Sunday, August 13, 2006

Blood, Sweat, and Gears...

Wow... this week was by far the toughtest to date. Here's all the stats and workout info.

Weekly totals:

Total Time: 24:27
Swim: 14,200 yards
Bike: 148 miles
Run 26.5 miles
Strength - 1 day upperbody, 1 day lowerbody, 3 days core

AM - Swim - Masters - 4200 yards - Speed
PM - 60 min run - Easy
I went surfing after the run.

AM - Run - 1:15 Coached workout - 30 min worth of hard running
PM - Bike - 2hr/28mile easy recovery spin, small chainring only

I felt like crap going into the run workout from lifting (lowerbody) on Thursday, but once the workout started I pushed through it. After the first set of intervals (3min hard, 6min hard, 2 x 4min hard - all with 90 sec recovery) we ran a timed mile. I was able to nail my fastest so far - 4:50. I really can't believe how strong my running is getting. After the run I headed home relaxed and then went on a 2 hour easy spin and just really took it easy only averaging 14 mph.

AM/PM - Bike - 7:15/60 Mile Mountain bike - Hardest ride of my life.

This week was huge and culminated with a 7+ hour mountain bike ride today. I met my coach at his house at 7am and we hit the road about 7:30. We met up with three other riders, all Xterra competitors, including 2 females (one being a pro mountain biker). We all road together for 4.5 hours, climbing a ton, and really working on technical descents. The vibe was awesome. My coach and the others were giving me tons of tips on technique. I learned a lot. At the 4.5 hour mark the others left and it was just me and Jim, my coach. We hit a local market refilled our hydration packs and water bottles and then set out for our next climb - Cowel's Mountain. We got to the base 4:45 into our ride and 45 minutes later we were at the top. It was hands down the hardest climb I have ever done on a mountain. The first half was super technical and the second half was super steep fire road. I was so stoked once we reached the top. I really couldn't believe that after 5.5 hours I still had juice in my legs. We then headed down the mountain and back to Jim's. We hit the 7:15 mark just as we pedaled back into his drive way. I was crushed, I crashed 3 times, and was covered from head to toe with dirt and blood (i have photos). It felt great, like I really accomplished something. I don't know what it was.

I got home made some food, took a shower, and then an ice bath. I am guessing I'll be asleep before 9pm.

I have another big week on tap. Due some recent happenings (I will get to it later this week) I will be running the first race of a cross country race series on Saturday. That's it for now... I need to get back to my beer and prop my feet up.


Cliff said...

Definitely deserve the beer..what a monster week.

IMmike said...

yikes. Amazing stuff man. That's a solid ride. You're going to be a beast if you survive all of these workouts.

Rachel said...

Of course, behind the blood, sweat, and tears, you have some gorgeous legs you've earned. Guess you really don't need sleep!