Sunday, August 27, 2006


Well this recovery week did the trick. The two previous weeks I was hitting 20+ hours of training and this past week topped at just over 14. The upcoming week of training is going to be a tough one and the fact that my brother and his girlfriend will be in town will defintely make for more distractions than normal. I'll definitely have to juggle my schedule around and try not to drink too much.

The weekend:

AM: - Bike - 4 hour/70 mile

The purpose of this ride was to just get out and ride. I rode from my apartment in Encinitas, through Camp Pendleton, and turned around in San Clemente. There were times that I pushed a bit but most of the ride was just steady. My nutrition was on the money and felt good for the entire ride. When I got home I made protein/recovery shake, took an ice bath, and then took a solid nap.

AM: - run - 90min/12mile easy run

Just a long easy run. I didn't push it but felt like I could of. I was stoked that I felt so good and not tired. After the run I stretched, took a contrast shower (30sec cold/1min warm x 5), made a shake, and took another nap.

I have been really trying to maximize my recovery. I am right in the middle of my most important and intense training of the season. I really want to put in some good races at LA, Tahoe, and Maui. That's going to take getting the most out of the workouts I am putting which means recovery is going to be the key so I can be ready to go day after day.


XTEric said...

Hey Jameson, I tried one of those contrast showers after this evening's swim. Quite refreshing. Thanks.

IMmike said...

I've never heard of a contrast shower. Maybe I'll give it a try as well.