will try to hang with. Either way I am just going to try to have fun with the whole experience.


IMmike said...

hey jameson,

good job on the workouts. I might be entering the latriathlon as a team with my brother and his buddy. I'll do the swim leg (since I need a workout) and they can split up the bike and run. Whether I do it or not, I should be down in the transition area before the race start.


XTEric said...

Good luck in the LA Tri this Sunday. That's a huge race! I'll be racing a local rd tri at Folsom Lake CA which, with all the volume & efforts I've been putting in, will definitely be a C/(D?) race. My main goal is to try to "blow up" while keeping the perspective that it's a training race. Looking forward to your post on the LA Tri.

moonpie said...

Can't wait to see how you do this weekend! Don't delay on the report bro.