Friday, September 08, 2006

It's almost GO time...

Well the week is coming to an end and I have had a relatively easy week. Here's what went down:

AM: swim - 1.5 mile open water

I did this solo at Fletcher's cove Monday morning. The water was perfect and I felt good.

AM: swim - Masters - 4000 yards
PM: run - 60 min easy w/ 15-20 strides

I felt really good in the pool and it was my last full swim workout before the race this weekend. The run was standard. Didn't feel bad, didn't feel great.

AM: swim - Masters - 2700 yards
Lunch: 10min Stationary bike/stretching/light core
PM: Ride - 1:20/22 mile - easy with spin ups

I was still feeling really good in the pool. I put in some hard efforts but cut down the volume. It helps having good masters coaches helping you with your taper. I was really tired heading out on the bike. I felt ok once I got going, but never really got "into" the ride. I was just waiting to get back home and eat.

AM: run - 40min easy
Lunch: 15 min stationary bike/stretching
PM: swim - Coached open water swim workout

I felt good in the morning getting out an running first thing. I have always like running in the mornings. By the time the afternoon rolled around I was exhausted. I headed home frow work took a power nap and then headed down to Pacific Beach for the swim workout. The swim workout was solid. We worked on surf entries/exits, drafting, and did some hard efforts. Once I got in the water I felt good and then felt a lot better after I ate dinner.

AM: bike - 55min/15 mile - easy ride with 4-5 short race pace efforts
Lunch: STRETCH!!!(still to come)
PM: Transition practice - just a few run throughs with my shoes already in my pedals (after work).

I felt really good on this ride. It was my first ride with race wheels. My friend Matt let me borrow his Zipp 404's for this race. They defintly make a difference. I rode my normal route and was about 1-2 mph faster than usual. I don't if it was wheels or what, but "whoosh" sound was pretty cool. I need to get some for next season.

It's almost time to race and all my work has been done. I was kind of tired all week. I think having family and friends in town all last week and weekend along with getting all my workouts in really caught up with me. I also don't think I was eating enough. I have been super busy at work and skipped some feeding times due to meetings and bad planning on my part. I feel much better today after nailing my nutrition yesterday.

I am just going to go for it in the race. My plan is just try and find a pack on the swim and draft, draft, draft. I am going to really push myself to keep up with the lead pack. The Elite amatuer wave starts at 6:55 am right after the pro men (6:45) and women (6:50). Once I get on the bike I am just going hammer away. No pacing. Just seriously try to give everything I have and not worry about saving anything for the run. I know even if I am tired I can put in a good run. My goal for the run is sub 34 minutes. i won't be happy unless I am @ 34 min or under.

I have also made a decision not to carry any tools or "flat kit" on the bike. I am racing for a top 5 spot, not to see if I can finish. If I flat I am done. Plus I am riding tubulars that I have never changed before. I know it's a gamble, but that's how I am looking at this whole race. I am going to have to give everything I have to hang with these guys.

Game on.

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